31 October, 2008

My Mother

On the 31st of October 2006. I watched My beautiful Mother die in front of My eyes.

It was around 3:30 in the afternoon. Being Male I have the gift of forgetting dates, and the day Dad died has been forgotten, though I know it was around ANZAC Day.

Halloween is nothing I support being Australian, but now it sticks out like a sore thumb each year, as much as I'd like to forget, I can't.

The year before She died, She helped me through my cancer treatments, She kept vigil beside me... I blame myself for her demise as the kind of stress a Mother would feel, watching her child go through that, must have been extremely hard on her.

But I fought against the cancer so that She would not see me die, as so many of her family had been taken away from her, I would not die, I remained alive for her sake.

I would not have done this without her.

I love you Mum, and always will.

Your Son.

Fantasy Leader

Hi All.

You might wonder why I'm pushing Obama even though I'm Australian. Well America really hasn't had a good and proper President for some time now... that and, unfortunately, What happens to the US happens to everyone else.

Things I'd like to see:

Education: Start teaching real science in schools, not that creationism nonsense. that's available in a church which you can go to on a sunday if you wish. An Athiest leader is too much to hope for at this point, but "lord willing" it will happen in time.

Stem Cells: This breakthrough technology could really help very sick people get better, sure some of it uses embryos, but they're finding that other cells can be made to do amazing things too... a world without MS, Diabetes, Parkinsons and Alzheimer's would be great.

Environment: Someone who recognises there is global warming and has a plan to deal with it, and respects endangered species... these gun toting freaks shouldn't be allowed to be leaders. And a genuine search for alternative energy would be great.

Population: Someone who says "There's to many people and if we want to save the world, what's going to save us is not low wattage bulbs, but having less kids" that's a tough one, but it's going to need to be said at some point... I wonder which politician will have the balls to do so?

Marriage: A person ought to have the legal right to marry who they like, whether they're from different countries, religions, have a different skin colour or are the same sex. It's *their* life, and they should have the right to be happy. Years ago people worried and cried over people from other religions wanting to marry, in the same way as some people are carrying on about gay marriages today. Love is a wonderful thing, it might not be the kind of thing you'd go for, but that doesn't mean others can't be allowed to be happy. get over the gay thing and let people be themselves.

Guns: I hate them... fine for farmers who might need them, and cops and people in the forces... but not for the rest of us, I have no gun and I'm glad of it.

Birth: Sometimes tradition is just a habit done over generations and has little reason behind it... That's why I questionthis thing about Presidents having to be born in the US, why? what does it matter? To me, The person I'd choose to run my country has to have all the right policies on the table before I elect them and whether they're Australian, American, Dutch, Scotch, African, Black, White, Red, Pink with Purple spots, Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, Human Hybrid or Alien wouldn't matter to me in the slightest. Imagine you have the person who could be the best leader for your country that you've ever seen, a real stunner... but oh no, they weren't born here so they're out... So let's vote for the Republican again, cause like, at least, they're "Normal folk".

I hope Obama [or even Nader] wins this time, so the US can have a leader who isn't a laughing stock... You know if the Republicans win, it'll ruin everything, as nobody outside America will take them seriously.

People who think Obama will cook Americas goose aren't thinking about the rest of the planet, you might lap up everything the republicans say, when they tell you a basketball is actually a cube, and you nod and tell those "dumb democrats" that "basketballs are cubes, because Aunty Sixtoes told me that's how it is" well good for you... but the rest of the world "ain't gonna buy it". We may have got tricked into a false war last time, but it's not going to happen any more. You vote Republican and watch as the world turns it's back on you, it's not going to be pretty.

A recent poll in Australia showed 70% of Aussies would vote for Obama, and heck, I know I would, without hesitation... even after a friend sent me all the most vile, republican junk about "the other side" over the last six months or so.

Thanks to all that, it's given me a much healthier disrespect for any Republican swamp mutant.

I would feel embarrassed for any world leader who had to talk turkey with Palin, I know how I'd feel "Oh here comes the Americans, quick, hide under the table" That's not right, you need a leader who knows what he or she is talking about and Palin just doesn't.

What I find astonishing is How Americans elected a complete twit, not once, but twice.. but what really rubs salt into the wound is that the guy who lost, went away and won a freaking Nobel Prize. They elected a complete dumbfuck twice, and could have had someone worthy of a Nobel Prize, I'm stunned by that.

I'd like to see America regain it's pride after so long in the wilderness, and if it does, I reckon a lot of world leaders are going to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Check this out, Thanks Nankeen.

30 October, 2008

It's da Toytles

What can you say?

I Like Pie

The T-Shirt which was inspired by Triple-Js "The Race Race" A satirical show on the US Elections by The Chasers, is available now in Secondlife from: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=989857

However they are free under the RSS sign on ABC Island and if you IM me and say "pretty please" then you'll get a free set that way too... Aren't I a nice Wolfy, yes I am, Yes I am, Ohhh yes I am... *tummyrubs*.

Listen to "The Race Race" Podcast here.


29 October, 2008

John Cleese on the US Election


I am one of those people who have long since decided not to have kids, I don't see why I need them, afterall, the human race is a plague of it's own. Had I been an endangered species, I would have had a solid reason for going ahead with the whole dating and mating routine, but in this world, it's been ruined due to over-breeding there's billions and billions of people, why make any more? there's no point to it.

Sometimes I ponder the situation and sometimes I get upset about it, but I realise that 90% of my worries are based on cultural expectations, peer pressure, that you must find someone to marry and add to the pudding club and the clock is ticking and all of that.

The rest is instinct.

My instinct is just a wild animal, and it's feelings are quite valid, and most of the time it's listened too, especially when hungry, sleepy or needs to water a tree.

Sometimes it whines for a mate, and fatherhood, and I say "No", so it blubbers away in the corner. poor dear, it's not it's fault, I love that part of myself so I can't be cruel to it.

What evens things out though is a Saturday morning trip to the supermarket, where parents bring along their kids, who throw tanties [tantrums].

The song of the supermarket has a melody of middle of the road rock, and a chorus which screams "BUT I WANT IT!!!".

Included within this song is a true diva, a little girl who performs epic tanties, The kind of tanties so grand that if there were tanties at the Olympics, She would get gold everytime. Her tanties are so prodigious that even Veruca Salt would feel like a rank amateur.

That's when I tell My sad, little puppy of an instinct "See That?... Hear That?... That's why".

Then my instinct remembers how quiet it likes things to be, it's sleepy time and it's food, and realises that it doesn't want kids as much as it thought.

Years back I told my Mother that I didn't like babies, in fact I really really don't like them at all. She was horrified, I think she thought everyone liked babies.

My Dad said "Ahh it's a different matter when it's your own" and I replied by saying that there was no chance of that happening.

If I could have some soft, fuzzy being which didn't have a voice as loud as a chainsaw and "that smell" then I think I could have raised it.

My Dad bought home a penguin once, yes a real one, it appeared to be lost, so he bought it home... Yes it was probably the wrong thing to do, but anyway.... it stank of fish, one of my least favourite smells, and yet I would have still taken care of it, even to the point of getting myself smelling fishy, but babies "gross me out".

I think Dad remained optimistic that one day I'd find someone, settle down and have kids, but My Mother let me be as I am... We'd often talk about marriage breakdowns and everything going wrong, it's a risk, a massive risk for anyone to take. She was always concerned about the kids in those relationships and also, surprisingly, How the Man often comes out worse for it.

She would say "Don't have kids, You've got your whole life to enjoy, go out and do everything you wanted".

You see, Mum dearly wanted to be a nurse, but when My Sister and I came along, that threw a spanner in the works for her.

She didn't regret having me, we were extremely close, but I was sad that She had missed out on a lot because of me.

There's enough people on the planet, heed my Mum's words, go out there and enjoy yourself, why take risks due to peer pressure?


Do you read me?

If you do, there's a link down the right side somewhere which you can click on and be known as a follower [which sounds a but scary in some ways].

Anyway, if you follow me, I'll promise not to come over to your place and dance naked on your front lawn and eat your cat, at least not unless you want me to.


28 October, 2008


Ladies and Gents, We in Australia, had a leader who was just lapping up everything George Bush said, We got involved in Iraq because of it too. Our Prime Minister was also very short sighted on environmental issues.

We voted for Change.

The first week our new Prime Minister took over, He signed the Kyoto agreement and did the things the former leader should have done, but did not.

I believe we made the right choice.

Do it America, Vote for Change, you won't regret it.


27 October, 2008


They say that education is a very worthwhile thing, and I agree. But sometimes getting that education does more harm than good.

I was bullied everyday, and became scared of people, and withdrew inside myself. I wouldn't have said boo to anyone.

In the evenings I'd come home and stay with Mum and Dad who I loved very much, and would listen to my records and the radio, I'd stay home, I'd only go to the park to walk my dog, steering clear of the other kids who gave me a hard time.

This was a very dark hole I was in, and yet, I was quite happy to have the few friends I did have, and the closeness of my family.

If it hadn't been for that love I had at home, I think I would have gone completely mad.

The funny thing was that what I wanted most was to be a Radio Announcer, a DJ.
Me, who would barely talk to anyone, was quite happy with the idea of getting behind a microphone and talking to the world.

So, I ended up going to a Radio School in Melbourne after leaving High School.
I was afraid to talk to my classmates, I really liked them, but was just so ground down that it was horribly difficult for me.

One evening the class went to 3XY, a very popular rock music station in those days.
Our teacher was proudly showing us the wonders of Stereo AM which was a way that the AM stations were trying to keep up with FM, which didn't really work.

Anyway we passed the other studio and Shirley Strachan, ex-lead singer of Skyhooks, came out to say Hi to our teacher, who was also a DJ at the station.

I froze, I'm not sure why, Shirl seemed to be a warm and friendly chap, and was happy to just stand and talk to us before having to go back into the studio and continue his show... But as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't relax and chat.

I've been kicking my backside about this ever since, but it was caused because of the time I spent with bullies at high school.

Years and years later, Shirl died in a chopper crash.
and the regret crept back.

However, I opened up, it took a very long time to repair the damage. I am still very shy and still keep to myself, but I will talk with people and really open up to them. I regret that I didn't feel like this in my teens, when it mattered.

I know there are kids out there who are genuinely suffering because of bullies, but please listen to me before you do something awful.

School seems to last forever, but it doesn't.
It soon ends, and those who make you feel as low as you can go, begin to drift away.

Some will go to jail, or die of an overdose... but I hope, I really do hope that many
wake up and change, and I think they do. The kids I knew as bullies have grown and could have married and are raising families, and I'm certain that if I met some of them, that there might be a measure of guilt on their part.

And if they said sorry, I'd accept their appology. what's the point of holding onto anger or sadness? what good is it?

Anyway, they go away, and although your personal growth was stunted for such a long time, suddenly it blooms. and you will find that everything is so much better.

You will find acceptance, it just takes time and there are people who will listen to you and will help you.

If I had my time over again, I would wag school almost daily, and go and try to find a place where I'd fit in and felt valuable and useful to someone, it would have done my spirit a heck of a lot of good.

Education is a wonderful thing, but when being educated is daily torture, you're better off without it.

You can educate yourself if you're determined to do so, in fact you will learn more out of school than in it, provided you read well, visit interesting places, keep up with world events, and keep that brain working.

Don't let the bastards get you down.


“Eres mucho gato"

Perhaps the best read I've had in quite a while,
I'd like to share it with you.

What happens when you wake up and find your cat growling in anger on your bed?

Here's the story



Once in a while, weird stuff happens to us, but we usually just ignore it and move on, a shame because stuff like that is interesting and worth talking about.

While walking Katie a few days ago, I heard a distant droning sound, like a distant jet in the sky, or trains horns or a ship at sea.

But the odd thing was, it was music, weird creepy music... the sort of thing you hear as a lonely woman walks through a house at night, breathing heavily, and wondering if someone is in the home with her.

At times it sounded composed and constructed, at other times nothing more than a kid poking keys on a keyboard.

The music was loud, not near me, but it must have been to carry on the wind like it did.

I wondered if someone had rigged up some super sound system which could be heard from New Zealand?

I have no idea what it was, it only played for ten minutes or so, and stopped.


I'm Back

Due to a password problem, I got myself locked out, which is why I've been strangely quiet.

For whatever reason, the cookie monster decided to visit my computer and ate some of my passwords, at least I think something like that happened.

The big problem was that the verification e-mails were sent to the company I was with while I was still on dialup, so that made things a lot more difficult.

Happily though it's all been resolved and I have access to Rockit, ABC Island and of course Wolfie's World too. *phew*

So dear readers, your wolf is back, and desperately in need of a tummy rub.


24 October, 2008

Deep Forest

For perhaps the first time, I was unhappy with the direction the doco was taking.

Looking back, I don't like the thing where I meet Alf in the furry supermarket, maybe to have gone there with him later would be ok, but not meeting him there.

The forest though is the big problem.

It's just completely wrong.

Yeah it looks pretty but it's wrong.

We have Eragon for our personal get togethers and parties, the island is a part of us, it's a part of how we like to imagine ourselves. and some of us felt that for the doco, we were plopped in a strange forest and made out that we were some sort of odd fairyfolk. and that is how it will come across to the viewer.

The pub has always been my home, and everyone identifies the Kookaburra with me.

Furthermore, although we're furries, many of our friends are not.

There has never been any segregation on our part and there never will be.

Every one of my rezdays [which included a fake one or two, due to circumstances beyond our control] involved the entire community, just as people in real life would have friends who come from all sorts of different lifestyles.

And every rezday, christmas and new year celebration has always taken place at the pub.

I honestly hated the forest scenes, I could barely move and had to be teleported around... I think my computer is slowing off anyway lately.

Another thing to remember is that I rarely ever go further from ABC and Eragon, mainly because I'm very happy at both islands and that's where I want to stay... I would not go off having parties elsewhere... although if Quad, CC, Shai, Horse and Ted asked me to one of their places and had a party there for me, that'd be ok too.

Eragon is so central to the plot, it's my home in secondlife and should be mentioned more often.

As frustrating as it sounds, I'd really like Mixin to drop the forest scenes and to re-try something at the pub again, to keep the forest scenes as fillers if need be but not to call it my rezday.


23 October, 2008

Less blonde, More stupid

I have something for all you blonde women who are tired of being the butt of people's jokes. Next time someone tells a Blonde Joke, Take The Woofers advice, Just say "But Sarah Palin's a Brunette".


21 October, 2008

The Emperor's New Tucker ( nouveau crappo )

I still have the flu, and I suppose I'm feeling a bit grumpy, so let your wolfy have his grump, please.

I was thinking about food, restaurant food... which is something I'm usually happy with unless they go all wanky and offer food that probably shouldn't be eaten.

I dispise the dish which has a frilly, decorated whatsit in the centre, while dribbled around the edge is a ring of yellow crap that could be chicken vomit for all I know.

If you're anything like me, it feels like your tummy has fallen out around seven.

Your Wolfy gets like that a lot and was worse as a teenager, who damn well needed a pile of food on his plate which could hide an inflated footy.

Nothing pleases me more than to be seated at a pub and get a lovely, whopping great, Chicken Parma... With Veggies, not overdone thanks, and a proper lemon squash... not Solo or any of that, Yes I know it's impossible to get these days, but I can hope and I can remember.

But there people out there who will pay more for fish eggs and quail [roasted sparrow]

* Yes I realise it's not actual sparrow, but is there much of a difference, I mean, once you've sucked the pea sized bit of meat off, is there any point arguing?

So in future, if any of you have the idea to take me to a restaurant for the evening, I won't be a happy lad if the food is too posh.


20 October, 2008


This one needs posting as it was created by the Team which Shelley's Sister Kylie works with, both Sisters are heavily into media.

This is the Orangina ad, with the furries, which I think most of you have probably seen by now.

Music is "I like it like that" which was available as a CD before the ad was made. so, you can buy it if you like it.

Orangina, Full Version.

This is The Making of...


Christmas Crackling

Tonight on "Enough Rope" George Miller who made Mad Max and Babe was interviewed, and it reminded me of when I saw Babe, with My Parents... We loved it.

It was Christmas and We sat around My Sister's loaded dinner table, Oh yes, She'd put on a very good spread, She was always great with the main courses while Mum was best with cakes and trifles and things of that nature.

That Christmas stuck in my mind because of the talk and the food.

Babe, The first movie, had been released about a month earlier, and so, families will often talk about the latest film.

The main course was pork, roasted in the kettle BBQ

"I liked it when Babe did such and such... can I have some of that?"

"Yeah, I nearly cried when Babe said "I want my Mummy"... This is great crackle"

"Anyone want more crackle?"

I felt like I was watching this thing that was invisible to others, but obvious to me, it was like being inside some kind of TV comedy

Even though I Identify myself as The Werewolf, I am not a meat lover. I barely have any, some chicken on the weekend, maybe a few turkey slices, the odd meat pie and pasta sauce, but far less than the average person consumes... or would like to consume, since meat is so expensive these days.

Meat is something that just disagrees with me, on several levels and I think it's little more than laziness which keeps me from going vegetarian.

Mum was the same, I took after Her, She was not having any pork either.

It has always amazed me that although we can be so close and loving to our pets, that we can close our eyes to other creatures and eat them without a second thought.

Quite often I buy lamb shanks for my dog, and I do think about the lamb and there's guilt there, but my dog needs to be fed too.

A few weeks back, I was with Shelley and Jamie, and was given a vegetarian meal, and was more than happy to have that.



I just got this from a Republican friend:


This pretty much puts things in their proper perspective!

Subject: John McCain

Barack Obama has put out an ad that simple minded John McCain cannot use a computer.

Well guess what; Obama cannot land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier at night.


I don't think Obama will be expected to use anything but Windows or MacOS, like the rest of us, and probably uses it frequently.

I don't think I can see McCain rocking up to work in the Whitehouse in a flaming jet, not that he'll be working there at all, with any luck.

"Dad, What's Republican mean?"

"Thick as, Son.... Thick... as..."


19 October, 2008

The Disgruntled

I just recieved an e-mail from youtube which said that someone had replied to a video I made and posted quite a while ago.

Now I didn't understand how to edit in premiere then, so it was pretty much warts and all, ran too long and wasn't really the best video I'd done.

I watch youtube a fair bit, usually via stumble, and will often comment if something is really good. but if I see something I don't like, I'll simply move on, as I'm sure most people do.

This guy didn't like what I'd done, and wrote:

"I've just spent three minutes of MY LIFE watching That S**T"

He was watching youtube, I don't think he was donning his superman costume and just as he was about to leap out the window to thwart some evil genuis's plan to cover the world in a layer of fairy floss, suddenly had a compelling urge to play my video, and thus waste precious seconds.

I wrote back and told him that he'd also wasted about forty seconds replying... Which I allowed as he's obviously not the brightest bulb in the shop... and then deleted his comment which must have been there for a full five minutes.

Meanwhile layers of pink fairy floss spews out over New York, London, Paris, Munich while a cackling mad scientist wails in triumph.



Piracy is really really really really naughty, don't do it.
My parrot agrees.

Blender Defender

If you're a cat owner, you always have the problem of cats getting up on your table and sink, it's not nice and I try to stop it where possible... But cats don't listen, while you can train a dog to do the right thing, it's much harder to train a cat and they will often still steal things even if they're "trained".

Enter the Blender Defender, a strobe, something to switch on a blender... a sound that a cat hates, a webcam and there you go.

It works well.


18 October, 2008


Machinima, that new animation technique where you use in-world characters to produce a film. I made a few, mostly to promote ABC Island, and here they are:

These were mostly tests, just to see what I could do.

I would like to make a proper ABC Island promo soon.

I hope you pay us a visit


16 October, 2008

Banksy's Petshop

Banksy, The artist known for his stencilled grafitti on walls all around the world, has just opened this amazing petshop in New York which is filled with bizarre animatronic creatures, You have to see this, amazing stuff.

Click here to visit the site and watch the video


Spank the Monkey

I don't think this is so bad, it's probably fairly realistic. Tarzan the Apeman, a big, strong, virile lad with lots of time on his hands... or something else... and geeze, those monkeys are at it all the time, Monkey see, Monkey Do.


15 October, 2008

Rick Rolled, The best Yet

Here's John McCain being Rick Rolled by Obama, it's a very clever video which had a lot of work put into it, and it's very funny.

And yes I know, this isn't the Rockit blog, but... for those of you who don't know Rick Astley... Where have you been?... Here's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in full.


14 October, 2008

O Come All Ye Faithful

This is a brilliant ad, and it's pretty obvious what it's for.


12 October, 2008


This one was filmed by a friend and edited by me.
The footage he gave me reminded me of 2001 (Movie), and so... this happened.


11 October, 2008

Hunk of Meat

Shelley wanted to get video of Katie and I in a forest, well today we decided to try that, but things went a bit crap.

We went to Shelley's lovely home first and met Jamie, Her Partner who is doing the music for the doco, He's really cool.

The house is built into a steep hill, and so you have to literally climb some stairs to get to the ground floor, and then you go upstairs and you're in the lounge, then as you go through the kitchen, you realise you're on the same level as the backyard, so it's pretty strange to me, always having lived in a house without stairs and on very flat (boring) land. The windows look out onto lovely tall trees and ferns.

I took katie upstairs... Malamutes are a bit iffy about stairs but Katie negotiated those really well, When She was almost at the top, She met Shelley's little boy who is going through a Batman phase and was wearing a mask... Katie took fright and went
to turn and go back downstairs.

We weren't at the house very long, as there was filming to be done.

So we all piled into the car and went to an area of forest with some interesting trees, and we had to climb a steep bank to get there, katie did it easily.

Once in there, Shelley got her camera ready to film as Katie sniffed at a scent, next thing she pushed the pine needles away and found a really rank piece of meat.

She picked this up and dumped it to the side and prepared to dig in.

I freaked and thought that it may have been a bait, as a lot of them are used in forests here.

I held her mouth open so that anything would fall out, and that nothing would get swallowed.

Shelley ran back to the car, and got the two litre bottle of water I'd bought with me
and when She returned, we washed Katie's mouth out, I don't think I've ever seen a dog gargle before.

I took Katie back to the car and Shelley phoned a local vet... we wanted to make sure... and Jamie collected the evidence.

A vet was phoned and so off we went.

When we got there, we met Chrissy the vet, a nice American woman, who inspected the meat and said that it wasn't a bait, but a large hunk of animal intestine... probably from a sheep or a cow.

It's likely some dog scrounged it from somewhere and buried it there for later.

Katie was fine, no drama.

Well that blew our filming plans, but you never know, we may try again later.

Shelley felt bad but it wasn't Her fault, dogs will be dogs, that's all there is to it.


09 October, 2008

The Surgeon

I'll be seeing my Surgeon on the 24th of this month, wow it takes a long time to see these guys.

Going from previous experience, it will mostly be a chat about what can or can't be done, and I'm sure that a colonoscopy will be involved which will give us more info on what things are like up the Khyber Pass.

There will probably be another meeting with My GP or the Surgeon weeks after, which may involve getting setup for the surgery.

At the rate these things go, I'll be lucky if I can get this done by January but I can hope.


An Animated Lifestyle

A friend of mine with the nickname "Captaincrunch Hax" wrote this article:

Apparently he wrote this after discovering a Journo within SL from one of the Aussie newspapers, may have written something nasty [as they do] about Secondlife... I have not read this yet but will get a copy soon.



There are some very interesting aspects of SecondLife that show us a lot about humanity, and how we (as a race) respond to new things, and how we drive to experience and benefit from them.

SecondLife is incredibly open for new building and experience, but is limited in a number of ways that are (for the most part) unavoidable.

In my view, the biggest limitation in SL is that the PEOPLE that use it, are limited in their understanding and perception of the virtual world by their requirement to view it through both their own world-view, and their understandings of reality.

This means that houses in SL have Kitchens, and bedrooms - I have even seen toilets in SL (and not just for the kinky)

Yes, a lot of SL is based around sex - and if that is what you are keyed to look for, you will see it everywhere.

SL is also:

- a place of communication (rather like the LINK list in many ways);

- a place of exploration

- a place to share hopes and dreams with others who think the same as you

- somewhere to meet people you would never otherwise meet

- a place you can create art, architecture, interfaces, imagery that are not possible in real life. (search for "npirl" - and trawl through some of the landmarks there)

You have to get off the beaten track - and, sometimes, talk to some scary avatars. these are from avatars I know

- that blue humanoid fox may actually be a research scientist,

- the pale be-winged androgene may be a Senior intellectual property lawyer,

- the brown bear may be a specialist in wooded-terrain fire-fighting

- the cute little fem in purple and green knee-socks (who yesterday was a boy) may be one of the leading pyrotechnics technicians in the US

- and the 8yo holding the teddybear just might run a large restaurant
chain in the US mid-west.

- the red demoness is just as likely to be a professor holding a chair in Sports Psychology as any thing else,

- and the steam-punk gentleman could just have been doing packet-switched networking when Vaxen and PDPs ruled the roost.

However, you have to talk to them to find any of this out.

I have over 20 years of professional experience in networked systems, and there are groups in SL where I am "the young whipper-snapper", where I talk (often in awe) with people who did wire-wrapped circuit-boards and a for whom "patching the system" involved a soldering iron, a CRO. and a length of wire.

I am continuously amazed, not by finding 40+, 50+ or even 60+ year olds, but when I come across the 20-somethings....

In summary - SecondLife - is like the rest of the Internet: it is a place in which you can blow down barriers that may otherwise exist, OR you can make barriers stronger than any that physically exist, admitting only those who agree with your views.

CaptainCrunch Hax [Posted with permission]
* I once met a 70 year old and someone else close to the same age, and why not?

08 October, 2008

He who enters here, abandon all hope

I'm fed up with Facebook.

And there are several reasons for that.

On the face of it, it looks like a way to communicate with people and get the warm and fuzzies... but it seems more like a sort of electronic stamp collecting program.

You "make friends" with someone and you get a token, their picture added to your page, so you know them and they know you... only neither of you do, neither of you speak ever again.

To quote Pauline Hanson "I don't like it"

I don't see the value in that, it's less than a warm handshake and "Here, take my business card". It leaves me feeling cold.

The other problem is the design, what I want... Me, Myself... Is to write stuff on my page, because that's what I do. And it's tricky because I spend a few minutes each time I log in wondering what I press to access a place to actually write something... and if I find a place to write, is it the right place to write?

I like obvious controls. "Press this bloody huge green button here to add to your blog" that's too much to expect, but the system they use here at Blogspot is miles easier than Facebook.

When I log into Facebook, I also get apps thrown at me right and left.
"So-n-so bought you for $1000" No they didn't, F*ck off... Wolfie is no one's pet.

Or I've got an offer [I can't refuse?] to join a Mafia game, No thanks.

So it's a lot of clicking "stop this application" before I even get where I might find somewhere I can click to possibly write something down.

I want "Stop ALL applications"

Yes, I'm sure they're a nice gesture in some way or another, but they drive me bonkers and *I don't want them*.

Finally, after being completely fed up, I tried to kill off my Facebook page, but the only problem is, you can't... Once they've got you, it's forever.

It's like some sort of internet Hell which you can never leave with a lot of little devils prodding you with "applications" which is what demons use these days, considering pointy forks are a bit passé these days.

When Queen sang "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me" in Bohemian Rhapsody, They were probably talking about Facebook.

I'm certain that Hell is lined with computers these days, and naughty people are made to use them for eternity.

You might think it's funny, but even though I'm online a lot, I actually hate computers. To me, a computer is a way to a means... I feel it's like having a fairly old car that isn't fancy, but it gets you from A to B, which is the point. I don't care if it's a Mac or a PC, at the end of the day if you made it to your destination safely then you've done what had to be done.

I need to finish off by saying that no, I'm not angry with anyone for sending me apps or friending me or any of that, I'm just annoyed with the whole Facebook thing.

I don't get the warm and fuzzies that Secondlife offers.

I need love, I need contact, I need tummy rubs and a pat on the head and to be called "good doggie" by sweet little girls with big lollypops.

AwwwooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo.... *sniff*

*Sad puppy eyes*


07 October, 2008

An Appointment with Doctor Ben Dover

After a long time thinking about it, since 2005, I've decided to have an overdue operation, I'll be seeing about getting it done and once it's over with, I should be back to normality which would be nice.

I basically didn't get it done because I'm scared of hospitals and operations and all that, and since I felt ok otherwise, I didn't bother.

It's just a repair job, nothing major, so I'm told... but still.

Anyway, that's going to be on my mind a lot now.

BTW: Try my other blog, Rockit, which has this same notice on it, just incase people wonder where I've gone.

06 October, 2008

The Tongue

I thought this was fake at first but realised it wasn't, how would that guy speak or even eat stuff?, is he popular with women?, Would he choke someone if he gave them a frenchie? does his tongue hang out over his pillow at night and would his dog try to eat it if it did? it's the stuff you'll consider while watching this.


Longest Tongue in the World - Amazing videos are here

05 October, 2008

Remembering Dad

My Dad was a local truckie, he used to deliver goods from a factory here to others around Melbourne. The factory made belts, everything from tiny leather joints up to huge conveyor belts used in the largest mines.

Dad was an expert at knots, he would tie down those huge conveyor belts, which were delivered on massive "cotton reels", two would fit on the tray of the largest trucks.

He'd be up on the back, yanking down on the ropes and using all his weight, and tying knots that he knew and understood.

The truck drivers would often get him to tie the reels down, and would say that if He tied them, they wouldn't move till they arrived at their destination... unlike others efforts which would come loose along a highway somewhere.

Dad had quite a reputation for this.

However his talent was not passed along, I didn't aquire his skills, it simply wasn't needed. Had I been doing the same then I suppose I would have learnt, but as my thing was radio and computers then, well...


03 October, 2008

Channel Seven Close

I have to show you this, Check out the cheesy filmwork and the horrible, horrible sugary music. This is how they'd close Channel Seven in the 70's.