31 January, 2009

Say Hi

I know people will often read items and leave, but please feel free to comment if You'd like to ask a question or to just say Hello.


Hitler on Secondlife

Sure, there's about fifty versions of this, but anyway...

30 January, 2009


Guess who was AR-ed today?

Yes, It was ME!

What happened is this. A friend has a home on our island where He can have his privacy to do whatever He likes. Well, I had one of those TVs with erotic pictures in it which He liked. So I rezzed it out and stuck it on His wall.

Now it's important to realise that at this point Eragon was rated M.

The Co-Owners then decided it might be best to go PG.

Now perhaps I should have collected the TV, but I'd given it to this friend months ago and had forgotten all about it.

Recently someone must have rezzed inside His Home and filed an AR against the TV.

Now this annoys Me, Perhaps the Island was PG, but shouldn't people have a right to have what they want in their homes, if it's not annoying others?


29 January, 2009

OMG - Get over it!

People who use SMS talk really shit me, as The Sandman used to say.

I can understand it on a phone which is hard to type nice long expressive words on and which you have to pay for, but when you have the pure luxury of a nice big, full featured keyboard, is there really any need?

LOL doesn't tell anyone much, you're probably not really laughing out loud. It's at it's worst when typed at the end of every sentence.

My brain flashes "Moron Alert" in big red letters.

OMG is another annoying one, granted some bogans are always saying "oh my god" while they speak to friends, as though every other thing they hear is a major shock to their innocent virgin ears.

I'm not the kind of guy who's easily annoyed, but when I get an ICQ/Skype message such as "R U there I really want 2 talk 2 U" well, frankly I get pretty pissed off and want to get the conversation over and done with, probably mute them too.

Then there were word fads, right now everythings "Epic",
but not long back things were "Extreme" or "Mega".

Will be glad when Epic has had it's fifteen minutes of fame too and ends up in a smokey bar telling the other words how famous He was back in the noughties.

I really hate "Ewwwwww" too, I feel like taking a rolled up newspaper to those who say it.


Life On Line

Life On Line, The Secondlife Tonight Show.


I got another e-mail today, addressed to over twenty people. This one about how MSN is "Running out of names". I really don't know how people fall for this rubbish. But Here's a tip if you can't be certain. Any e-mail which includes the line "Send this to all your friends" should be deleted, without hesitation. And please do not send it to Me either.

27 January, 2009


It was a really hot day today, and they say it's going to be about 40c for the next four days. Katie was inside keeping cool, She's a Malamute, a Snow dog... therefore you aim to keep them cool. But She needed a walk, so I waited till after dark, and I saw the weirdest thing.

We have normal street lights in our street, but there's a street running off ours with no lights in it, but it's only about two houses down before you get to the next street with lights in it.

So Katie and I turn off into this street, and there's this one skinny guy about, maybe six meters in front of us. anyway He's walking on the street close to the gutter, just plodding along, and then this car starts heading slowly towards us.

The headlights illuminate this guys pink and hairy, and slightly bow legged, legs.
and I suppose that He got out of the way because the car passed us.

Then the car turns off and immediately after, this massive black shape, which I assume was a fruit bat, whooshed centimeters above the street in the direction of the car at incredible speed, it was like a shadow.

But it just seemed really weird, fruit bats don't normally fly that low and it also just kind of vanished at one point. The thing reminded me of the movie "Ghost" when the bad people got dragged down below.

Here's where things took a strange turn.

The guy with the skinny legs wasn't there anymore, and My hair stood on end... I couldn't see any sign of him anywhere.

I thought of turning back, the whole idea was rather scary but I'm sure that's not what really happened.

We crossed the street and we saw a fruit bat fly over us.

So, I decided it was just a bat afterall and We completed our walk.


Sorry about the broken feed, it should be working now.

Widgetbox widgets for ABC Island, Rockit and Wolfie's World Here:


26 January, 2009

So it begins

People begin talking about Alter Ego on Livejournal.


25 January, 2009


I spoke with Shelley just before, and I got the impression that She was feeling a little bit down too. It's like this, When you write a book, it's yours, completely... But when you make a film, there's a lot of "Chefs" adding, and removing, to the broth which changes it... sometimes so much that you don't quite end up with what you wanted.

This is the situation We have here.

It's possible that People might think I'm upset with Shelley, but I do understand the situation perfectly well, and so I'm not laying any kind of blame at Her feet.

In fact, if I could do any kind of work with Her again, I'd be honoured.

Shelley really wants to make a documentary independently, and I think this would be fantastic. The brush would then remain firmly in the artists hand from beginning to end, as it should be, without interference from people who are mainly interested in Audience figures.


24 January, 2009


Rockets taking off, Trains entering tunnels

Yes there was sex in the doco, There Had to be, They're not called the "Sex Before Soccer" network for nothing.

Your Wolf was seen standing at a canine penis vendor, picking up a newbie [Alf] in one scene and then whisking him off to an unusual party scene in a forest, which I have said, I could barely move in.

Though it was beautifully shot, all of you close friends know that I'll usually have Jaggpro or Komuso playing at My Pub, The Kookaburra... I don't generally hang around in forests.

Now as you might Imagine, I don't normally pick up noobs at penis vendors, although I admit, it can be an interesting way to meet people.

Those of you who might be irked or whatever have Me to pick on for that, I suggested that since human wangs have been covered a lot in these SL docos, and would be again in this one, perhaps it would be nice to show the furry ones for a change... and so that's what we did, and there's a closeup of a dragon one... though I'm sure dragons really wouldn't have great spikey bits on their willies, would they?

In reality, the secondlife version anyway, You'd know that the main place I meet newbies is the ABC Sandbox, But because the Doco was made by SBS, We weren't allowed to say *anything* about ABC and that was frustrating, though understandable.

It might come as a shock, but I can tell you that although I align Myself firmly with ABC, That My Wolfy is fully and completely endowed as any male should be.

People are freaked out by Humans and talking furry animals having penises, but if you're male, that's what you have.

It's stranger that the Disney sense of having everything "sliced off" is considered a lot more normal, and this definately needs to change.


Clean Clean

I thought of something about the doco.

When Andy's [Musos] house was shown, there was stuff everywhere, clothes, dishes piled up, which is pretty much what you'd expect from a single guy living alone... and My own house is often like that when I'm concentrating on other things.

But before the crew arrived, I went right through the house and cleaned like crazy, the idea being that if there was to be a film made in My house, that you'd see a clean home. I did the dishes, the floors, threw away any junk, packed items away where they should be and dusted, polished and more, I did the lot.

Where did they film Me?

Hanging up My washing in the back yard, which is a mess.
and a couple of other really dark scenes.

I admit that it was winter, and My house is very dark inside... and it was cold. I had no heater and really had to rug up.

There was a shot of Katie and I walking, but I really didn't like that either as we weren't walking in our familiar streets but in a place which was quite alien to both of us.

I think My real life stuff would have almost been best edited out completely.

The in world stuff was beautiful.

The more I think about it, the crankier I'm getting. :)

Was the doco really about people using the internet and neglecting their real life? Andy's messy house?, My untidy backyard, The Dysfunctional family of internet losers?

I may have to think about it less.

But yes, I was in a doco.

*bangs head on desk*


23 January, 2009

Alter Ego

Well, Alter Ego looked great.

The quality of the photography was superb, every bit as good as a proper cinema movie, and the scenes within Secondlife were as good as the scenes some of you may have seen in the recent CSI Episode... and they faked some of their stuff.

Covered was Alf, the Muso, Who decided to try performing on Secondlife.

Alf is a very real person who calls a spade a spade, You see him dealing with problems in getting secondlife to work, both technically and for him personally.

Watch for his amazing solution to using his computer while battling his back problems, you see, He needs to lay flat to keep him out of pain.

Alf explores and develops his online persona from scratch, his looks and as most people on secondlife do, develops his male sexuality, and here it can get rather graphic, but fun at the same time.

Another story was on a Woman in the US who's Secondlife turned into a serious addiction, finding happiness with another person who plays the part of a child in order to relive a childhood which was less than it should have been, She needed a Mother. Yet this Womans real Children were being somewhat neglected.

Although interesting, this part really let the doco down. I felt that the air had been let out of the tyres. although some bits were touching.. Like the Child finding someone in the world who cared for Her via Secondlife, other bits verged on the tackiest current affairs story and I found it fairly superfluous.

The whole usual sad internet user with no life outside of a fictitious computer game kind of story, and family members being critical of each other. Well ok, this does happen... but why must it be in every story about the internet?

A friend asked me if places of learning were mentioned in secondlife, or how people with illness are attracted to secondlife, you all know there is a lot of good in SL.
but sadly that wasn't covered.

Of course You all know Me very Well. and sadly there didn't seem to be as much of Me as I expected, even though we'd done an amazing amount of work, I tried not to show it but I felt a bit miffed.

Marko and I had done some great stuff which was a lot of fun, but was sadly left on the cutting room floor.

The Music for Rockit was Great, I loved it, Jamie did a wonderful Job there.

He'd actually done another theme but had to change it because it was based on work which had not yet exceeded the 50 year mark and fallen into the public domain as He first thought. Jamies' work was great and I'm waiting to hear the original music.

The forest scenes with the furries looked wonderful, as Shelley promised, I have no idea how she managed to get such great video out of area which I could barely move in... strike that, *couldn't* move in. I had to be TPed to the location several times after my avatar walked or flew off and got completely lost.

A word of caution, as I mentioned earlier, watch it before showing it to kids, as there was sex in there, it definately gets an M rating, possibly even an R. I was surprised by how far they took it.

But it wasn't that old "watch out, there's nasty stuff on secondlife" sort of thing, no... the sex was handled in a way where it simply looked no worse than... buying a book? and really, that's the way I think it ought to be. I hate the way people spend so much time worrying about sex and sexuality.

Lately there have been docos on TV which are over produced and contain a lot of meaningless flashy graphics, and several people have told me that they hope that kind of thing isn't all over this film, it really annoys the audience, and I must say that I don't like it either. I'm happy to say that any graphics are quick, to the point and have a reason for being there.

Alter Ego has turned out to be a great little film, which was probably just a bit short, but then most films of this type only go an hour.

I will definately let everyone know when it goes to air, but as yet there is no set date.

Now for those of You in Melbourne, There *might* be a small screening at a venue here closer to the programs air time, where We can all get together and have a good talk about the film, the people in it, secondlife, film making... the lot really, and I'll let You know when that might happen.


The Official Alter Ego Poster

The Official poster for the Documentary We filmed last year.

This year We're going to do a Bollywood version with songs and everything.


Everybody take off your Reeboks

And check out these amazing pictures of inauguration day


22 January, 2009

Setting Up

Today I dragged out My TV, DVD and Hi-Fi [Yes, Hi-Fi, it's from the 80s]. and attempted to put them together, not difficult, I've always been good at that stuff, but some cables were missing and the RCA cables were stuffed.

Anyway, it's been really hot and tiring.
We got a cool change this afternoon and so I walked Katie, and decided to just flake out on the couch with a couple of nice crumpets topped with grilled cheese and tomato, a bit of salt and pepper and a sprinkling of oregano [oh-ree-gah-no].

And re-played Tron, on an actual television, not a computer screen.
something I haven't done for quite a long time.

Jamie, Shelley's partner, is loaning us the RCA cables so we can watch the doco in glorious stereo, which is enough for me.

Katie will have a mobile dog wash tomorrow and then I'll whip up a chocolate cake, which I've been planning to do for some time.

So all the news will be here tomorrow, don't miss the exclusive!


We are pork products

This video was too big to fit, so click here to see it.


21 January, 2009

Bonsai Kittens and other online myths.

If it's not Bonsai Kittens... Kittens grown in jars... then it's the Tiger looking after the piglets dressed as tiger cubs, both of which are false. Look them up on wikipedia and please don't spread them to others via e-mails.

Another load of bunk I found while hitting stumble today were these gems of false-isity from: Cell Phone Tricks

2. Lock Your Keys in the Car? - If your car has a remote lock/unlock device (and you have a second one, say at home - aside from the one on your keychain that's locked inside the car) you can call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone, hold your phone about a foot from your car door, and have the person at home press the unlock button on the device, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other remote for your car, you can unlock the doors.

False! watch this video here.

4. Disabling a Stolen Phone - To check your mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 #. A 15-digit serial code will appear on the screen. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless.

False... Apparently a service does exist for this, but I've had experience with it.
When you find the website for this, there's no way to register your name or serial card. I wrote and complained to the website and got a response days later asking me to give them my details and the number. I did so, but the number still registered as still working. It seems nobody is seriously interested in this idea, it could work, but trust me, it doesn't.


Shelley got in touch with Me today to say that She'll have to come around on Friday instead, because She's a Mum and Her Son needs Her, and that's fine with Me. My Mum took great care of Me and I always appreciated it and still do.

She was Hoping I'd go with Her to the Editors' home, But if I do, Katie will go berserk and I'd worry about Her and what She was doing. She seems to be fine when I go out once a week to buy my food, I think She's used to that. But She freaks out if I just go out randomly.

I'll have to bring my big TV out from My Bedroom, it's not that I watch it there, indeed it's unplugged with the DVD player and digital TV box. I don't use it enough to have all that gear cluttering up My loungeroom.

Since I've been using Secondlife, I have very little time for TV, I certainly never just "channel surf" anymore. Either I have something very specific to watch or I don't watch anything.

There's a digital tv card in my PC, so if I want to watch and record anything, a few clicks does the job.

Anyway, Friday is the date now.

It gives me more time to clean My home, not that it was too untidy really, but it looks better now.

Katie is getting a bath around 11am Friday, Shelly should be here at 1pm.



Normally a rather shy person in real life, I really opened up for Shelley in the Doco and I'm worried that perhaps I bared My soul a little too much.

I'm also a little worried about watching the doco, I never did listen to the interview I did with Lowell for his Blog, Metaverse Journal.

During that interview I got very tense, and think I did an awful job, despite what others have told Me.

However, I will be watching our doco, most likely, on Thursday.

Anyway, Que Sera Sera.

It'll be fine, I'm sure, and I really hope that by Thursday night I'll be telling You all how great it was.

I really wanted to stay awake to see Obama recieve his special papers, alas, it's happening at 4am Melbourne time, and it's 1:34am now and I'm shot.

Goodnight everyone.


20 January, 2009

Mail vs Mail

Galactic Mail from Asterokid on Vimeo.

The Ike 'n Flukeys

Mum would sometimes get around the house singing a tune She knew when She was a kid.

Some were Hymns and others were one hit wonders from the 40s.

A real mystery to Me, as it doesn't show up online is the one which goes:

"He's running round the Houses,
Without His shirt and trousers,
Oh Father's got them coming on again...
He's got the Ike and Flukeys on the brain."

I've googled and there's nothing, no clue whatsoever.
It's possible if the song does exist, that it's been mis-heard, which is why I'm not getting anything from Google.

I was reminded of it while talking to My Sister about Katie who was running madly in the garden before flopping down on my cool bedroom floor out of the heat.

She said "Ahh yes, She got the Ike and Flukeys and then collapsed".

Has anyone heard anything like this outside of my strange family?


19 January, 2009

Virtual Sex

I don't understand virtual sex, although I dabbled with it when I first came into SL merely because it was a very strange thing to see a penis on offer for avatars.

Yes I have several types for the various species of avatars I have [trust me, a human one on a canine looks dumb].

Anyway, it did very little for me, but the Avatars had fun at least. :)

I never felt that sex, was a bad thing unless someone got hurt as a result, so if this helps break some barriers, then great.

Some time ago I was dreaming that society had changed so much that sex was on mainstream tv... not the pouty x-rated affair most people would imagine, but a more natural, casual, joyful thing.

I probably won't live to see it, but if people can make it happen generations from now, then good luck to them.

See also "Sexual expression in virtual worlds - is normalcy achievable?" at "Metaverse Journal"


17 January, 2009

Do you fancy a ride?

I was watching this ad and noticed something pretty strange about it, watch it through and get back to me:

Now... OK, I have to put aside the fact that two full sized talking Angus Bulls can fit, side by side in the ute, afterall, that's what the ad is suggesting, it's a "roomy" vehicle.

Then I have to waive the idea that big black bulls can't drive, but then if there are cows in heat in the other paddock and you're a big black bull loaded with... well, I reckon you know... there's a fair chance you'll learn in ten seconds if it requires that the big black bull can give what he's got to the cows in the next paddock.

BUT... and here's the thing.

The Ad implies in it's last few seconds, that not only can you get *TWO Big Black Bulls* in the cabin, but also *Two Jersey Cows*... On the *front seat* of a bloody Hilux, But all four of them can do the "two headed beast" AT THE SAME TIME!... ON THE FRONT SEAT!

"Dad, what are those cows doing? ...in your ute?"

And Yes, I noticed that both bulls also managed to put their seatbelts on before the farmer noticed they'd got into the truck.


16 January, 2009

Fart in the Duck

I didn't publish this one earlier because kids were watching and I couldn't let their virgin eyes be corrupted by this kind of filth!

But now they're gone, and we're already corrupted anyway, here's a little ditty which is so catchy, you'll be singing it to yourself while washing the dishes.

Squeak squeak squeak

The Cat's Revenge

I have a cat called Vicky, who loves to play rough. When I first saw her in the box of kittens at the Vet, She was beating up all the others. So I love to grab her and rub her all over really roughly and brush Her fur the wrong way. In return She stalks me as though I was a huge rodent, then leaps out at me from under the table and sinks Her fangs into my ankle.

Just Before I grabbed Her and layed her in My lap, Manhandling Her, Rubbing Her roughly all over, Poking Her tummy.

I told Her "The thing is Vicky, I have no respect, No respect for you, or any of the Feline kind" as She was trying to bite and scratch me.

"None at all... If I want to grab you there", *grabbed her leg*, "I can... and If I want to grab you there...", *grabbed her face*, "I can.... And if I want to..."

Then She dropped the most horrible fart, which wafted directly into My mouth.

I dropped Her like a hot scone.

Score one, to Vicky.


14 January, 2009


I recieved an e-mail today from Matt, The Producer of our Documentary.

He said it has been finished and sent to SBS, who will then choose a timeslot later in the year for broadcast.

Once I find out what the time and date is, I will let everyone know.

Although the pre-production version was called "Cyberstars" the finished version is "Alter Ego".

After the show goes to air in Australia, it may also run on overseas tv networks.


13 January, 2009


America's President Bush said today that He and His Party hadn't made the US look bad to the rest of the World.

He also said that Ships were actually Planes, Hotdogs were made of cats, and Policemen were actually big fish in blue uniforms.

* He might have been right about the Hotdogs.


Summer finally reaches Melbourne

We've finally had out first dead set hot day, 37c [close enough to 100f].

Benny, My old, Extra furry Malamute hated sunshine and would keep out of it, but Katie is a completely different kettle of fish.

She wanted to go out earlier, I imagined She'd go and pee and then scratch the door to get back in out of the sun.

But no, I wondered where she was, and found her in a pile of dead grass which I'd uprooted a few weeks earlier, in the full sun.

And She was more than happy to stay there.

She's a snow dog, If she remained there much longer, She'd get heat stroke... or melt.

I tried various things to get her in, yelling didn't work, She just cowered... Temptation failed too, she baulked at any offer of food or drink, even of milk, which She loves.

Yes I know milk isn't great for dogs, but She likes it and will usually come in if I make an offer.

So I went out there with her lead, placed the choker chain around her neck and She got up easily and was guided back inside.

Her fur was HOT.

Silly Girl.

About 4pm I got some doggie meatballs out of the freezer, these are really nice, they smell so good that they probably taste quite ok, not that I've tried one... yet.

I gave them to Katie frozen, with some rice... and since it was a hot day, She didn't mind eating these "meatsicles".

We're having pasta tonight, so she's going to get a bit extra.


Help Me if You can, I'm feeling down.

They say when you have a problem, that speaking out about it is the first step to recovery, so I summon the courage to lay my soul open so that you can see that your faithful, loving Wolf is actually a nasty old racist.

Yes, A racist, ME!

Oh the Humanity.

But with your help and understanding, I can get through this block in heart which prevents me from being the completely loving being that I so desperately desire to be.

So who is at the pointed end of my distressing views?

Although Secondlife embraces diversity, and obviously I'm a part of that diversity myself, I have noticed that I don't like certain avatars... and I have no idea why.

None have behaved badly, or caused any sort of personal pain... I just don't like them, and this is before I've even had the good grace of mind to speak to them and find out how they tick. Frankly I disgust myself, I'm utterly appalled by this.

However there is one group of Avatars that I just detest, like waving a red flag in front of a bull or perhaps turning up at a dogs party dressed as a postman.

Videogame characters, Gah, I loathe them, it's so very wrong of me to feel this way, after all, what does it matter if a person is that obsessed with a manufactured, overly commercial, superficial.... and ugly character with huge freaky anime eyes [another personal hate of mine, sorry].

Why should I mind? It's their choice to be who THEY want to be.

It's their choice and they did no freaking harm to me, Why should I feel this way? WHYYYYYY *sob*

I thought I was everyone's loving fuzzball of joy but NO, I slammed that myth on the rocks, alas my ship has run aground.

I'm awful, I'm horrible and plainly I need help.

*cries in his teacup*


09 January, 2009


When Dad died in 1998, I wanted to see him happy so I visualised him in a new life, an easy going one on an island, where He could slowly recover from the trauma he went through. He now lived in a small house on the beach, where he could rest and wander when the mood took him. He could throw sticks for our old dogs, who had returned to him and kept him company, and the cats would comfort him too.

Months later, I felt that it was time to let him go further, so I gave him a boat, a yacht, one like I wished I could have given him in real life but could never have afforded. I named the yacht "Windpower" after a Thomas Dolby song.

Inside the yacht, a cabin which resembles a motel unit, bed, TV, Kitchen, a small bathroom and room for storage and a place where the dogs can rest if they want to be somewhere quiet.

The Yacht doesn't run on fuel, it simply runs, and goes where it needs to go, or where Dad needs to be. the yacht knows in advance and simply goes at the right time.

He visits many ports now, and meets all kinds of people, people with different skin colour, some with fur, some from space and they're all helpful and kind to Him.

They teach Him lessons He'll need for the next life, things that He wasn't able to grasp in this one, so that next time around, He'll have a better life than he did this time around. He'll appreciate things than He didn't appreciate last time around.

At each port, The dogs and cats can come and go as they wish, as they also need to discover things and develop their souls for the next world. but they return, out of love, as they are our family too.

In this World, they are safe to come and go, nobody will harm them, and there's no danger from things like cars.

Mum died years later, and I have a place for Her too, a small cottage in a lovely town which is surrounded by trees, a lovely cool place with a cottage garden and a winding path to the front door. inside the paintwork is cream and green, a style she knew when younger. She didn't like it much, but I see it as comforting.

The kitchen has an old Kooka oven, and a lot of other old Australian convieniences of that period.

Out the back is a lovely wide verandah, with grapes and wisteria curling all around, offering shade. I see Her relaxing in a big chair there with Benny, Our old Malamute, and Laddie too, When they've come from Dads boat for a rest.

The path leads down through the garden, high flowers touch your shoulders as you pass along. there's a picket fence down the back, and a pergoda. then gate leads onto fields containing wildflowers and a creek, a mineral spring and other delights.

Down the street from Mum are some small shops which sell the basics. there's a tea shop on the corner, where a friend of Mum lives [a spirit guide, who never tells Mum what she really is].

This Woman often brings Mum the things She needs, and letters. She spends time with Her, Helping her to understand things which she couldn't quite grasp in this lifetime, so that Her next life is a lot easier.

My Parents and My animals wait for me in this space which I paid for with my love.
Sometimes they cry for Me as I cry for them, But they know as I do, That all We need to do is wait.

A house waits there for me too.

There's times when We need to tell people things, and it's hard when they're not around. So I write Mum and Dad letters in my mind. I see the paper and the fountain pen which writes beautiful flowing scripts.

Usually about something that happened that day, or just to say how much I love and miss them.

Sometimes I pick up the "fairies" or "Father Christmasses" as Mum used to call them, the things which blow from the heads of Scotch Thistles at certain times of the year. I pick them up and say to them quietly, "Tell Mum that I love Her" and I let the wind catch it and take it to Her.

I long to hold their hands again.

I wonder if My dogs eyes are sad, I wonder when their wait will be over, I can't wait to be with them again.


Thomas Dolby - "Windpower"

08 January, 2009

Katie Strips Off for Summer

Katie, My Malamute, has just blown her coat for summer.

Now I expected this, She's My Second Malamute, So Yes, I do understand that there will be times when I have fur all over my carpet.

During times like this, it's hardly worth putting the vaccuum cleaner away.

As we've been going for our walks, I've stopped and just pinched out big lumps of fur, This doesn't hurt much, although some fur which is still stuck in her skin is pulled and that's a bit much [understandable] so I get woofed at, and put in my place.

Up and down the street, fur belonging to Katie blows about, and small piles sit in the park.

Well it was definately time for a brush, so when we got home, I pulled out her brush and it was obvious that she was happy, because she laid down immediately for it.

I couldn't believe the amount of fur I got, not so much that fur came out, but most of it came out.

She was shaved on her belly recently due to an operation, and now her side where I brushed, is almost as bald!

Not sure what to make of it.



For you, My Sweets.

Press Here


07 January, 2009

Being Boring

I was reading a story written for a standard newspaper on Secondlife, by a journo who was quite keen on being a "feral wolf" [the link was found via Metaverse Journal].

The writer is obviously in love with his online persona, as many secondlifers are, however they may present themselves in-world.

But again there were so many negative comments, mostly by, so it appeared, people who had never set a virtual foot into Secondlife.

Others also picked on this guy for his interest in furry culture, being "squicked out" because this guy prefers to be an animal rather than a person.

I've read a lot of comments by people about a whole range of subjects, and among the nonsense comments frequently written to youtube etc, are people who are consistently "disturbed" by anything that isn't quite up to par with their own cultural ideas of what normal behaviour and desires are.

And I feel quite sorry for these people, because what they lack, is the ability to break from this cultural bubble where they absolutely must not behave differently from the sheep which they hang around with, for fear of ridicule by those who don't know any better.

It *disturbs me* that after such revolutions in human thought, eras like the 60s for instance, it appears that many people are going back to the idea that being a "square" is the best thing to do, while free expression is strictly for weirdos.

It's a real shame that some have slid backwards, opting for easy favouritism among peers, while the rest of us no longer care what others think, and are free to be ourselves once and for all.

Some people ask the question "What is Normal?" the answer to that one is very easy to answer, it's boring, nothing more.

06 January, 2009


On a Saturday, I go grocery shopping with My Cousin, Yvonne.

While passing a stand at Coles, I noticed pens on sale, So I grabbed a set of papermates and that was the last I saw of them since Saturday.

I'd forgotten about them completely, But while looking through the fridge, I found them.

It seems that in the rush to get everything put away when I got home, the pens ended up in the fridge.

At least they were salvageable... unlike the frankfurts I had left out.


Dreamworld Eragon

I was sorting through papers, bills mainly, as I have them everywhere [paid]. On some I have scribbled down thoughts and ideas which I do regularly... only to lose them later.

One paper mentioned a dream I had about Eragon, an Island a friend set up on Secondlife. This was a dream of a time deep in the future where people no longer sit in front of a computer in a dark room somewhere, which even as a fan of Secondlife today, I hate.

This was a dreamworld where there were no keyboards or screens, but total and complete immersion, where everything looks real, and indeed, in some way or another, it is.

Ryu and I were driving through the country, and I saw my home there, which was a lovely home surrounded by grassy fields. He and Kath also had a home in a nearby field, as did friends of ours.

We drove further... I find it's odd that I dreamt about a boring old car in this dream when I could have had some wonderful, non polluting spaceship thing... though I don't feel the car was the polluting type. The air was beautifully clean.

We came to a city area with shops and people, There were lots of shiny pipes and stands and objects... and people seemed to wear shiny clothing too.

As we drove through, I saw myself on a billboard, selling what seemed to be throat lozenges... You'd think that we could factor out the common viruses from an otherwise perfect world, but I guess they paid the bills.

We were both very happy about this, living in this space.

We were healthy and care free.

I can well imagine a future where instead of dumping people into a nursing home to sit in sadness, that people could instead live in these inner worlds, and allow perfectly healthy minds the freedom of movement they desire, without the cares of the body.

Our minds have always been capable of these dreams, but right now we're cut off, we can't share these dreams with others.

I hope that one day we will unlock this puzzle and allow others into our nightly dreams, and exist in wonderful virtual worlds of our own making.


The Christmas Dream

Last night I dreamt I was with My Parents again. Those who know me already, know I've lost both, and that I regularly dream I'm with them, as though, nothing happened.

Anyway, Mum went out and bought gifts, good ones... I think she got me an ipod, but I wasn't sure about the other stuff. all small packages anyway.

Christmas came and I felt happy and did what I wanted to do, but I had completely forgotten about the gifts, which I didn't open. I remembered later when I was somewhere else.

The next day came and I realised that I still hadn't opened my presents.

And so it went.

On the surface it simply looks like I'm happier with friends and family than with getting presents, which I think is true.

If Mum and Dad came to the door I'd be incredibly happy, and if they bought my old dogs, cats and my other pets, well... You wouldn't find anyone happier anywhere.

I think about them everyday, and each night before I fall asleep.

I always did tell them that I love them, but often I feel that I didn't do it enough.