18 November, 2008


Today I had a phonecall from my Neighbour, She told me her dog had dug a hole and was in my yard... Well, She's a nice pup so it didn't really matter. Katie went out and played with Her a little bit.

My Neighbour said "You wouldn't believe it but I've locked myself out of the house" Well, She's done this a few times before, So I could believe it.

Anyway I went back inside.

And My phone goes again... It was Her again.

She wanted to know if I had any headache tablets, I said that I did, and asked her if the Herron brand I had was ok?, She said they were so I took two capsules out and a glass of water.

Anyway about 20mins later, I decided to take Katie out, Katie still isn't all that well.

My Neighbour is out the front now, Someone came around and let her out.

We spoke for a while and I went out into the street with Katie.

My Neighbour across the street, a detective, just pulled up and got out of His car, and my Neighbour yells out "Oh... Thanks for the Heroin!"


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