20 October, 2009

Capture problem (Pinnacle/Vegas)

I hope someone out there can help me with this. I'm trying to capture video from analogue tapes (digital video is so much easier), anyway. on loan to me is a Pinnacle USB capture card and I'm trying to use Sony Vegas 9.0b to capture... only... to get this error" :The device "pinnacle 710-USB" could not be opened. Please make sure that it is turned on and not being used by another application or user" Any idea?

I use Windows XP.

18 October, 2009

Halloween fails in Australia

I think that however the Aussie lolly makers (not candy) try, I don't think they'll convince us that Halloween is anything more than a weird northern hemisphere things that us Aussies don't want.

I've seen them try in recent years to get us all enthusiastic about something that went down worse than a jar of iSnack 2.0. Dressing up supermarkets with halloween gear and making suggestions for the day on their music track.

Halloween doesn't work in part because it's a seasonal celebration, any follower of the wiccan philosophy would tell you that it's an end of summer thing... but here where the seasons are reversed... and our pumpkins are still growing... it doesn't work.

We're loosing our own culture and our lingo left right and centre, because people don't seem to care enough. We need to be more like us and less of what we're not.

What's next? Thanksgiving?

If you don't want halloween in Australia, speak up and speak up now. Tag messages on twitter with #OzHalloweenFail and let people know how you feel.


02 October, 2009

New Life On Line

Featuring the man who led the development team for the new virtual world BLUE MARS.
and we ask what Gen Y thinks of online dating. You can be part of the show too. Upload your material. And spread the word

01 October, 2009

Hey Hey it's Saturday

Last night I was mildly offended when discussing Hey Hey on Secondlife with a friend.

"Of course I didn't watch it, it's full of old farts" he said.

Old farts of course, have nothing to say, and should be executed before the age of thirty, like in "Logans' Run"

Being 43 myself I should have replied that If I had a choice to be eighteen again, I would take it, however the best I can hope for is that a certain religion is right about rebirth and I'll get a second or third or fourth go at it.

But I simply left, being too old and tired to argue.

I think I know why Hey Hey did well, and it goes something like this.

Years ago, Television was full of kids shows, and had programs for a much older audience, but very little was on offer for teens... Then ABC started Countdown, which of course, was very successful and filled in the gap brilliantly

Ever since then, television has catered more and more for that age bracket, and has left little for us X-ers and Baby Boomers.

Hey Hey was welcomed back with open arms by us oldies who grew up with the show.

Critics, slighted the show as something that doesn't offer anything deep and meaningful, but that's exactly why we like it.

Does anyone complain when they're down at the pub or at a BBQ with their mates that their friends aren't offering their neurons much to munch on?

You go because it's fun, plain and simple.

Hey Hey isn't always that funny or entertaining, but when it is, it's always a pleasure to be caught in the moment, most of us can remember the gems from the past that still make us chuckle.

I'm really glad you're back on TV fellas and girls, Cheers!

* Hey Hey it's Wednesday will be repeated on Saturday, just to confuse things further ;)

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