31 December, 2008

New Avatar

Shock... Horror...

Wolfie has a new Avatar!

How could He DO this to us, How COULD He?

After ALL the Publicity Shots...
The Documentary...
The Motion Picture...
The Cartoon Series...
The Rock Concerts...
the Nude Photo Shoot...

It... It's just not Fair!

We'll be ruined!

* calls Lawyer!


Happy New Year Everyone!


The Big Question

What is usually soft, but gets hard when you play with it?

The Answer


30 December, 2008

The Future

A Friend sent Me this Today, Had to Laugh.

A very self-important college freshman attending a recent football game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation."You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one,"the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby to hear. "The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon, our space ships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with DSL, bsp; light-speedprocessing ...and," pausing to take another drink of beer. The Senior took advantage of the break in the student's litany and said,"You're right, son. We didn't have those things when we were young.....so we invented them. Now, you arrogant little shit, what are you doing for the next generation?" The applause was resounding...

Those sick people on Secondlife

A few nights ago I met a lovely Gentleman who came into ABC Island as a fox. We started talking and I soon discovered that He is sick. He has a combination of cardiomyopathy and emphysema and is stuck at home, which I can say from experience, can be a bit of a cow.

Many people who have spared the time to sit and talk with me, have told me stories of their bodies failing them, having terrible accidents and undergoing serious operations.

I've found that this is a common story with many Secondlife users, who for whatever reason, cannot leave their homes.

E-mails and Skype are not enough to trigger off the same feelings that people who use Secondlife have. With a webcam, you're looking at a face... all the time... it's like staring at someone constantly, and Skype doesn't allow you to meet people in the same way that Secondlife does.

I'm not bagging Skype or any other internet program, I use them myself daily, but Secondlife offers an experience, where we can be together and do things together in a group situation, while chatting. It offers a real depth which we cannot get via other programs.

For those of us who use Secondlife daily, it has become a vital element in our lives which we'd really hate to lose.


28 December, 2008

A little help goes a long way

A lovely story from Secondlife came My way last night.

I've been helping around ABC Island since it started, and that includes helping people who are just starting out in this, at times, confusing space.

Often, Once they've got an understanding of various basic functions of the software and start to become aware of the possibilities within Secondlife, they're more likely to stay in world.

Many months ago, I found an Avatar on ABC Island who was just starting out, She was still in her basic female avatar. I decided to stop and talk to Her, To show Her around the Island and offer Her any help.

She then found Her niche in-world, and really took to Secondlife.

I hadn't heard from Her for quite some time, but very early this morning, She contacted Me out of the blue to say that She'd just become a Linden!

A Linden is one of the Employees of Linden Labs, who work in-world.

She'd gone all the way to the top in a really short space of time which is really remarkable, Her talents must be quite exceptional.

Anyway this was terrific news.

She thanked Me for, in effect, getting Her a job She loves, and is more than keen to help the people and the Islands in which She began her journey.

What that shows me is that just a little help, at the right time, can go a very long way. So whether you're in Secondlife or Real Life, don't forget to give someone a helping hand.

Sometimes it can make all the difference.


27 December, 2008

23 December, 2008

Clean Feed ISP Filtering

Those of you who sent letters to Senator Conroy or Kevin Rudd about Australian Internet Censorship may have recieved a letter in reply, if not, here's a copy of the letter in full. http://machinegunkeyboard.com/conroy/

The seed

I thought of this while walking Katie in this lovely sunshine We have today in Melbourne.

When I was in Grade five at Primary School, Our Teacher, Mr Regan, Who I remember had a big, dark handlebar moustache as it was the 70's and He loved his cricket. Asked a few of us boys to help him with something.

On His desk was one of those primitive old cassette decks, like that one seen in "Life on Mars" [UK Version], and He wanted us to read something from a sheet of paper, in the voice of an ABC Announcer.

Now in those days, The typical ABC voice was very plumby and English. Australians still had a problem with seeing themselves as they were, and in a way I think that continues as many try to imitate the American voice these days.

However I'm not against "speaking proper" on the radio.

It may be hard to imagine today, as for the most part, the radio signal is clean and crisp, at least in city areas.

But in years gone by, and I'm thinking of the World War II era, Radio was often fairly poor. So if you were an announcer, you had to speak as perfectly as you could so that people way out in the county who may be pressing their ear up against the radio trying to hear you, could get the latest news.

Anyway, there were a line of boys waiting to try their luck, but each one tried and failed.

Then it was My turn.

At that age, I didn't know much about the world, but I did know how ABC announcers spoke, and was, to My Teacher's delight, able to do a reasonable job of imitation.

That may have been one of the first things I ever did "right" at school, and seeing the Teacher's big smile may have been the catalyst which made me want to be on Radio years later.

I did originally dream of being a TV Cameraman, but then I thought that I might get stuck filming hours of sports, which I find incredibly dull, instead of fun programs like The Curiosity Show or Cartoon Corner [Later "Hey Hey it's Saturday].

Though I still love photography and video, and am always weighted down with at least one camera when I go out.

While filming our Doco, Marko called me a "Media Sl**" and I laughed, I suppose I am at that.


BTW: Have a Wonderful Christmas, and a Safe and Happy New Year.

No Clean Feed

22 December, 2008

ABC Admin

Hi Everyone.

I'd like to talk about how I personally feel about ABC Island and being an Admin.

It's something I really enjoy being a part of and I certainly feel that the Island could be used for more than what it is.

On several occasions we've had discussions on what We could do with the Island and that's fine, I'd like us to talk as often as possible... but the problem is that after such talks, very little gets done.

It's partly because we have to consider that if we come up with a plan, can we actually follow it through? and often the core group of people cannot.

Simpler builds are better, especially something that feels familiar... but even then, not everything will work.

I thought that a beach area down below might help improve the open space we have, I thought an amusement ride may help, but it just didn't suit the spot, so I removed it.

Gary flattened the land for us and suggested a country area like the one we built (all of us, thankyou!) but the land is the wrong colour, so even if we go through with it, I'm not sure it would ever look right unless I resort to megaprims, which we can texture ourselves.

And that's another thing, there are restrictions placed on us by Secondlife and ABC which present hurdles.

The Island belongs to ABC first and foremost, and We must try to stick with what they wanted.

I got the feeling that they were trying to dissociate the Island from the rest of ABC and I'm sure everyone picked up on that, and we all agree that is a mistake.
The Island needs to be associated with the parent, It should promote it's radio and TV services, and also the new online services.

Thanks to the Island being there, people from all over the world have discovered Triple J and Classic FM and tune in regularly to listen.

It's still a real shame we don't have streaming music there, that would help the island a lot. The failure there does not lie with ABC, so don't blame them. It was a misunderstanding of how the software functions.

We need that issue sorted out.

All I want to do is keep the Island running well and try to please as many people as I can, obviously I can't please everyone, nobody can, and so I have encountered opposition. All I feel I can do there is just keep moving.

If people don't like one build, perhaps they'll like the next, that is about all I can hope for.

I'm not the uber-builder, and cannot create miracles. I'm "just me", a people person, and am trying to keep the mood light and happy.

I'm always grateful for help from those who are great builders and scripers, these people help us get over the line, Especially Simon, Jon, CC and Gumby who have incredible skills and have helped when we've been seriously stuck.
Rails has been great too, and the newer members have pitched in with a great deal of effort and energy, I'm glad to see it.

We've been through a huge argument in the past, and it didn't get anyone anywhere, I don't want that to happen again and will not be drawn into situations in future where tempers flare and feelings get hurt, after all, aren't we ABC *Friends* ?

If something pleases you then please come and give us a hand, if it doesn't then just hold your tongue, you may really go for the next idea, which may even be one of your own, ideas will keep the Island looking fresh and new.

I have discovered that starting a build, rather than simply talking about it can set off a chain reaction where others add bits and pieces, it was lovely to see the township come together like it did, thanks to all those who helped.

I'd love to see something really amazing there, perhaps a futuristic build, which has a lot of interactive elements, humour and fun, something easy to navigate, and with streaming music and live performers.

Something which will bring more people to the Island we love most.

This will be difficult to achieve, but certainly not impossible.

Each one of us in the Admin team seem to specialise in something that they're most comfortable with... whether it's building, scripting, entertainment, management, security or helping new people around. I value all of this effort highly and congratulate you all for doing your best.

You really make the Island worth going to each day.

One last thing. Sometimes I'm asked "Is this what ABC wants?"
As far as I'm concerned, Abi is the boss and I'll take whatever She says to be the answer to that. She's the team Captain, what She says is final.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.


21 December, 2008

My least favourite internet

I really love the opportunity to stay in touch with people online, whether they're across town or half way around the planet.

However I have found no use for so-called social networks, your Facebook, Grouply, Myspace.

Frankly I find them an irritation, they're of no practical use at all that I could see.

And now Grouply has started sending out random e-mails about goings on, which annoys me because I unsubbed from this "service" as soon as I got the e-mail letting me know that I'd soon be getting e-mails.

Some have said Grouply is phishing and other nasty things, I don't really believe that, but it's still annoying.

I don't feel I'm really in contact with anyone on Facebook etc, there's so much blandness there... "So-and_so wants to be your friend" ahh right, who are they? I have no idea, but sure, why not.... *friended* and nothing after that.

I compare this with Secondlife where I can don a headset and actually speak to people [though not always clearly] and have entire, actual conversations, with people about actual stuff in their lives which I can remember and think about later.

The anonymous heads of facebook don't cause me to think about them before I go to sleep.

One of the big hits for me this year is blogspot, it's better than any other blog I've tried. Mostly because the technology doesn't get in the way of ones creative writing.

I've tried a few other blogs and found them a hassle to use, I'm not even fond of the famous livejournal which although I signed up for, took an almost instant disliking to and left it.

Blogspot is a definite winner for me.


19 December, 2008

Horse's Head

While walking Katie this Arvo, She spotted something odd on the other side of the street, which turned out to be a concrete horse's head. It looked like something that had broken off a statue. and someone had put it out in the street, possibly for collection.

We walked over to have a closer look.

It turned out that Katie was slightly afraid of it, but curious enough to try and give it a tentative sniff here and there, nose extended fully, and ready to run if the scary thing took a nip at her.

I let her sniff it till She was happy, then we got on with our walk.

I'll be doing the Christmas Rockit tonight and that will be that till January.


16 December, 2008

ABC Island - An E-mail to FABC NSW Inc

The volunteers in Secondlife have been running ABC's Island in Secondlife, because we have mostly been ignored by ABC themselves.

I am not talking about the core group who began the project, as they
understand what it's all about.

I feel the ones who knock the project from inside ABC, have not even bothered to come in and say hello.

For a network which is promoting it's online content. it is sad that
some say we've failed, when they know little or nothing about secondlife.

Here is a space, where there's a real sense of community spirit and
friendship. It's hardly costing the ABC anything to run, a couple of
hundred bucks per month maximum.

After paying that, the volunters who strongly believe in the creative,
community, entertainment and educational possibilities, work freely to keep it going, as we see real worth in the project.

So what does ABC get out of it?

People from all over the world come to visit, and they've discovered
the joys of Triple-J, Radio National, and ABC Classic FM.

We've handed brand new listeners to the ABC from all over the World,
and the response, when it came up in conversation has always been

It has allowed listeners the chance to hear how things are done in Australia.

Some have said they were glad to listen in, particularly during the
US elections as the broadcasts were not tainted like they were "back home".

I want to give ABC Innovation and Gary Hayes a pat on the back for a
job well done, and for believing in a project who's only fault is that
it's 2008 and not 2018, when I think most people will have a virtual
prescence somewhere.

A huge raspberry to the technophobes, you're the ones holding everyone back, and a danger to those of us progressive enough to try something with real merit.

To anyone reading this, I know you all have concerns about the older
media, like Radio National, but we are worried about losing our favourite Virtual Island too.

The community which developed on ABC Island is very passionate about ABC Island, and we'll do everything we can to keep it going.

All I'd like from readers is simply for you come in and say Hello,
and see the island for yourselves, then make up your own minds.

Admin are generally around, especially in the evenings, and are always glad to help anyone who pops in.

Remember, this is not considered a game, but a place to talk to genuine
people about anything they like.

So make a cuppa and join us for a chat.

I am often available in the afternoons or evenings on google talk as
wolfiedj if you would like any help at all.

13 December, 2008

The Rains

Hi Everyone.

It's been an interesting week for Me.

Marko, came down from Brissy to see Me, and that was great.
It's always nice to have His company.

He bought over the DVD Shelley sent him of the deleted scenes from the doco. I wasn't worried about making the doco, it was a lot of fun to make, but I was really iffy about seeing myself on screen, but I need not have worried because it looked great... in fact the deleted scenes were lots of fun, We laughed a fair bit.

It's a real shame that didn't make the final cut, but there's only so much you can stuff into an hour show.

We went to the city together and I rushed around like mad trying to shop for everyone, and got a bit more than half the stuff I wanted, which wasn't bad. But I got really tired and caught the taxi home.

Marko was down for MidFur, and He was unsure if he wanted to stay or not, but in the end He did, so I went home by Myself in the taxi.

Wondering how it went.

It's been raining ever since I was in the city, it's amazing, I haven't seen it rain like this for a very very long time. The ground has had a wonderful soak, and I've noticed our doors are shutting properly again. When the area dries out, the house tends to distort slightly and the doors need a really good push to close.

Katie is doing well and My neighbour said that She wasn't crying while I was out, so that's a positive thing.

Abi, The owner of ABC Island, created a new group for me called "ABC Events Deputy" which allows me to create notices for the ABC Group, This is a great extra to have... Everyone knows I give good notice ;)

Seriously though, Sometimes none of the ABC crew were around to do it for us, and since I'm around pretty often, then if someone has something on, I can do it. It should help the Island run a bit more smoothly.

Abi also boosted Arty up to Officer, The odd thing is, I thought He was already. Still, I'm very happy to see him in this position, That will also help a lot.

The strategy right now is to remove as much of the outdated stuff as possible, to keep the Island looking fresh and new.

We're creating the Hot Aussie Christmas scene, which may yet double as a new meeting place since we've found that it's one of those spaces that people like to sit and chat... could this be the new cafe?

Thanks to everyone who helped set it up, including Katisha, Juko, Juanita, and Abi. Everyone is welcome to help... You don't have to be Australian you know. ;)

Rockit will be on next Friday at the usual time, but it will be our Christmas special. I'm usually running late when writing it, but I promise, all going well, that "Santa Claws" will get there in time.

Thanks to Rails for help with the new Admin notecard giver, I didn't realise that the old one stored up the notecards for later, so there were about eighty in there, Oh Man! The new one will send feedback to me and I can share that with the group via notices [ABC Admin].

Is that the lot?

Well if not, I can add more later ;)


12 December, 2008


Sony plans to have a virtual world of it's own soon, and so do other companies. However I think that some just don't get it. The avatars are generally all human, with a choice of sex, skin and hair colour, height, clothing and that's about it.

They're touting the places they're creating as having a higher graphics quality, but unless I can be who I want to be, a furry in this case, I wouldn't use their product.

Worse still, some of the characters look like Bratz knockoffs, that might go down well with ten year olds, but does very little for the older crowd, who want to be tall, sexy and fully equipped.


11 December, 2008

Spicks and Specks - Rocky Horror

That closing scene with Richard O'Brian AKA "Riff-Raff".

09 December, 2008

Anxiety Driven

I've got probs with Katie, She loves me far too much, and according to Her, I shouldn't be far from her at all times... Which would be great if I lived in a tribe and could have my dog with me at all times, but I don't... and so there's places doggies can't go. and doggies also need to remain home to look after the place while We're out.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and worried more about what Katie would do by herself, than of anything which might be wrong with Me.

When I returned, Katie was already trying to get out the front window. She'd slid it open and was pushing through.

To get this far, She had to get in a tight corner, pull my curtains down, and shred them, break my outdoor christmas lights cable, unplug all the plugs from my powerboard, break the coax cable going from my antenna to my PC and completely ruin the flywire screen on my window.

The third flywire screen she's broken so far.

This can't go on.

Today I'm getting her something called Homeo Pet, and am hoping it works because I need to go to the City with Marko at the end of this week, and I may be meeting Shelley a few days later.

I've never struck this sort of thing before.

While My other dogs had been saddened when I went out, at least they'd settle down inside the house and sleep till We returned.

07 December, 2008


I put some veggies in the oven tonight and set a timer for 30mins.
Carrot, Potato, Sweet Potato... grated some butter on the top... yes *grated*, I'd forgotten to take the butter out of the freezer, so it was rock hard.

The reason I set the timer for a mere 30mins is because when the timer goes off, I put my pre-cooked [at the supermarket] chicken into the oven so it's nice and hot when the veggies are done 30mins later.

Anyway, I sat down in front of the tv and some movie and "channel surfed", there wasn't much to interest me but there was a movie called "Heist" on nine, so I stopped there... it's not my thing, but it's a little bit interesting somehow.

In one scene, there's a robbery in a jewel shop.

And they used a timer like mine to tell them when to leave the shop before the cops got there.

The funny thing was that at the same time theirs went off, so did mine!

Very strange.

Sunday bloody Sunday

I hate sundays, they're boring... all that's on telly are repeats of Red Dwarf, possibly the most boring science-fiction program ever, with a laugh track to try to suggest that bits of it are actually funny.

I heated up a chicken pie and made coffee from a jar of moccona which only had half a teaspoon left, so I added half a teaspoon of the de-caf version which I had plenty of.

Tasted ok, but if it should cause the universe to implode, sorry in advance, it's all my fault.


05 December, 2008

Flush 'n Clean

I was dreaming that I was flushing my clothes down the toilet.

The reason was that it was a pay cleaning service where you flush
your clothes down the toilet, and a few days later this van comes
along and delivers your clothes.

They were all folded up and neat, all spotless and smelling fresh.

But in the dream I was wondering how they know My clothes from everyone elses and I couldn't work that out at all.


Sakkano said: I hope they smelled clean, I'd shove in a king-sized comforter.

04 December, 2008

Validate Yourself

Go on, make yourself happy in minutes, you won't regret it.


Environmental crush

I'm often annoyed by the way We argue about the Environment... We apparently should use flourescent bulbs because the population is expanding and therefore we need to use less power, They tell us that We should use less water, so there's more for the larger population to use... The idiots, don't they realise that the only environmental problem is *the larger population* ?

The answer to everything is not using power efficient bulbs, or driving a fuel efficient car, no, the answer is to *not breed*.

But what do the Government do?
They give three grand to people as an incentive when a child is born... but they tax the people still using plastic bags when they go shopping.

Perhaps the most stupid idea is that we need more people in the future to look after "an aging population", so... are these kids that we have to produce, somehow never going to age themselves? Will the Government want to make sure they pop out two or three kids when they're able?

There's worry over water running out, and while people are madly buying rainwater tanks, there are others badgering the Government to dig more dams, which we wouldn't need if we didn't have the *expanding population*.

To save the planet, don't breed! It really is that simple.

Want to be happy? Don't have Kids. Say's Professor [The West Australian Newspaper]

Children "Bad for Planet" [Sunday Times]

Deciding to not have kids, is fine.

I have My Friends, and my Pets and that's plenty.
I have fewer bills, and I probably have a lot less worry than your average Dad who's tied down with children.

Having kids might be fine for some people, but I feel there's a real peer pressure out there to produce. Those who decide not to breed are sneered upon by those who do, but are they happier than I am? Probably not.

Finally, I've seen people go all mushy over a little pink thing that smells and cries a lot, I'd far rather have a puppy.