09 April, 2009

For a growing population

"Use less energy, because our large population is using more and more"
"Take public transport, Because our roads are full of people"
"We need more roads", Our Hospitals are full, use energy efficient bulbs.... But have more kids?


The population is the *cause* of all our problems, can't anyone see that but me?

What's really sad is the push to increase the population because we're getting older, really.
How many of those kids are going to be health care workers? Did YOU become a health care worker?
How many people do YOU (dear reader) know, became a health care worker to care for the elderly who exist now?

And finally, will the next generation we're encouraged to pump out (with a $3k payment) have some magic ability not to age themselves? or will they get conned too and end up having to live in 1m x 1m square rooms because there's no more room left... for them? the sad buggers who won't have room for nature as every last inch will be built on, and where pets will be banned due to lack of room and food.

It's completely insane.

Forget marriage, get a dog.


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  1. that's exactly what I am - a health care worker for the elderly. And what's more I enjoy my job :-)


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