21 September, 2009

HUNGRYBEAST (and a few of mine)

The ABC Is starting a brand new TV show soon, called Hungrybeast.
and some rather obscure promos for the show are running on TV...
These are a few of them... with a few of mine.

Hungrybeast 1

Hungrybeast - Dan Llic

Hungrybeast - Elmo Keep

Hungrybeast - Nick McDougal

Hungrybeast - Scott Mitchell

Virtual Entertainer

Satellite of Love

09 September, 2009

Blue Mars

Skribe Forti previews the new "Blue Mars" Virtual World.

07 September, 2009

Peters Drumstick Ad

Wonderfully creative, The sandman, The Swatter, The huge pair of budgie snugglers with actual budgies. It's a great ad.