07 December, 2009

The most disturbing Pr0n is the kind where someone in it looks like someone you know.

Many years back, I snuck off to the video rental place near us and managed to hire my first naughty movie (due to it's high rating, it should legally not have even been on the shelf).

The storyline was weird, three women planned to hypnotise the homeless man in the street and use him as their own personal stud who they'd "hire out" and thus get lots of money.

Now, because everyone had seen his face, they'd make him wear a bag over his head with eyes cut out... everyone needs a hobby.

Though there were scenes where he had the bag off, because he was also humping his bosses and they knew who he was, so what did it matter?


I'd met a friend via the computer... not the internet... Hrmm, I used to produce freeware floppy discs which would circulate through the community sort of virally, and this really nice guy who worked on a lavender farm, saw my name and contact details on one of my discs which a friend must've bought to his place. So he wrote to me and asked if he could come over, "Please do" I said, so we made a date.

When he finally got here, he, um, well he looked like the guy in that video, and I felt sort of embarrassed. Oh no, it wasn't him, the one in the film was American and my Mate was Aussie and younger. Anyway I just couldn't look at him and felt really awkward... and if he picked up the vibe then maybe he wondered what was going on.
it could have blown a really great friendship.

Gawd I was so shy then, so what if my friend was a pr0nstar?, I'm sure there must be many out there who are just ordinary, people who are worth having as friends, right?


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