02 July, 2009

How Dave O'Neil escaped Mums' Foot.

About Seven years ago, our cat died, and I thought that it might be nice to bring home a kitten since there were so many others out there who needed a home. So we bought home a lovely little one who was taken away from her mum too soon, and though we tried, She didn't survive. So, About a week later I went back to the vets, and found a box of kittens there.

The Vet told me that Dave O'Neil had found them dumped in a lane and had bought them in.

The box was packed with kittens, and one on the top was beating up all the others... normally I'd go for the quiet ones, but I decided to get this mean one since she looked a lot stronger than the other one we had and lost too quickly.

We bought her home and named her Vicky.

Vicky never stopped fighting, she would stalk us as though we were rodents and leap out and sink her claws and fangs into our ankles, it was play, but sometimes it went a bit far.

"Who did you say found Vicky" asked Mum.

"Dave O'Neil did"

"Right, When I find that Dave O'Neil bloke, I'm going to stick my foot right up his bum".

She was joking of course.

Mum would frown a lot like Shirley Temple, or Arnold from Diff'rent strokes maybe.
The look in her face was brilliant.

So we're watching Spicks one night, when who should appear.

"Is that that Dave O'Neil?"

"Yes Mum, that's him"

"Well when I see him, I'm gunna kick him up his bum that hard...."

One day we're out shopping, and were about to cross the street, when I looked up and saw Dave about to cross over to our side.

We met right near the middle of the street, and I leant over and whispered into Mums ear, "That's him Mum, Go on, Kick his bum, you always wanted to, go on!".

I wondered if Dave heard, because Mum was pretty deaf, so when I say "whispered" I mean at a quiet level that she could actually hear.

We've still got Vicky, and it looks like Dave kept one too as we saw a photo in the local paper of him holding his cat, who looks almost the same.

He probably has the same trouble that we've had with ours.


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