02 August, 2009

On getting a life.

I've been involved in Secondlife for about three years now. On occasions I meet people who want to know what it's all about, when I try to explain, it's hard going. People who aren't gamers (I don't consider I'm one either) don't see the point in using a "game" as a means to get something done.

Usually it's not till someone tries Secondlife that the lightbulb comes on and they can see some real benefit.

I'll admit that when I heard of Secondlife early on, I wasn't the least bit interested in the idea, it wasn't until I saw it on TV, Sevens' "Beyond Tomorrow" that I thought I understood enough to sign up.

Secondlifes detractors, who very often haven't even tried Secondlife, will often blurt out the very tired line "Get a First life". Wow, I haven't heard that joke three million times before... But each person who says it thinks they're a comic genius, but just like the poor bloke in the music shop who's heard some idiot play "Smoke on the water" for the three millionth time, Secondlife users really aren't going to appreciate the quip one little bit.

Twitter, although with it's much larger user base, is having problems of it's own... much of it stemming from a joke video (Twitterverse) where tiresome people tweet equally tiresome messages.

I'll admit that I also, shamefully, fell for it. When a friend recommended Twitter I didn't see any point... However I will try things at least once, so I gave it a try.

So far I've found Twitter to be useful, and most of the people I follow are centered around Media, which I've always been interested in, and I only follow people who contribute useful ideas, clever or funny.

Even more important to me is that *mostly* everyone I know tweets back, To me the internet is two-way, so I don't find it particularly useful if there's not some kind of conversation.

And when I tried Tweetdeck, the whole thing came alive.

Theres stuff going on online that could benefit you, if you listen to those putting these concepts down, you lose, you're left behind... you can joke about us "losers" who are stuck online as much as you like, But this is how things will work in the future, it's how things are being done now, get used to it.

I often wonder about those who proclaim that a first life is so much better, who are these people? Astronauts? Brain Surgeons? Movie Stars?... or couch potatoes like I strongly suspect most of them to be?

If Firstlife is so hot, why do they sell so much alcohol for people to forget about it?


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