09 July, 2009

Peter and the Wolfie (Alter Ego)

Here's the short online version of Alter Ego, the Documentary we made last year and has yet to be shown, in full, on SBS in Australia.

It's mainly about people in Secondlife, what they think and feel and how they interact with others.

Secondlife is a 3D virtual world which at first glance looks like a game, but is in fact, a social network. Secondlife is especially beneficial for those who for various reasons find it difficult to get out. I find a lot of people there who've had serious illness or injury, or recovering. It's also great for those who are "stranded" in locations which make getting out and meeting others, quite difficult.

Personally I prefer meeting people online rather than in real life as it's really difficult to find people with a similar mindset and takes too much personal time,
I have also been recovering from illness, though to be honest, I've always prefered being at home with my family where I feel much more comfortable. If for some reason I can't sleep, I can get online and have a chat at 2am if I want. I can't imagine getting in a car at that hour to go somewhere.

Sometimes I do meet friends in "meat space" who I've met online, and that's been fun.
I got a trip to Tassie out of it, and been on a couple of local trips with friends from the US. I feel really close to my online mates, and know the only reason preventing us getting together normally is time, money, health and distance.

I have no idea when Alter Ego goes to air, that's completely up to SBS, but as soon as I know a date I will certainly announce it pretty much everywhere.

The best thing to do is follow me on twitter, however I should warn you, I'm very chatty. ;) - @Wolfie_Rankin

I will also announce the date on the following Secondlife groups: ABC Friends, Rockit, Australians and Dragon's Roost.

*** Latest News *** The show *may* be airing on the 23rd of December

Peter and the Wolfie from Shelley Matulick on Vimeo.


  1. Utterly, Utterly, UTTERLY BRILLIANT! Can't wait for the full version on SBS. Wonderful bit of documentary work there.

    Congratulations Shelley and Wolfie! Great stuff.


    Steve Cropper

  2. Thankyou very much, I cringe a little because I was so nervous and tend not to mean what I'm saying when I like that, but I think it came out pretty nicely.

  3. Hey Wolfie!

    Any word on when it will screen on SBS?

    Alex Warrior and I were disappointed to hear that it was going to screen when neither of us could see it, but had mixed feelings about the no show, too.

    Given enough warning, Alex and I should be able to watch it together in RL (at great expense due to airfares - lol,)

  4. Hi Nan, good question, but I still don't know. I've updated my text incase anyone else asks. I'll let people know via twitter and the ABC, Rockit and Australians groups on Secondlife ten minutes after I recieve a firm date, that's about the best I can do there. Thanks for your comments. :)

  5. Great post. So many people have this mistaken concept that Second Life is a game and that's it. I have done to college reports on social networks and have touched lightly on the uses of virtual worlds beyond that of gaming. In my research I found that there are entire communities within Second Life that are comprised of persons with disabilities. Second Life is helping so many people do things that they are no longer able to do because of illness or disability. This is allowing persons, confined to their homes or beds, the ability to create, socialize, explore, and even play. Second Life is truly the next generation of social networking.

  6. I think it's kind of funny when people cringe at anyone using the internet, and yet the same people will happily use a mobile phone, which I think most of us can remember is something that fifteen years back, most people wouldn't want to be spotted with one. apparently phone users are not geeks while internet users are.... oh please. ;)

    I think people will adapt, the internet is here, it's not going away.



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