07 December, 2009

The most disturbing Pr0n is the kind where someone in it looks like someone you know.

Many years back, I snuck off to the video rental place near us and managed to hire my first naughty movie (due to it's high rating, it should legally not have even been on the shelf).

The storyline was weird, three women planned to hypnotise the homeless man in the street and use him as their own personal stud who they'd "hire out" and thus get lots of money.

Now, because everyone had seen his face, they'd make him wear a bag over his head with eyes cut out... everyone needs a hobby.

Though there were scenes where he had the bag off, because he was also humping his bosses and they knew who he was, so what did it matter?


I'd met a friend via the computer... not the internet... Hrmm, I used to produce freeware floppy discs which would circulate through the community sort of virally, and this really nice guy who worked on a lavender farm, saw my name and contact details on one of my discs which a friend must've bought to his place. So he wrote to me and asked if he could come over, "Please do" I said, so we made a date.

When he finally got here, he, um, well he looked like the guy in that video, and I felt sort of embarrassed. Oh no, it wasn't him, the one in the film was American and my Mate was Aussie and younger. Anyway I just couldn't look at him and felt really awkward... and if he picked up the vibe then maybe he wondered what was going on.
it could have blown a really great friendship.

Gawd I was so shy then, so what if my friend was a pr0nstar?, I'm sure there must be many out there who are just ordinary, people who are worth having as friends, right?


Alien Probes, or How I survived a Pentax up my Arse.

Today was my colonoscopy which I had to have before we could proceed with the operation to reverse what was leftover from the cancer surgery in 2005, a thing called an ileostomy which basically is, as the nurses explain it "Your bottom in another place" (just what I always wanted) Yes, I've heard the "They tore you a new arsehole" joke, The ability to crap on your own penis is a wonderful thing.

So this is what happened, Before a colonoscopy they give you something to drink which is like two litres of thin KY jelly and tastes as nice, two laxettes and two fizzy, salty pouches which is like beroccas evil twin brother. What this amounts to is something like French Nuclear testing in your bowel, You are now fully capable, as Dad delicately put it, of "Shitting through the eye of a needle".

You "GO" (like NOW or you'll be sorry) about every 15 minutes or so till about 2am, at which point, you think you've finished, but don't be fooled.

But... Because I was not connected down there where they had to look, I thought I was getting off scot free, and how wrong was I.

Because I got an Enema instead.

And spent quite a disturbingly long amount of time on the dunny, wondering when it would be safe to leave.

Even when I did leave, I had to return at least five more times.

But here was the weird part.

I was called to the room where they do the procedure and was asked a few basic questions (Much of it had been done already).

Then I got a needle in the back of my hand, which was a bit "ow" but not too bad, and once it was in, it was fine.

I had a nice warm blanket over me and felt very comfy, and was given an oxygen mask.

The nurse asked my if I was feeling sleepy, and well, there was a mild, mild sense that something might be happening, I said yes, but it was kind of a lie.

I opened my eyes, not that I remember closing them, and discovered that I was in another room, and someone said something like "Ahh you're awake, how are you feeling?"

I didn't feel groggy or anything, it felt as though someone had done the cleanest edit ever, just like a movie, I was one place, and then the other.

"Is it over?" I asked, "Surely not" I thought.

But yes, it was all over.

I was asked to get up and the nurse took me to a comfy chair and got me a nice coffee and some tasty sandwiches and that was... well, that.

Seriously folks, if the doc suggests a colonoscopy, trust me, Dentist = fear factor 4,
Colonoscopy = Fear factor 0.1 Rooly Rooly.


20 October, 2009

Capture problem (Pinnacle/Vegas)

I hope someone out there can help me with this. I'm trying to capture video from analogue tapes (digital video is so much easier), anyway. on loan to me is a Pinnacle USB capture card and I'm trying to use Sony Vegas 9.0b to capture... only... to get this error" :The device "pinnacle 710-USB" could not be opened. Please make sure that it is turned on and not being used by another application or user" Any idea?

I use Windows XP.

18 October, 2009

Halloween fails in Australia

I think that however the Aussie lolly makers (not candy) try, I don't think they'll convince us that Halloween is anything more than a weird northern hemisphere things that us Aussies don't want.

I've seen them try in recent years to get us all enthusiastic about something that went down worse than a jar of iSnack 2.0. Dressing up supermarkets with halloween gear and making suggestions for the day on their music track.

Halloween doesn't work in part because it's a seasonal celebration, any follower of the wiccan philosophy would tell you that it's an end of summer thing... but here where the seasons are reversed... and our pumpkins are still growing... it doesn't work.

We're loosing our own culture and our lingo left right and centre, because people don't seem to care enough. We need to be more like us and less of what we're not.

What's next? Thanksgiving?

If you don't want halloween in Australia, speak up and speak up now. Tag messages on twitter with #OzHalloweenFail and let people know how you feel.


02 October, 2009

New Life On Line

Featuring the man who led the development team for the new virtual world BLUE MARS.
and we ask what Gen Y thinks of online dating. You can be part of the show too. Upload your material. And spread the word

01 October, 2009

Hey Hey it's Saturday

Last night I was mildly offended when discussing Hey Hey on Secondlife with a friend.

"Of course I didn't watch it, it's full of old farts" he said.

Old farts of course, have nothing to say, and should be executed before the age of thirty, like in "Logans' Run"

Being 43 myself I should have replied that If I had a choice to be eighteen again, I would take it, however the best I can hope for is that a certain religion is right about rebirth and I'll get a second or third or fourth go at it.

But I simply left, being too old and tired to argue.

I think I know why Hey Hey did well, and it goes something like this.

Years ago, Television was full of kids shows, and had programs for a much older audience, but very little was on offer for teens... Then ABC started Countdown, which of course, was very successful and filled in the gap brilliantly

Ever since then, television has catered more and more for that age bracket, and has left little for us X-ers and Baby Boomers.

Hey Hey was welcomed back with open arms by us oldies who grew up with the show.

Critics, slighted the show as something that doesn't offer anything deep and meaningful, but that's exactly why we like it.

Does anyone complain when they're down at the pub or at a BBQ with their mates that their friends aren't offering their neurons much to munch on?

You go because it's fun, plain and simple.

Hey Hey isn't always that funny or entertaining, but when it is, it's always a pleasure to be caught in the moment, most of us can remember the gems from the past that still make us chuckle.

I'm really glad you're back on TV fellas and girls, Cheers!

* Hey Hey it's Wednesday will be repeated on Saturday, just to confuse things further ;)

More on Wireless Fodder


21 September, 2009

HUNGRYBEAST (and a few of mine)

The ABC Is starting a brand new TV show soon, called Hungrybeast.
and some rather obscure promos for the show are running on TV...
These are a few of them... with a few of mine.

Hungrybeast 1

Hungrybeast - Dan Llic

Hungrybeast - Elmo Keep

Hungrybeast - Nick McDougal

Hungrybeast - Scott Mitchell

Virtual Entertainer

Satellite of Love

09 September, 2009

Blue Mars

Skribe Forti previews the new "Blue Mars" Virtual World.

07 September, 2009

Peters Drumstick Ad

Wonderfully creative, The sandman, The Swatter, The huge pair of budgie snugglers with actual budgies. It's a great ad.

21 August, 2009

The Wolfman

This looks Awesome!

14 August, 2009

Rocking Steady

Just a quick video we made in about ten minutes in Secondlife, but of course took a few more hours to put together. all in all I'm pretty pleased with it.

09 August, 2009

02 August, 2009

On getting a life.

I've been involved in Secondlife for about three years now. On occasions I meet people who want to know what it's all about, when I try to explain, it's hard going. People who aren't gamers (I don't consider I'm one either) don't see the point in using a "game" as a means to get something done.

Usually it's not till someone tries Secondlife that the lightbulb comes on and they can see some real benefit.

I'll admit that when I heard of Secondlife early on, I wasn't the least bit interested in the idea, it wasn't until I saw it on TV, Sevens' "Beyond Tomorrow" that I thought I understood enough to sign up.

Secondlifes detractors, who very often haven't even tried Secondlife, will often blurt out the very tired line "Get a First life". Wow, I haven't heard that joke three million times before... But each person who says it thinks they're a comic genius, but just like the poor bloke in the music shop who's heard some idiot play "Smoke on the water" for the three millionth time, Secondlife users really aren't going to appreciate the quip one little bit.

Twitter, although with it's much larger user base, is having problems of it's own... much of it stemming from a joke video (Twitterverse) where tiresome people tweet equally tiresome messages.

I'll admit that I also, shamefully, fell for it. When a friend recommended Twitter I didn't see any point... However I will try things at least once, so I gave it a try.

So far I've found Twitter to be useful, and most of the people I follow are centered around Media, which I've always been interested in, and I only follow people who contribute useful ideas, clever or funny.

Even more important to me is that *mostly* everyone I know tweets back, To me the internet is two-way, so I don't find it particularly useful if there's not some kind of conversation.

And when I tried Tweetdeck, the whole thing came alive.

Theres stuff going on online that could benefit you, if you listen to those putting these concepts down, you lose, you're left behind... you can joke about us "losers" who are stuck online as much as you like, But this is how things will work in the future, it's how things are being done now, get used to it.

I often wonder about those who proclaim that a first life is so much better, who are these people? Astronauts? Brain Surgeons? Movie Stars?... or couch potatoes like I strongly suspect most of them to be?

If Firstlife is so hot, why do they sell so much alcohol for people to forget about it?


29 July, 2009

Amazing new video

You've seen those quicktime photos online where you can move your mouse to see anywhere in 360 degrees, well imagine it's video instead of a still picture, try it, it's great!

27 July, 2009

Tron Legacy

Tron was a great movie, and there was always room for a sequel which was planned but nothing seemed to come of it... and then this turned up.

The Original preview clip:

Angry from Footscray writes...

This morning, a fellow I follow of twitter sent me this link while it may be a bit of a joke, I admit to feeling sick to the back teeth of hearing people say that online friends aren't real friends. so as you can see, I replied.

Incase they pull it, here's what I wrote:

The bit about people somehow not being real friends on twitter, or anywhere else online, is a thoughtless thing to say. I met a guy many years ago from the US who I became firm friends with, He came over to visit me and we toured Victoria which is my state here in Australia, Twice. He returned with his wife after they were married. I have another internet friend from interstate who comes to visit me at least twice a year, he'd come more often if plane fares weren't so expensive, so we keep in touch online. Another asked me if I'd like to tour Tasmania with him, He even paid for the ticket, we had a great time. Last week I was sent a gift from a lovely US friend in Oklahoma... She'd sent me a huge box of my favourite chocolates. A woman on twitter sent me a lot of new plants for my garden and some of her home grown fruit and veggies.

Because of the internet, I have formed solid friendships with people all over the world via forums, secondlife and twitter.

And twitter is giving me the opportunity of meeting brand new people who are already showing signs of becoming serious, actual, definately real friends with me.

The internet is just a phone extention, when you talk to people on your mobile, are those people somehow not real?

I don't listen to people who say we can't make friends online, they should put their brain in gear before opening their trap.

If you're not making real friends online, you're not doing it right.


17 July, 2009

09 July, 2009

Peter and the Wolfie (Alter Ego)

Here's the short online version of Alter Ego, the Documentary we made last year and has yet to be shown, in full, on SBS in Australia.

It's mainly about people in Secondlife, what they think and feel and how they interact with others.

Secondlife is a 3D virtual world which at first glance looks like a game, but is in fact, a social network. Secondlife is especially beneficial for those who for various reasons find it difficult to get out. I find a lot of people there who've had serious illness or injury, or recovering. It's also great for those who are "stranded" in locations which make getting out and meeting others, quite difficult.

Personally I prefer meeting people online rather than in real life as it's really difficult to find people with a similar mindset and takes too much personal time,
I have also been recovering from illness, though to be honest, I've always prefered being at home with my family where I feel much more comfortable. If for some reason I can't sleep, I can get online and have a chat at 2am if I want. I can't imagine getting in a car at that hour to go somewhere.

Sometimes I do meet friends in "meat space" who I've met online, and that's been fun.
I got a trip to Tassie out of it, and been on a couple of local trips with friends from the US. I feel really close to my online mates, and know the only reason preventing us getting together normally is time, money, health and distance.

I have no idea when Alter Ego goes to air, that's completely up to SBS, but as soon as I know a date I will certainly announce it pretty much everywhere.

The best thing to do is follow me on twitter, however I should warn you, I'm very chatty. ;) - @Wolfie_Rankin

I will also announce the date on the following Secondlife groups: ABC Friends, Rockit, Australians and Dragon's Roost.

*** Latest News *** The show *may* be airing on the 23rd of December

Peter and the Wolfie from Shelley Matulick on Vimeo.

02 July, 2009

How Dave O'Neil escaped Mums' Foot.

About Seven years ago, our cat died, and I thought that it might be nice to bring home a kitten since there were so many others out there who needed a home. So we bought home a lovely little one who was taken away from her mum too soon, and though we tried, She didn't survive. So, About a week later I went back to the vets, and found a box of kittens there.

The Vet told me that Dave O'Neil had found them dumped in a lane and had bought them in.

The box was packed with kittens, and one on the top was beating up all the others... normally I'd go for the quiet ones, but I decided to get this mean one since she looked a lot stronger than the other one we had and lost too quickly.

We bought her home and named her Vicky.

Vicky never stopped fighting, she would stalk us as though we were rodents and leap out and sink her claws and fangs into our ankles, it was play, but sometimes it went a bit far.

"Who did you say found Vicky" asked Mum.

"Dave O'Neil did"

"Right, When I find that Dave O'Neil bloke, I'm going to stick my foot right up his bum".

She was joking of course.

Mum would frown a lot like Shirley Temple, or Arnold from Diff'rent strokes maybe.
The look in her face was brilliant.

So we're watching Spicks one night, when who should appear.

"Is that that Dave O'Neil?"

"Yes Mum, that's him"

"Well when I see him, I'm gunna kick him up his bum that hard...."

One day we're out shopping, and were about to cross the street, when I looked up and saw Dave about to cross over to our side.

We met right near the middle of the street, and I leant over and whispered into Mums ear, "That's him Mum, Go on, Kick his bum, you always wanted to, go on!".

I wondered if Dave heard, because Mum was pretty deaf, so when I say "whispered" I mean at a quiet level that she could actually hear.

We've still got Vicky, and it looks like Dave kept one too as we saw a photo in the local paper of him holding his cat, who looks almost the same.

He probably has the same trouble that we've had with ours.


17 June, 2009

Who is The Sonic Manipulator?

This little doco was a favourite of mine so I thought I'd post it again for you :)

10 June, 2009

Sour Death Balls

Get yourself a random set of people, give them all a really sour lolly and film it.
That's the idea behind this short and... not so sweet, film.

sour death balls from stampedes on Vimeo.

21 May, 2009


19 May, 2009

Man Man - Rabbit habits

Even ugly werewolves need love

17 May, 2009

Life on Line

This time on Life On Line we help celebrate the launch of Second Pride, a week-long festival in Second Life celebrating Gay Pride. We catch up with co-founder of the virtual world Twinity and learn about their exciting Illuminati competition, part of the hit sequel to the Da Vinci code, just released.

16 May, 2009

Weird Japanese Land Jellyfish

Obviously fake, but funny in an icky sort of way :)

03 May, 2009

Life On Line

30 April, 2009

Twitter: Responders and Non-Responders

Ever since I was a child in the late 60s, early 70s, I'd see people on television and wondered who they were and how they lived. I used to wish that I could phone some of the kids I'd see on Hensons' Sesame Street and find out about their lives, for there to be some kind of two way conversation, instead of this one way thing which was happening.

Now we have internet, and I spend much of my time conversing with people from all over the world, Some I met in meat space and others I met in the virtual space, and I consider some of these people very close friends who I've met and gone out with and will again in the future.

The latest two way street is Twitter, which has been unfairly treated by some, embraced by others... what's new there?

But some people treat Twitter as though it's a one-way medium, I've had regular tweets from @petshopboys about where they're going, what they saw, they include regular photos and in general they're fairly entertaining... but they never respond, which makes me wonder if they're really in touch with their fan base or is it just "one of their guys" twittering for them, as a form of advertisement.

Even people at our ABC don't respond, not one "Hello mate, how's it going?" or "Yes thanks, I'm ok" or "Thanks for following me, I appreciate it"... dead silence.

Look, I know there's people out there with literally thousands of followers, but I know what people are like, most people get online and are happy to merely read, which may explain why one US Actor has over a million followers, but there are the talkative ones like myself who would appreciate a response.

Nobody is so flat out with work or anything else, not to respond with a wink or a nod, if they are, what the hell are they on twitter for in the first place?

I've made this media, my media, and I try to spare the time for those who want to talk to me, and find things out, or if they need help, I'll try and help them, just like I do on Secondlife, it never hurts to make time to show others that yes, you're a real person.

There are exceptions to the rule, one is @doctorkarl who surely must be one of the busiest people around, He will respond to peoples' questions, even if he doesn't have the answer.

My respect for him has increased, simply because by responding, He's shown that he's a real person, and a genuinely nice one at that, Thanks Karl.

I've decided to not follow people from now on who don't respond, however if you take the first step and send me a hello and let me know you're real, I'll definately reply, if I like you, I'll follow you, that simple.


21 April, 2009

18 April, 2009

The Pirate Bay

You know what happened, if not, google "The pirate bay", There's no need for me to talk about what so many others have already been talking about thousands of times over.

It was difficult to believe that many of my friends had not heard of The Pirate Bay.

"The guys from the pirate bay were arrested" I began
"The what?" Replied My friend.
"What, don't you know what The Pirate Bay is?" I'd ask.

This went on quite a few times last night, and these friends really know their internet, I was astonished.

But now it's all over the place, how could anyone fail to not hear the news now? and furthermore, once people do understand what it's all about, won't they want to try it for themselves?

Yes, The big companies who took the fellows from TPB to court, have effectively shot themselves in the foot, they've given TPB the biggest and best advertisement they could ever hope for, so more people than ever before will be trying TPB and other torrent sites, These companies will lose millions over the next month without doubt.

And here's a thought, Advocates of file sharing will say that companies are ripping people off. Well... I was around when CDs were brand new, and people were just starting to buy them.

I remember reading a complaint from music buyers about how vinyl albums were about $15 Australian, while the same album on a CD cost $30.

A record company head said that once LPs were phased out and everyone was buying the new format, then the price would drop in comparison to an LP.

They didn't drop, they never did.

Even though CDs were cheaper to manufacture than LPs.

In my own opinion, no product which is sold on CD is worth $30AU, and that includes software such as photoshop.

Thing about it, an artist worth millions, like Michael Jackson can write music, book studio time, the best musos, the best producers, and yet a Music CD will sell for $30AU, while software sometimes sells for upwards of $500?

Seriously, if everyone had bought and paid for their software, I feel most of what we call the internet would look vastly different than it does now, don't you think?
Afterall, many people who have produced art and video for the internet have done so with pirated copies of Photoshop and Premiere, without that software, much of the content you enjoy reading and watching, would be missing.

One final thing: Twitter is going mad, literally, over this... Set your tweetdeck to search for "Pirate bay" and you'll get at least one message per minute, out of all those messages, nobody is for the big companies, nobody.


15 April, 2009

Bad bikkies

Being cocky never helps.

I had made about four lots of cornflake bikkies, and all have been really good. But tonight I tried it again, and had a bit of a failure.

I know what I did wrong, and that was to make the mixture a bit too sloppy by adding too much milk. and I got this sort of fruit slice mess which covered the whole tray.

What might have been ok was if I could have sliced it up and put the slices in a jar to eat at leisure, but when I tried to lift it, it all broke up into tiny pieces.

It's edible, although a bit on the sweet side, so perhaps I added too much sugar too.

Ahh well, even mum had the odd failure with cakes and bikkies, will do better next time, I'm glad Gordon Ramsey wasn't there to see it. ;)

In Bed

I was watching my avatar sitting up in bed, sometimes it's as though he's thinking his own throughts, and I wonder what they might be. Yes I know he's not real, but he's an extension of my soul, and as strange as it might sound to some, I care about the little guy.

Wolfie is who I am, who I've probably always been. But I can't change my shape in real life. I can present myself as my inner self to people in secondlife.

This real life version of me, what people see, isn't me... I'm imprisoned inside a human body.

And the game they call "real life" is not my game, I don't fit there, I feel wrong, and I'm not comfortable talking about my feelings with others as much as I can do online.

Real Life isn't as great as it's cracked up to be, people are having a real hard time out there, losing loved ones, getting awful news, witnessing tragedy and winding up in hospital.

I worry about what might happen if I was cut off from secondlife and my Wolfie, I think I'd fall into a well of depression, it would be a hard loss. How would I express myself like that anymore?

Sure, there are other virtual worlds, but when you look at them, they're mostly not user created, and there are no furries there.

I would have no interest in other virtual worlds if I "had to be" a choice of about five basic styles, I have a Human body now, it's the very thing I wish to escape.

I made a video of my avatar just laying in bed, which I'll make a nice video from, He looks at peace.


10 April, 2009


Zapping from Aritz Aizpurua on Vimeo.

09 April, 2009

For a growing population

"Use less energy, because our large population is using more and more"
"Take public transport, Because our roads are full of people"
"We need more roads", Our Hospitals are full, use energy efficient bulbs.... But have more kids?


The population is the *cause* of all our problems, can't anyone see that but me?

What's really sad is the push to increase the population because we're getting older, really.
How many of those kids are going to be health care workers? Did YOU become a health care worker?
How many people do YOU (dear reader) know, became a health care worker to care for the elderly who exist now?

And finally, will the next generation we're encouraged to pump out (with a $3k payment) have some magic ability not to age themselves? or will they get conned too and end up having to live in 1m x 1m square rooms because there's no more room left... for them? the sad buggers who won't have room for nature as every last inch will be built on, and where pets will be banned due to lack of room and food.

It's completely insane.

Forget marriage, get a dog.


The bush

A Poem about a sad day, written by Artfox Daviau

so finally its come this devastating day
Eight years of peace and silence and of dread
I'm sorry for the wattlebirds cannot defend
their home now gone perhaps their babies dead

I knew the block next door already sold
and slowly fell into developers hands
and all the lorikeets now gather scared
avoid at distance the harsh shouts of men

"Ok i will go up and and take a look
it seems to me it wants to fall that way"
it doesnt want to fall at all you silly man
it wants to stand and wear the light of day

"might have to take that off pete
for if it falls it can get stuck"
its in the physics that they ply their trade
they care so little for the pools of shade

"its time to drop that spotty"
"can fell these two down there
and run a rope to guide their path
falling through the air"

"yeah we simply pull that over mate"
"no worries mate it will be fine"
"we need to lop that stringy so we can
freefall the ironbark along that line"

i could not save you, made it worse
another fell because i said
a lone survivor isolated on its own
that spotted gum becomes a danger now

So wonder friends at why resistance
here was made, a minor matter in the shade
"no sir you cannot use my diveway, nor to park"
if this is all I've left, my point is made

And now i cry for what has gone
yes some are left, but how the bush is torn
and here lies littered on the forest floor
these mighty trees are down, they live no more

saw them resisting, branches catching hold
refused to fall they way that they were told
the kookabuura makes his point and shakes his coat
his laughing stops as if caught in his throat

so now the sun comes through
and so much hotter summers come
and warm the winter, yet the bush
gone cold quiet in a once nice home

I'll see the moon come gliding past the trees
that still remain.
perhaps i'll mount my telescope
and see the stars again

my trees remain upon my block of land, and still
a towering spotted gum o'erhangs my roof
the bush lies closest at my very door
an island paradise where i can save just four

And a second:

They know, you see
They hear the wind and smell the sea
They know, so long before it appears
the storm approaching ever nears

They know, the lull
That pause before the storm, they cull
Their finished leaves, they float them down
To pool around, to spread across the ground

They know, maybe they smell the air
Perhaps they also hear the crackling there
They drop their branches in the hush
Awaiting patiently the burning brush

They know, they never fear
The loss, they never shed a tear
They realise, all they have they give
The greater gift, the more the chance to live

© Artfox 2009 (all rights reserved)

04 April, 2009

The Athiests Compass

A Great episode of Compass, the religious discussion show, was on ABC recently, about what Athiests believe. You can watch it here


02 April, 2009

28 March, 2009


When I was resting earlier, it was as though I had became aware of a third conciousness, as though we have an awake world, a dream world, and and inaccessible third one which is used for "helpdesk".

Now I was awake, but "aware" and suddenly I realised that I'd been speaking to "good old...." for years, and my mind gave me tweetdeck as the closest, but obviously wrong interface for this.

Just as I realised what was happening, and while trying to access the
guys name, who I believed had been talking to me all my life about
what may as well be called "problems with the software"

... my brain was disconnected and I was unable to access any further information.


Very 80s but New

Here's a very 80s sounding song, which I think sounds like a cross between Duran Duran and Wall of Voodoo, It's "To lose my life" by White Lies.

Linked due to disabled embedding. :P

Don't you think there's something very "Planet Earth" about it?

26 March, 2009

Secondlife Photos

I've been meaning to put all my good secondlife photos online for everyone to see, for quite some time. but due to different things, I hadn't got around to it.

However, I have at last put the most recent, and best photos, which I've taken on Secondlife over the past year and a bit... and a bit more perhaps... on photobucket.

They also include the recent ABC Island Second Birthday Party Snaps, featuring Komuso Tokugawa who performed at the top of the sandbox.

Here they are:

Hope you like them.


24 March, 2009

Dog days

When you get a dog, about the first thing you want to do is buy doggy items, collars, blankets, a ball etc. But I've noticed a hitch which is a big cliché lately.

It's difficult to buy a collar at a local shop, or vet unless you're the owner of one of those ridiculous little furballs which you could practically swallow whole, one of those dogs who are supposed to be great for the elderly or for kids, but also yap nonstop at anything that probably isn't a burglar all day and all night.

Being the owner of a Malamute, a snow dog, with feet the size of a hairy mammoth, I find these twee collars for bite sized pooches an affront.

Why is it that large dog owners are being forgotten about? There are people around our way who actually own Labradors, Alsations and other large breeds, Surely those who push doggie products want our money too?

But no, Go into a supermarket pet area and try to find items for large dogs, usually the largest collar you'll get will fit a neck about the size of a wallnut.


23 March, 2009

The question

Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe where you could buy body parts at vendors like you can in Secondlife.

In this world. when a boy turns sixteen, he's legally allowed to own a fully functional penis.

So three friends offer to buy you one for your birthday/

A Straight friend, A Gay friend, and a Girlfriend.

Who's the best bet for the right one, as far as you're concerned?

* Once you put it on, you can't swap it over without surgery, it becomes part of your body... but you have an hour in which you can change your mind.

My feelings are: That the straight friend might buy you a good one, but it might be smaller than his.

The Girlfriend would probably buy you a good one, but would she be thinking about you or her when buying it?

I think the gay friend would buy the best one of all, and I'm not talking about size, since I've seen large, but very ugly penises on people [guys mainly].

So I'd trust him with this one.

Others... Your Dad? Great, Because Most dads want their son's to be complete studs and they like to say things like "He takes after his dad".

That guy from the church... no way, you'd get some shrivelled up pink thing about the size of the tip of your little finger.

I wouldn't want one from that guy who's into Anime, You'd end up with one like a tentacle, but then I suppose at least the prehensile nature of it could hang onto your keys when you're juggling with groceries.

McDonalds, Supersize me?

Subway, A foot long for $5?



After the party

So I did Rockit, and We had that fantastic Komuso concert last night... then it was time for bed. The Kitty and Puppy want snacks before bed, so I gave them what they wanted, and then Kate wanted to go out... well that's ok.

Then I heard crunching a few minutes later, it turned out that it wasn't a pee that she wanted, it was her bone that she'd stuck in a hole days ago.

You can't seperate a huge malamute from their bone, so I just let her go.

I switched on ABC and watched the last of an old war film from England, and hoped Kate would be finished... but no, she was crunching away at it for ages.

When she finally finished, it was about 2:45am.

Why do they always want their bones in the middle of the night?

I got to bed but I was too hyper anyway from the stuff I'd done on Secondlife. Everything went very very well and I can see us having more music there from now on.

Congrats to Simon, Lilli, Juko, Katisha and Artfox... If I've left out anyone, I appologise... Komuso too, He was amazing.

I've started using twitter, so now I need to divide my time between here, facebook, secondlife and... oh I must have something else I've forgotten ;)


22 March, 2009

Secondlife quotes #2

After sending a friend a gesture:

[6:44] Friend 1: Is it just me, or does everyone else see "Gesture from Wolfie Rankin" and get nervous?
[6:44] Friend 2: hehehe
[6:44] Friend 1: Hmmm, maybe I should have said that differently?
[6:44] Wolfie Rankin: dave gave it to me
[6:44] Wolfie Rankin: so it's double
[6:45] Friend 4: that makes us feel even more nervous
[6:45] Friend 1 checks to see if I am in a private place...
[6:45] Wolfie Rankin: well it's not the one with the lube and the pumpkin
[6:46] Friend 5: hehe
[6:47] Friend 1: well THAT makes me feel SO much more confidant!

The gesture actually stretches your neck to about the size of your whole avatar.

Friend: "Wolfie looks good up there"
Wolfie: Yes, I can pick up SBS from here.


19 March, 2009


Strange men do weird things to sheep.


Last night, I finally began to grieve for Mum.

I lost her in 2006, due to a lung condition which we were unable to solve before time ran out. She'd got me through many things including an incredibly difficult birth, which She'd remind me of on each birthday, Whooping cough which almost killed me as a child, She'd cleaned up my blood when I'd had accidents and finally She saw me through my chemotherapy.

When She died, I couldn't comprehend it, I wasn't sad, I couldn't cry. I allowed myself to, but it wouldn't come.

Mum was so very close to me, and such a great cog in my life that when she went, I went numb, because I couldn't see how great the loss was.

I felt as though a great wall or mountain was up against my nose.

As with Dad, I had a dream, but far more complex.

For ages now, I have dreamt of my parents being alive or sick or dead, it's been very confusing. Last night even, I thought Mum was dead and yet Dad was alive.

Icons in the dream included Me finding an old mans' musty jacket in the guttter and having to wear it for some reason.

My Dad having lots of money, and his Boss trying to swindle some of it back.
[in real life his Boss was nice to him].

a bitterly cold evening, where the wind blew through my gas heater and My old dog sitting out the front, in the cold [Malamute] and the gate was wide open,
yet he remained with me.

Then of Mum and I, sitting in the street, I was almost naked except for underwear, but wasn't concerned.

I could hear a woman singer, and it was though My Mother was suggesting she's the one who will enter my life and make things better. I'm a loner and I really don't want anything to do with dating or marriage, yet there was joy in this part of the dream which took the hurt away.

A person sent me a letter, expressing their sorrow for me "I've lost my Mum too" it said. and there was a short poem that seemed to be penned by Terry Pratchet or Dr Seuss.

And then suddenly I felt the loss and began to weep in my dream, and then woke.

I'll take today as it comes, I'm not sure what the effect will be, but I'm glad that finally there's been something.


18 March, 2009

16 March, 2009

Death and Extacy

[3:31] Wolfie Rankin: we had a big fright last night
[3:32] Dearest Friend: power
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: the power lines in our street lit up and made a very rude noise before our power failed
[3:32] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: so I was laying down in bed, nothing better to do
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: when *BOOOOM*
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: huge bright flash
[3:33] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: a neighbours appliances were damaged
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: mine were ok
[3:33] Dearest Friend: hope it wasnt a vibrator
[3:33] Dearest Friend: that would haVE BEEN EMBARRASSING
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: would have given her quite a buzz at the wrong... or right... moment
[3:36] Wolfie Rankin: "Here lies the body of a poor masturbator, who died with a smile and a burnt out vibrator"
[3:36] Dearest Friend: very good

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Dress me up in steampunk gear

Dress up the model with steampunk couture as you listen to some great jazz, well worth a little of your time.


14 March, 2009


I'm trying Twitter, if you're on it then you'll find me on "Wolfie_Rankin".

13 March, 2009

Billy's had it with religion

You and me too mate, This is *exactly* how I feel.

10 March, 2009

Hey Hey it's Saturday

A bit of madness fromm Daryl and Ossie on Hey hey it's Saturday was always welcome, all that remains are a few scattered clips here and there, but fortunately we have youtube to come to the rescue.

Oh check out the size of that camcorder at the end, compact? well I suppose it was back then.

Funny Fotos

What Cheezus Me Orf

09 March, 2009

Oh look, it's Marko!

Haal Ratner from Secondlife in his Rat Suit near the back of the float.

Alter Ego - Update

Hi Everyone.

I just phoned Shelley, Our Director.
She's not heard anything from SBS on when the documentary will go to air, so we're all still in the dark.

However She said that a viewing within Secondlife is very likely, and I have offered my Pub in Eragon as a place to view the film if that should go ahead.

The last time we met, She gave me Her Space Navigator which you can see here if you don't know what this very cool device is or how it works, anyway, I've been working on a sort of test video and been amazed by the amount of control I have.

As soon as I have finished editing the video to a point where I'm happy with it, I'll upload it to either my youtube or dailymotion page.

Other than that, I've been watching some strange planes fly overhead today because the airshow is on at Avalon airfield which isn't too far from me.

And people tell me there was a small tremor today, an aftershock of Fridays rocky evening.


07 March, 2009

World Builder

Thanks Ryu for letting me know of this, it's beautiful.


Fifty things

I was reading this page which mentions 50 things about Obama

Well they might be true, I can't phone the guy and ask, but they all sound fairly reasonable things a person may like, dislike or do in their life.

I saw this one.
• He hates the youth trend for trousers which sag beneath the backside

Oh yeah, me too.

It's odd how people often laugh at the clothes from the eighties, it's usually the first thing they mention "Oh the clothes and the hair, errk!", 70's fashion was rather strange too, remember flares and shirts with collars with wings as big as a cessna? and yet, I think the stuff that we've got now is often far worse.

T-shirts with scribble all over them and meaningless slogans which were probably coughed up on a computer.

The aformentioned pants displaying underwear just begging to be grabbed in order to deliver the best wedgie ever.

Women wearing those awful clothes which display their belly buttons.

In "artwork" vines and swirly patterns, usually from photoshop brushes which I think is incredibly cliche, but "everyone's doing it" so it must be fine.

Yodelling "singers" in those idol talent shows... You know a song is crap when a single word is given seven extra syllables and takes more than five seconds to sing.

Rap music and certain pop songs which all seem to use that same sound, hasn't anyone developed a new sound for now? anyone?

What's that? "Eighties music was crap?" How dare you, We had so many highly experimental bands back then, many of who charted well. You have the audacity to say my music was crap, while much of your music has the gall to sample the stuff I love and re-name it as someone elses work?

Says a lot for todays music, doesn't it.

The 90s and now, just a slightly different hairstyle and you've got a re-play of the 70s.


04 March, 2009


M*A*S*H has always been one of my favourite shows, It's one of the few television comedies that made me laugh [and that's not easy to do] and to draw a tear too.

I saw the character of Hawkeye as a role model, Who wouldn't want to be like Him?

But that's not why I'm writing.

I've noticed an inconsistancy with the show, which was probably deliberate and is a bit strange.

Once in a while you'd hear a voice on the PA system announce an event or that choppers would be arriving soon.

Now the only people who had access to the PA system were either Radar, in most of the series, and Klinger in the later part of the series.

Of course the Colonels also had access, but the voice was not their voice either.

Who was it?
We never once, as far as I know, saw this person.


Embarassing stories

I won't tell you the name of the person this happened to and I think you'll understand why when I get to the crux of the story.

He told me ages ago and it's a little vague, strangely enough it popped back into my mind while having coffee earlier, and I decided to blog it in the hopes it will give you a chuckle.

My friend was having a quiet night, and decided to do the thing that a male will do when he's all alone, that unspoken thing that people don't talk about, which males must do or else they'll go completely nuts.

So he went to bed and was getting comfy and ready to perform the intended operation.

While this was happening though, a woman, a police officer just happened to notice that my friends door was left open, and knew that wasn't a very safe thing to do in that location... or there was also the possibility of his home being burgled right now.

So, She grabbed her big torch and got ready to investigate.

My friend was happily going all Billy Connolly on himself, nowhere near the point of turning japanese yet, but more than happy.

The police officer suddenly appears at his door and shines Her torch on him.

Well there was the initial shock from both sides, but He was pleased that despite the embarassment, It was nice to have someone around looking out for people, and She was happy that She didn't have to clobber anyone too.

If you have a story like this which you'd like to tell me, then send it to me at wolfiedj(at)gmail*com and I'll probably type it up if it gives me a chuckle.



I got an e-mail today from ABC to let me know that I can vote for my favourite show, and I suppose they wanted me to vote for an ABC one, which is fine, I'd like to do that.

So I went to the place where you vote, There's a link off the ABC TV page, and I discovered that I must vote in each category.

I was stumped, I had to first vote for someone in a drama category, Underbelly came up a lot and a lot of other shows who's title I barely recognise, you see, I'm not one for TV dramas, wherever they come from, I'm just not into television that much... So my choice was to just pick anybody or quit, I chose the latter, How am I to know who's better than the other?



Boom Zap

Last night was interesting. We were getting a little bit of light rain, which although wouldn't do much for anything, at least there was some moisture out there. Anyway, I'd decided to lay down and watch Doctor Who for a change. And I assume that it was leading up to the cliffhanger where the credits were about to roll when there was *that noise* a sort of roar from the powerlines in the street, followed by a big flash. The TV went dead and the house was plunged into darkness.

What I do in this circumstance is break out the glow sticks, apart from making kids happy at a concert, they do have a practical use. so I put them around the house, in vases etc and I had some fairly good light... but I used a few tea candles in some of the darker places.

I decided since there wasn't much to do, I'd lay in bed and think about sex, which let's face it, is about all you can do when you can't have enough light to read or anything.

A truck from the power company went past my house a few times, with an amber light flashing which shone through the windows. They were looking up at the wires with a strong torch.

I'd been laying there for some time when next thing there was this massive BOOM and this big bright flash, The light in my room came on for a second and went off again.

This could mean that some appliances might be damaged.
I hoped not, especially as some of the things I have are new.

I got out of bed and saw Vicky, My cat, in the Kitchen with Katie. Vicky had become all prickly, like bottle-brush, and stood there with a hooky tail.

Once I was up, I decided to brush my teeth, have a shower and make my bed.

I got back into bed and laid there for about ten minutes, when I noticed there was light from the street on my loungeroom carpet, so I got up and turned the lights on.

Yes the power was back... but then I noticed that the fridge and other appliances weren't working... But then I checked the fusebox and noticed one switch had set itself to "off", I switched it back on and found that everything was fine.

Then I washed some clothes and got on secondlife.

Oh, Earlier that arvo, I'd made some biscuits out of crunchy nut cornflakes, sultanas and apricots, yes *biscuits* I *refuse* to use "that other word".

I gave one to Katie, and she sniffed it and left it... Well that's nice, You go to the trouble of making something from scratch and not even the dog will eat it.

Anyway she came back and gave it another sniff, then left it again.

Then returned once more and tried it, I think she discovered that it wasn't all that bad.

I had about four, good grief... How will I ever get that sixpack now?


01 March, 2009

28 February, 2009

Werewolf Philosophy #1

"Everytime I do a bit of naval gazing, I discover all the fluff inside, and it brings me down"

23 February, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Vampires

Because I volunteer at ABC Island, I need to report anything upsetting to users of the Island to Abi, who runs the Island.

Sometimes it's very weird.

Right now theres the rather annoying Bloodlines game. a concept which involves people buying into a game which makes you a vampire, with the ability to suck blood, now I think blood drinking can't be as nice as a good coffee, with ice-cream thanks, but some people go for that kind of thing.

So you walk around as a vampire and rock up to people asking "Can I suck your blood?" so you're a kind of SNAG vampire, or a SNAW if you're a fe-vamp... You don't rush out and sink those pointy teeth into some bare and unsuspecting neck... no, you ask nicely and if they say no, you wet yourself and curl into foetal position.

But if you say yes, you make a donation of the red stuff to the said SNAG/SNAW vampire and then.... you get a notecard saying that the bloodsucker owns your soul.

Now OK, it's likely that they haven't got your secondlife soul, your avatar is just as likely to be as soulful as ever... but when some people read stuff like that, their superstitious nature clicks in and they worry... and believe it or not, a lot of people believe that maybe, just maybe, their soul has really been taken away by some vampire.

You can get your sould back, provided, I'm told, you *pay* the company who makes the game... and this guy is doing quite well for himself as there are quite a lot of bloodlines players getting around, so many in fact that a lot of Island owners are sick and tired of people asking if they can bite them... and then go around biting others when at some point, you earn your soul back.

At least I think that's how it works, correct me if I'm wrong.

Players have shown up on ABC Island, and in general, the admins there have taken a rather dim view of the whole thing. For one thing we don't particularly like Roleplaying, ABC isn't a roleplaying sim, it's a friendly sim where you build and chat and generally commune and swap ideas and get all creative and philosophical.

So I had to write to Abi at ABC and inform her about the problems we're having with vampires.

ahh, just another day on secondlife.


22 February, 2009

Memory Crunch

I was reminiscing over a snack that came out years ago and flopped, We've all had something like that, something that was awesome but died because those who never tasted it just thought it sounded awful and never bothered to sample it's deliciousness... Banana and Vanilla Fruitopia was like that, glorious stuff but sadly coke stopped making it.

However, This was, Believe it or not, Garlic shapes by Arnotts. They sounded fairly terrible, true enough, but for a while they were my favourite, surpassing even the most wonderful BBQ flavour that had been number one on my list for many teenage years.

Garlic was wonderful, and I couldn't get enough of them.

Then one day they were gone, removed from the shops and were never made again.

Should they ever come back on sale, I will go into the shop and fill my trolley with garlic shapes, hoard them I will, all for me, not you evil horrible people with no soul, just for me precious, yes... Om nom nom.


Alter Ego - Thoughts

I've played the doco several times now for people who have visited my house and wanted to see it. My Neighbour was stunned, He told me that he's never known anyone in real life who's been on TV before... Yes it is strange, there's so many of us, but just a few, seemingly, get their faces on television to tell their stories.

I watched my part in the film, and wonder perhaps if I was on a downer on the day that some of the audio was recorded. I would have preferred a happier vibe going on but that's ok, we all have days when we're not all that happy, more philosophical... and it was winter and I had no real heating either, wow I was cold.

This winter shouldn't be so bad now that I have a big gas heater installed.

Marko suggested that's what they may have wanted, to make it look that our real lives are grey and bleak, yet secondlife was the beautiful place which set our spirits free, maybe that's it.

I've put more Alter Ego posters up in Eragon. Some of Eragon was seen in the doco, Mainly My pub and the dock down below where people gather and chat.

I would have preferred a more realistic film, there were liberties taken and stories bent into odd shapes.

Perhaps I can clear up some of these during the live interview at the SBS website after the show goes to air, perhaps I can make my own film too, I would like to try that.


20 February, 2009

Dr Quantum

19 February, 2009


This is My Niece doing a bit of advertising work for Coles


18 February, 2009

Alter Ego - More News

We still haven't got a date for the doco but it shouldn't be much longer.

However I've just been asked if it's ok for me to be a part of an online interview at the SBS website after the show, of course I will if I'm around at the time.

I'm thinking of a few things which might come up at that time, there is a possibility of me going to hospital for a while, and I'm hoping to have a holiday with a friend soon after that.

I thought I'd be in hospital late last year, but I'm still on the waiting list, I'm not grumbling, it's not such a big deal (though the idea of being in an operating theatre doesn't make me feel all that happy).

But Yes, If I'm here, I'll certainly do it.


The Bad, The Awful and The Worst

I got this from a friend today, one of those silly things getting around online.


Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives,
socialists, Marxists, et al:

We have stuck together since the late 1950's, but the whole of
this latest election process has made me realize that I want a
divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake
of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has run its
course. Our two ideological sides of America cannot, and will not,
ever agree on what is right, so let's just end it on friendly terms.
We can smile, chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our
own way...

Here is a model separation agreement:
Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass
each taking a portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure
our two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that it should
be relatively easy! Our respective representatives can effortlessly
divide other assets since both sides have such distinct and disparate

We don't like re-distributive taxes so you can keep them. You are
welcome to the liberal judges and the ACLU. Since you hate guns and
war, we'll take our firearms, the cops, the NRA, and the military.
You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore, and Rosie O'Donnell (You are,
however, responsible for finding a bio-diesel vehicle big enough to
move all three of them)...

We'll keep the capitalism, greedy corporations, pharmaceutical
companies, Wal-Mart, and Wall Street. You can have your beloved
homeless, homeboys, hippies, and illegal aliens. We'll keep the hot
Alaskan hockey moms, greedy CEO's, and rednecks.

We'll keep the Bibles and give you NBC and Hollywood . You can
make nice with Iran and Palestine and we'll retain the right to
invade and hammer places that threaten us. You can have the
peaceniks, and war protesters. When our allies or our way of life are
under assault, we'll help provide them security.

We'll keep our Judeo-Christian values.. You are welcome to Islam,
Scientology, Humanism, and Shirley McClain. You can also have the
U.N. But we will no longer be paying the bill. We'll keep the SUVs,
pickup trucks, and oversized luxury cars.

You can give everyone healthcare, if you can find any practicing
doctors. We'll continue to believe healthcare is a luxury and not a
right. We'll keep The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the National
Anthem. I'm sure you'll be happy to substitute Imagine, I'd Like to
Teach the World to Sing, Kum Ba Ya or We Are the World.

We'll practice trickle down economics, and you can give trickle
up poverty your best shot. Since it often so offends you, we'll keep
our history, our name, and our flag.

Would you agree to this? If so please pass it along to other like
minded liberal and conservative patriots, and if you do not agree,
just hit delete. In the spirit of friendly parting, I'll bet you
ANWAR which one of us will need whose help in 10 years.


John J. Wall. Law Student and an American

P.S. Also, please take Barbara Streisand and Jane Fonda.

17 February, 2009

Kneel on the ground and put your paws behind your head!

Don't worry, We have fantasies about this sort of thing. :)


Lightning filmed with a high-speed camera.

15 February, 2009

12 February, 2009

Stop Sarah Palin's aerial Wolf slaughter

Click here to read about it.

Tree Change, or Change the Trees?

There was a fellow on the news today saying that people should have had the right to remove all the trees from their land before they built their homes because it would have cut down on the amount of dangerous fuel and many more would have survived.

Now, that's fair enough, but the reason people want to live in the country is to be surrounded by trees, they're tired of looking out the window and seeing concrete and cars and all the noise. In the country you've got quiet, and the sounds of wind, rain, thunder and wildlife.

To go into the bush and knock down all the trees in my opinion is rather like having a sea change and putting a 30ft fence around the beach incase people get bitten by sharks.

I had wished many times that I had the money to buy a house and live in the country, I would have most likely settled in Hepburn, Kyneton, Macedon or Gisbourne. I knew that there was a risk of fire, and clearing a property from a state where you have all this greenery, ferns and ponds etc, to something that looks like a horse paddock would never have been an option.

Would I live there now if I had the choice? Well things are different now because of my health, but yeah... that's living.

The city area is great for shopping but it's dead somehow, too many cars and trucks, lights and noise all night long.

When I was a child, we had a holiday home where about the only things you'd hear at night were crickets, frogs and plovers flying high above, and it was lovely.


11 February, 2009


We've all got weird personal habits.

One of mine is to sit here and read webpages while plucking hairs out of my chin.

Last night the weirdest thing happened, there was this one hair that I grabbed and pulled, it was embedded pretty firmly, so I tugged and tugged on the sucker, it hurt a little while I did this, but then it gave in.

It was really long when it came out, maybe twelve inches.

I stared at this thing for ages and thought what the heck.

And then it happened.

Every hair in My body fell out!


10 February, 2009


I was happily using Neocounter.

It was lovely, it was showing all the people who were coming in from other countries and reading My blogs.

I have to say that I was really happy with it.

Till today when it flipped back to zero and expected me to pay to get the full functionality back.

Yeah right.... Delete!


Talking with Jamie

I was talking with Jamie on the phone earlier, He's the guy who wrote "Wolfie's Theme" for our Doco. He's been watching the documentary as it came together.

He thought that it was pretty funny how people often make snide comments about those who like computers and computer games. They'll suggest users don't go out enough, while the very job many people do on a daily basis requires them to be seated for much of the day.

He said himself that as a musician who uses tape machines, and other music recording equipment, He too spends a lot of His time sitting down.

He's quite right too.

I've noticed that people will use the term "Get a life" as a throw away line, but I don't see them going Rock climbing or Cycling through Paris.

Perhaps some people's idea of a life is a boozy weekend in front of the telly, watching others being active.

Personally I'd rather converse with an active online community of real people than watch sports, which I find incredibly dull and repetitive.


06 February, 2009

Davros's coffee break

These are Katisha's wonderful Dalek Biscuits, I'm sure they'll be exterminated pretty quickly.


Photo and Biscuits by Katisha Honi

The Mr Obvious Show

I was watching an ad for glade scented candles which melt into an
oil when lit, and fills a sort of metal cup which comes with it.

At the end of the ad the voiceover said "And when the oil is gone,
the candle goes out".

No!!!! Really?


Doctor Who meets The Flower Pot Men

The theme goes:

flob-a-dob [you get the idea]

then comes....

weeed weeEEEeeed
weed weed weed
wee-eedd wee-eed

This is what happens in my mind right before bed.

05 February, 2009

Alter Ego - February

No new information on the doco yet, We are still waiting for confirmation of a screening time from SBS and as soon as I know what it is, I'll let you know.

Those of You who are new to this blog and want to read about the doco, should scroll back and read the older posts.

There may be a screening as a small cinema or pub venue close to the screening time, and if that does go ahead, I'll let you know so that You can come if You're in Melbourne.


The Making of The Foxy Bingo Commercial

This is a great ad, and looked like heaps of fun to make.

03 February, 2009

The end

I have often wondered what goes through people's minds when they're told that they have cancer or some other disease which may end their lives.

This happened to Me in 2005, When I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer, which I renamed Arse Cancer after deciding to fight it.

My first thought, was a strange mix of fear and relief, an odd feeling of exhalation, of thank god it's over.

The feeling was much the same as what I felt that final day of school when I knew I'd never have to face that place I hated so much, ever again.

The second thought was very logical, "Ok, So what can We do about it?".

As it turned out, there was something We could do, So I decided to do that, and have remained alive.

I've tended to see this lifetime as Me waiting at a bus shelter somewhere, waiting for a bus that will come, at some point. and take Me to My real life.

This one was educational, and had some lovely bits in it, but I never liked it all that much. I hope there's another life out there.

I'm an Athiest, I don't feel there's any logic believing anything in the Bible, burning bushes that talk, or Men stuffing the entire planets creatures, x2, into a single ship.

Yet I'm not sure that We die and that is that.

I've told people that should I die and return in another life that I'll either like it or hate it, but if I don't return, and there's no life after this one, I won't have anything at all to worry about.

If I die, and I'm a free floating spirit, I'm going to peek into people's homes and see for the first time that everyone on the planet is a pervert in some way or another, to find all their secrets, to see who is keeping an ET or Alf as a family member and all the weird nonsense that people get up to in their own homes, I'd see truth for the first time, not some watered down television version of it.

Life is X-Rated, did you know that?

Having cancer made me consider a lot of things, and in an odd way I'm grateful, even though it was really awful to go through.

I'd never want to go through it again, mind you.

I experienced a great levelling too, suddenly everyone who had cancer was in an odd sort of club. When Kylie Minogue had it, I felt a bizarre kind of kinship with Her, Olivia Newton-John and others, People Who I'd never meet.

Where possible, I support charities who are trying to eliminate cancer, I can't afford much, but am happy to drop a coin into a can when I go shopping.

I don't buy ribbons, I don't care who knows that I "gave" or not, I don't want more junk filling up that kitchen drawer.

I don't want others to go through it, Men, Women, Children... Cats, Dogs or Horses.

Anyway, I'm still sitting here waiting for the bus, twiddling my thumbs, listening to the birds, talking to the odd stranger. Looking out to the horizon and wondering when this bus will arrive and is it going to be early or late?

02 February, 2009

How to make a stink bomb

Yesterday I was going through my food and noticed the egg cartons, three of them now, still with eggs in them as I buy stuff and forget I have it, You know, Male living alone.

Anyway, they were getting close to their date, so I cracked open one carton of six, and they smelt ok, so I gave them to Katie, My Malamute.

There were six raw eggs in Her bowl, well actually there were eight, two from another carton.

Katie is a real egg fiend, if She's got an egg, she's really happy.
So She walked out from the lounge and lapped these up without hesitation.

Late that night, the effect of eating so many raw eggs was beginning to show in the form of the most awful stench.

I must remember in future, not to give her so many at once... but it would also be good if I ate what I bought home and not let things get near their useby date.

I'm beginning to wonder if the reason people get married and have kids is so all the food gets eaten and not wasted.


01 February, 2009

Sex Crime

I was reading a list of weird sex laws from around the World, one was:

The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation.

If that's true, then if I was caught there, I would have been decapitated many many times by now. ;)


Hard Gay Man with Peppers (please!)

Here's Hard Gay Man, a really funny character from Japan.

In this video, He teaches a young Japanese boy that Green Peppers really aren't all that bad.

Hard Gay Man is from Japans' ABC, TV Asahi, Which also has a place in Secondlife.


31 January, 2009

Say Hi

I know people will often read items and leave, but please feel free to comment if You'd like to ask a question or to just say Hello.


Hitler on Secondlife

Sure, there's about fifty versions of this, but anyway...

30 January, 2009


Guess who was AR-ed today?

Yes, It was ME!

What happened is this. A friend has a home on our island where He can have his privacy to do whatever He likes. Well, I had one of those TVs with erotic pictures in it which He liked. So I rezzed it out and stuck it on His wall.

Now it's important to realise that at this point Eragon was rated M.

The Co-Owners then decided it might be best to go PG.

Now perhaps I should have collected the TV, but I'd given it to this friend months ago and had forgotten all about it.

Recently someone must have rezzed inside His Home and filed an AR against the TV.

Now this annoys Me, Perhaps the Island was PG, but shouldn't people have a right to have what they want in their homes, if it's not annoying others?


29 January, 2009

OMG - Get over it!

People who use SMS talk really shit me, as The Sandman used to say.

I can understand it on a phone which is hard to type nice long expressive words on and which you have to pay for, but when you have the pure luxury of a nice big, full featured keyboard, is there really any need?

LOL doesn't tell anyone much, you're probably not really laughing out loud. It's at it's worst when typed at the end of every sentence.

My brain flashes "Moron Alert" in big red letters.

OMG is another annoying one, granted some bogans are always saying "oh my god" while they speak to friends, as though every other thing they hear is a major shock to their innocent virgin ears.

I'm not the kind of guy who's easily annoyed, but when I get an ICQ/Skype message such as "R U there I really want 2 talk 2 U" well, frankly I get pretty pissed off and want to get the conversation over and done with, probably mute them too.

Then there were word fads, right now everythings "Epic",
but not long back things were "Extreme" or "Mega".

Will be glad when Epic has had it's fifteen minutes of fame too and ends up in a smokey bar telling the other words how famous He was back in the noughties.

I really hate "Ewwwwww" too, I feel like taking a rolled up newspaper to those who say it.


Life On Line

Life On Line, The Secondlife Tonight Show.


I got another e-mail today, addressed to over twenty people. This one about how MSN is "Running out of names". I really don't know how people fall for this rubbish. But Here's a tip if you can't be certain. Any e-mail which includes the line "Send this to all your friends" should be deleted, without hesitation. And please do not send it to Me either.

27 January, 2009


It was a really hot day today, and they say it's going to be about 40c for the next four days. Katie was inside keeping cool, She's a Malamute, a Snow dog... therefore you aim to keep them cool. But She needed a walk, so I waited till after dark, and I saw the weirdest thing.

We have normal street lights in our street, but there's a street running off ours with no lights in it, but it's only about two houses down before you get to the next street with lights in it.

So Katie and I turn off into this street, and there's this one skinny guy about, maybe six meters in front of us. anyway He's walking on the street close to the gutter, just plodding along, and then this car starts heading slowly towards us.

The headlights illuminate this guys pink and hairy, and slightly bow legged, legs.
and I suppose that He got out of the way because the car passed us.

Then the car turns off and immediately after, this massive black shape, which I assume was a fruit bat, whooshed centimeters above the street in the direction of the car at incredible speed, it was like a shadow.

But it just seemed really weird, fruit bats don't normally fly that low and it also just kind of vanished at one point. The thing reminded me of the movie "Ghost" when the bad people got dragged down below.

Here's where things took a strange turn.

The guy with the skinny legs wasn't there anymore, and My hair stood on end... I couldn't see any sign of him anywhere.

I thought of turning back, the whole idea was rather scary but I'm sure that's not what really happened.

We crossed the street and we saw a fruit bat fly over us.

So, I decided it was just a bat afterall and We completed our walk.


Sorry about the broken feed, it should be working now.

Widgetbox widgets for ABC Island, Rockit and Wolfie's World Here:


26 January, 2009

So it begins

People begin talking about Alter Ego on Livejournal.


25 January, 2009


I spoke with Shelley just before, and I got the impression that She was feeling a little bit down too. It's like this, When you write a book, it's yours, completely... But when you make a film, there's a lot of "Chefs" adding, and removing, to the broth which changes it... sometimes so much that you don't quite end up with what you wanted.

This is the situation We have here.

It's possible that People might think I'm upset with Shelley, but I do understand the situation perfectly well, and so I'm not laying any kind of blame at Her feet.

In fact, if I could do any kind of work with Her again, I'd be honoured.

Shelley really wants to make a documentary independently, and I think this would be fantastic. The brush would then remain firmly in the artists hand from beginning to end, as it should be, without interference from people who are mainly interested in Audience figures.


24 January, 2009


Rockets taking off, Trains entering tunnels

Yes there was sex in the doco, There Had to be, They're not called the "Sex Before Soccer" network for nothing.

Your Wolf was seen standing at a canine penis vendor, picking up a newbie [Alf] in one scene and then whisking him off to an unusual party scene in a forest, which I have said, I could barely move in.

Though it was beautifully shot, all of you close friends know that I'll usually have Jaggpro or Komuso playing at My Pub, The Kookaburra... I don't generally hang around in forests.

Now as you might Imagine, I don't normally pick up noobs at penis vendors, although I admit, it can be an interesting way to meet people.

Those of you who might be irked or whatever have Me to pick on for that, I suggested that since human wangs have been covered a lot in these SL docos, and would be again in this one, perhaps it would be nice to show the furry ones for a change... and so that's what we did, and there's a closeup of a dragon one... though I'm sure dragons really wouldn't have great spikey bits on their willies, would they?

In reality, the secondlife version anyway, You'd know that the main place I meet newbies is the ABC Sandbox, But because the Doco was made by SBS, We weren't allowed to say *anything* about ABC and that was frustrating, though understandable.

It might come as a shock, but I can tell you that although I align Myself firmly with ABC, That My Wolfy is fully and completely endowed as any male should be.

People are freaked out by Humans and talking furry animals having penises, but if you're male, that's what you have.

It's stranger that the Disney sense of having everything "sliced off" is considered a lot more normal, and this definately needs to change.