30 April, 2009

Twitter: Responders and Non-Responders

Ever since I was a child in the late 60s, early 70s, I'd see people on television and wondered who they were and how they lived. I used to wish that I could phone some of the kids I'd see on Hensons' Sesame Street and find out about their lives, for there to be some kind of two way conversation, instead of this one way thing which was happening.

Now we have internet, and I spend much of my time conversing with people from all over the world, Some I met in meat space and others I met in the virtual space, and I consider some of these people very close friends who I've met and gone out with and will again in the future.

The latest two way street is Twitter, which has been unfairly treated by some, embraced by others... what's new there?

But some people treat Twitter as though it's a one-way medium, I've had regular tweets from @petshopboys about where they're going, what they saw, they include regular photos and in general they're fairly entertaining... but they never respond, which makes me wonder if they're really in touch with their fan base or is it just "one of their guys" twittering for them, as a form of advertisement.

Even people at our ABC don't respond, not one "Hello mate, how's it going?" or "Yes thanks, I'm ok" or "Thanks for following me, I appreciate it"... dead silence.

Look, I know there's people out there with literally thousands of followers, but I know what people are like, most people get online and are happy to merely read, which may explain why one US Actor has over a million followers, but there are the talkative ones like myself who would appreciate a response.

Nobody is so flat out with work or anything else, not to respond with a wink or a nod, if they are, what the hell are they on twitter for in the first place?

I've made this media, my media, and I try to spare the time for those who want to talk to me, and find things out, or if they need help, I'll try and help them, just like I do on Secondlife, it never hurts to make time to show others that yes, you're a real person.

There are exceptions to the rule, one is @doctorkarl who surely must be one of the busiest people around, He will respond to peoples' questions, even if he doesn't have the answer.

My respect for him has increased, simply because by responding, He's shown that he's a real person, and a genuinely nice one at that, Thanks Karl.

I've decided to not follow people from now on who don't respond, however if you take the first step and send me a hello and let me know you're real, I'll definately reply, if I like you, I'll follow you, that simple.


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