28 March, 2009


When I was resting earlier, it was as though I had became aware of a third conciousness, as though we have an awake world, a dream world, and and inaccessible third one which is used for "helpdesk".

Now I was awake, but "aware" and suddenly I realised that I'd been speaking to "good old...." for years, and my mind gave me tweetdeck as the closest, but obviously wrong interface for this.

Just as I realised what was happening, and while trying to access the
guys name, who I believed had been talking to me all my life about
what may as well be called "problems with the software"

... my brain was disconnected and I was unable to access any further information.


Very 80s but New

Here's a very 80s sounding song, which I think sounds like a cross between Duran Duran and Wall of Voodoo, It's "To lose my life" by White Lies.

Linked due to disabled embedding. :P

Don't you think there's something very "Planet Earth" about it?

26 March, 2009

Secondlife Photos

I've been meaning to put all my good secondlife photos online for everyone to see, for quite some time. but due to different things, I hadn't got around to it.

However, I have at last put the most recent, and best photos, which I've taken on Secondlife over the past year and a bit... and a bit more perhaps... on photobucket.

They also include the recent ABC Island Second Birthday Party Snaps, featuring Komuso Tokugawa who performed at the top of the sandbox.

Here they are:

Hope you like them.


24 March, 2009

Dog days

When you get a dog, about the first thing you want to do is buy doggy items, collars, blankets, a ball etc. But I've noticed a hitch which is a big cliché lately.

It's difficult to buy a collar at a local shop, or vet unless you're the owner of one of those ridiculous little furballs which you could practically swallow whole, one of those dogs who are supposed to be great for the elderly or for kids, but also yap nonstop at anything that probably isn't a burglar all day and all night.

Being the owner of a Malamute, a snow dog, with feet the size of a hairy mammoth, I find these twee collars for bite sized pooches an affront.

Why is it that large dog owners are being forgotten about? There are people around our way who actually own Labradors, Alsations and other large breeds, Surely those who push doggie products want our money too?

But no, Go into a supermarket pet area and try to find items for large dogs, usually the largest collar you'll get will fit a neck about the size of a wallnut.


23 March, 2009

The question

Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe where you could buy body parts at vendors like you can in Secondlife.

In this world. when a boy turns sixteen, he's legally allowed to own a fully functional penis.

So three friends offer to buy you one for your birthday/

A Straight friend, A Gay friend, and a Girlfriend.

Who's the best bet for the right one, as far as you're concerned?

* Once you put it on, you can't swap it over without surgery, it becomes part of your body... but you have an hour in which you can change your mind.

My feelings are: That the straight friend might buy you a good one, but it might be smaller than his.

The Girlfriend would probably buy you a good one, but would she be thinking about you or her when buying it?

I think the gay friend would buy the best one of all, and I'm not talking about size, since I've seen large, but very ugly penises on people [guys mainly].

So I'd trust him with this one.

Others... Your Dad? Great, Because Most dads want their son's to be complete studs and they like to say things like "He takes after his dad".

That guy from the church... no way, you'd get some shrivelled up pink thing about the size of the tip of your little finger.

I wouldn't want one from that guy who's into Anime, You'd end up with one like a tentacle, but then I suppose at least the prehensile nature of it could hang onto your keys when you're juggling with groceries.

McDonalds, Supersize me?

Subway, A foot long for $5?



After the party

So I did Rockit, and We had that fantastic Komuso concert last night... then it was time for bed. The Kitty and Puppy want snacks before bed, so I gave them what they wanted, and then Kate wanted to go out... well that's ok.

Then I heard crunching a few minutes later, it turned out that it wasn't a pee that she wanted, it was her bone that she'd stuck in a hole days ago.

You can't seperate a huge malamute from their bone, so I just let her go.

I switched on ABC and watched the last of an old war film from England, and hoped Kate would be finished... but no, she was crunching away at it for ages.

When she finally finished, it was about 2:45am.

Why do they always want their bones in the middle of the night?

I got to bed but I was too hyper anyway from the stuff I'd done on Secondlife. Everything went very very well and I can see us having more music there from now on.

Congrats to Simon, Lilli, Juko, Katisha and Artfox... If I've left out anyone, I appologise... Komuso too, He was amazing.

I've started using twitter, so now I need to divide my time between here, facebook, secondlife and... oh I must have something else I've forgotten ;)


22 March, 2009

Secondlife quotes #2

After sending a friend a gesture:

[6:44] Friend 1: Is it just me, or does everyone else see "Gesture from Wolfie Rankin" and get nervous?
[6:44] Friend 2: hehehe
[6:44] Friend 1: Hmmm, maybe I should have said that differently?
[6:44] Wolfie Rankin: dave gave it to me
[6:44] Wolfie Rankin: so it's double
[6:45] Friend 4: that makes us feel even more nervous
[6:45] Friend 1 checks to see if I am in a private place...
[6:45] Wolfie Rankin: well it's not the one with the lube and the pumpkin
[6:46] Friend 5: hehe
[6:47] Friend 1: well THAT makes me feel SO much more confidant!

The gesture actually stretches your neck to about the size of your whole avatar.

Friend: "Wolfie looks good up there"
Wolfie: Yes, I can pick up SBS from here.


19 March, 2009


Strange men do weird things to sheep.


Last night, I finally began to grieve for Mum.

I lost her in 2006, due to a lung condition which we were unable to solve before time ran out. She'd got me through many things including an incredibly difficult birth, which She'd remind me of on each birthday, Whooping cough which almost killed me as a child, She'd cleaned up my blood when I'd had accidents and finally She saw me through my chemotherapy.

When She died, I couldn't comprehend it, I wasn't sad, I couldn't cry. I allowed myself to, but it wouldn't come.

Mum was so very close to me, and such a great cog in my life that when she went, I went numb, because I couldn't see how great the loss was.

I felt as though a great wall or mountain was up against my nose.

As with Dad, I had a dream, but far more complex.

For ages now, I have dreamt of my parents being alive or sick or dead, it's been very confusing. Last night even, I thought Mum was dead and yet Dad was alive.

Icons in the dream included Me finding an old mans' musty jacket in the guttter and having to wear it for some reason.

My Dad having lots of money, and his Boss trying to swindle some of it back.
[in real life his Boss was nice to him].

a bitterly cold evening, where the wind blew through my gas heater and My old dog sitting out the front, in the cold [Malamute] and the gate was wide open,
yet he remained with me.

Then of Mum and I, sitting in the street, I was almost naked except for underwear, but wasn't concerned.

I could hear a woman singer, and it was though My Mother was suggesting she's the one who will enter my life and make things better. I'm a loner and I really don't want anything to do with dating or marriage, yet there was joy in this part of the dream which took the hurt away.

A person sent me a letter, expressing their sorrow for me "I've lost my Mum too" it said. and there was a short poem that seemed to be penned by Terry Pratchet or Dr Seuss.

And then suddenly I felt the loss and began to weep in my dream, and then woke.

I'll take today as it comes, I'm not sure what the effect will be, but I'm glad that finally there's been something.


18 March, 2009

16 March, 2009

Death and Extacy

[3:31] Wolfie Rankin: we had a big fright last night
[3:32] Dearest Friend: power
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: the power lines in our street lit up and made a very rude noise before our power failed
[3:32] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: so I was laying down in bed, nothing better to do
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: when *BOOOOM*
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: huge bright flash
[3:33] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: a neighbours appliances were damaged
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: mine were ok
[3:33] Dearest Friend: hope it wasnt a vibrator
[3:33] Dearest Friend: that would haVE BEEN EMBARRASSING
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: would have given her quite a buzz at the wrong... or right... moment
[3:36] Wolfie Rankin: "Here lies the body of a poor masturbator, who died with a smile and a burnt out vibrator"
[3:36] Dearest Friend: very good

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Dress me up in steampunk gear

Dress up the model with steampunk couture as you listen to some great jazz, well worth a little of your time.


14 March, 2009


I'm trying Twitter, if you're on it then you'll find me on "Wolfie_Rankin".

13 March, 2009

Billy's had it with religion

You and me too mate, This is *exactly* how I feel.

10 March, 2009

Hey Hey it's Saturday

A bit of madness fromm Daryl and Ossie on Hey hey it's Saturday was always welcome, all that remains are a few scattered clips here and there, but fortunately we have youtube to come to the rescue.

Oh check out the size of that camcorder at the end, compact? well I suppose it was back then.

Funny Fotos

What Cheezus Me Orf

09 March, 2009

Oh look, it's Marko!

Haal Ratner from Secondlife in his Rat Suit near the back of the float.

Alter Ego - Update

Hi Everyone.

I just phoned Shelley, Our Director.
She's not heard anything from SBS on when the documentary will go to air, so we're all still in the dark.

However She said that a viewing within Secondlife is very likely, and I have offered my Pub in Eragon as a place to view the film if that should go ahead.

The last time we met, She gave me Her Space Navigator which you can see here if you don't know what this very cool device is or how it works, anyway, I've been working on a sort of test video and been amazed by the amount of control I have.

As soon as I have finished editing the video to a point where I'm happy with it, I'll upload it to either my youtube or dailymotion page.

Other than that, I've been watching some strange planes fly overhead today because the airshow is on at Avalon airfield which isn't too far from me.

And people tell me there was a small tremor today, an aftershock of Fridays rocky evening.


07 March, 2009

World Builder

Thanks Ryu for letting me know of this, it's beautiful.


Fifty things

I was reading this page which mentions 50 things about Obama

Well they might be true, I can't phone the guy and ask, but they all sound fairly reasonable things a person may like, dislike or do in their life.

I saw this one.
• He hates the youth trend for trousers which sag beneath the backside

Oh yeah, me too.

It's odd how people often laugh at the clothes from the eighties, it's usually the first thing they mention "Oh the clothes and the hair, errk!", 70's fashion was rather strange too, remember flares and shirts with collars with wings as big as a cessna? and yet, I think the stuff that we've got now is often far worse.

T-shirts with scribble all over them and meaningless slogans which were probably coughed up on a computer.

The aformentioned pants displaying underwear just begging to be grabbed in order to deliver the best wedgie ever.

Women wearing those awful clothes which display their belly buttons.

In "artwork" vines and swirly patterns, usually from photoshop brushes which I think is incredibly cliche, but "everyone's doing it" so it must be fine.

Yodelling "singers" in those idol talent shows... You know a song is crap when a single word is given seven extra syllables and takes more than five seconds to sing.

Rap music and certain pop songs which all seem to use that same sound, hasn't anyone developed a new sound for now? anyone?

What's that? "Eighties music was crap?" How dare you, We had so many highly experimental bands back then, many of who charted well. You have the audacity to say my music was crap, while much of your music has the gall to sample the stuff I love and re-name it as someone elses work?

Says a lot for todays music, doesn't it.

The 90s and now, just a slightly different hairstyle and you've got a re-play of the 70s.


04 March, 2009


M*A*S*H has always been one of my favourite shows, It's one of the few television comedies that made me laugh [and that's not easy to do] and to draw a tear too.

I saw the character of Hawkeye as a role model, Who wouldn't want to be like Him?

But that's not why I'm writing.

I've noticed an inconsistancy with the show, which was probably deliberate and is a bit strange.

Once in a while you'd hear a voice on the PA system announce an event or that choppers would be arriving soon.

Now the only people who had access to the PA system were either Radar, in most of the series, and Klinger in the later part of the series.

Of course the Colonels also had access, but the voice was not their voice either.

Who was it?
We never once, as far as I know, saw this person.


Embarassing stories

I won't tell you the name of the person this happened to and I think you'll understand why when I get to the crux of the story.

He told me ages ago and it's a little vague, strangely enough it popped back into my mind while having coffee earlier, and I decided to blog it in the hopes it will give you a chuckle.

My friend was having a quiet night, and decided to do the thing that a male will do when he's all alone, that unspoken thing that people don't talk about, which males must do or else they'll go completely nuts.

So he went to bed and was getting comfy and ready to perform the intended operation.

While this was happening though, a woman, a police officer just happened to notice that my friends door was left open, and knew that wasn't a very safe thing to do in that location... or there was also the possibility of his home being burgled right now.

So, She grabbed her big torch and got ready to investigate.

My friend was happily going all Billy Connolly on himself, nowhere near the point of turning japanese yet, but more than happy.

The police officer suddenly appears at his door and shines Her torch on him.

Well there was the initial shock from both sides, but He was pleased that despite the embarassment, It was nice to have someone around looking out for people, and She was happy that She didn't have to clobber anyone too.

If you have a story like this which you'd like to tell me, then send it to me at wolfiedj(at)gmail*com and I'll probably type it up if it gives me a chuckle.



I got an e-mail today from ABC to let me know that I can vote for my favourite show, and I suppose they wanted me to vote for an ABC one, which is fine, I'd like to do that.

So I went to the place where you vote, There's a link off the ABC TV page, and I discovered that I must vote in each category.

I was stumped, I had to first vote for someone in a drama category, Underbelly came up a lot and a lot of other shows who's title I barely recognise, you see, I'm not one for TV dramas, wherever they come from, I'm just not into television that much... So my choice was to just pick anybody or quit, I chose the latter, How am I to know who's better than the other?



Boom Zap

Last night was interesting. We were getting a little bit of light rain, which although wouldn't do much for anything, at least there was some moisture out there. Anyway, I'd decided to lay down and watch Doctor Who for a change. And I assume that it was leading up to the cliffhanger where the credits were about to roll when there was *that noise* a sort of roar from the powerlines in the street, followed by a big flash. The TV went dead and the house was plunged into darkness.

What I do in this circumstance is break out the glow sticks, apart from making kids happy at a concert, they do have a practical use. so I put them around the house, in vases etc and I had some fairly good light... but I used a few tea candles in some of the darker places.

I decided since there wasn't much to do, I'd lay in bed and think about sex, which let's face it, is about all you can do when you can't have enough light to read or anything.

A truck from the power company went past my house a few times, with an amber light flashing which shone through the windows. They were looking up at the wires with a strong torch.

I'd been laying there for some time when next thing there was this massive BOOM and this big bright flash, The light in my room came on for a second and went off again.

This could mean that some appliances might be damaged.
I hoped not, especially as some of the things I have are new.

I got out of bed and saw Vicky, My cat, in the Kitchen with Katie. Vicky had become all prickly, like bottle-brush, and stood there with a hooky tail.

Once I was up, I decided to brush my teeth, have a shower and make my bed.

I got back into bed and laid there for about ten minutes, when I noticed there was light from the street on my loungeroom carpet, so I got up and turned the lights on.

Yes the power was back... but then I noticed that the fridge and other appliances weren't working... But then I checked the fusebox and noticed one switch had set itself to "off", I switched it back on and found that everything was fine.

Then I washed some clothes and got on secondlife.

Oh, Earlier that arvo, I'd made some biscuits out of crunchy nut cornflakes, sultanas and apricots, yes *biscuits* I *refuse* to use "that other word".

I gave one to Katie, and she sniffed it and left it... Well that's nice, You go to the trouble of making something from scratch and not even the dog will eat it.

Anyway she came back and gave it another sniff, then left it again.

Then returned once more and tried it, I think she discovered that it wasn't all that bad.

I had about four, good grief... How will I ever get that sixpack now?


01 March, 2009