04 February, 2010


Last nights dream was pretty wild and confused. It's summer here, and very steamy, really difficult to sleep and last night I retired at 4am... well yes, this morning.

I was out with my parents, and Mum, though quite old, wanted to play on those spinning things that kids play on in the park, they're made of metal and are flat on the top, you know the ones.

And she's got something like an iphone, and really mad about it, which is strange for her because she didn't go in for any of that.

She's spinning around on this equipment, stops and takes a photo and says that she has to tweet about it.

Mum isn't well, it's at the time that her health is failing and once in a while she throws up, not much, just a bit, and yet she's still happy as Larry and bouncing around like a child.

My Dad is there but seems to stay out of the picture.

Later we're at home and my Sister turns up, She's sick with cancer, Sadly she is in real life, and I remember how we were trying to make her comfortable.

I'd made a big bed of soft blankets, on the floor, which is strange.

Later I was outside in the back yard, and I heard my Sister call for Mum, Her voice seemed to come from the distance somewhere, the lane behind our property. I called Mum out to listen and it got fainter and fainter each time she called.

When I woke, I heard my cat crying in the kitchen, and her voice could have become my Sisters, in the dream.


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