29 November, 2008

Katie's Progress

Katie scared me a couple of days ago.

I thought I'd get some lunch, and opened a can of braised steak and onions, zapped that in the micro and toasted some bread. It's horrid stuff, I buy it purely as a standby... probably not anymore though. anyway, I had it all on the table and suddenly realised Katie wasn't around.

So I checked My bedroom, where She normally lays, Her bed is in there too, but She wasn't there... So I checked the usual spots, nothing.

I went out the front and looked, but She wasn't there either.

I began to panic.

The gate wasn't secured, though it wasn't open either.
I had become lazy during the one day that She wasn't here.
The first thing I do is secure the gate, I began to feel very bad about this.

I thought I heard a dog yelp, There's a highway near us and it seemed like it came from there.

I ran out to the backyard and called, She wasn't there either.

Now I was extremely worried.

I ran to the front again, calling her name loudly.
Looking up and down te street, I could see no sign of Her.

Then I ran out the back again.

I decided to check the sideway, since She had started going there lately.

That's when I found Her.

She had dug a massive ditch and was laying in it, it was as deep as Her own body and She was perfectly comfortable there... But I didn't want her getting all dirty, especially with the recent stitches on her belly.

I tried to call her out, but She just turned around and went "Umph" as if to say "I'm comfy here, go away and leave me alone".

Now you can't do much with a malamute if they choose not to obey you, I would have tried tempting her with food, but She wasn't eating much. so I went to the kitchen and got some water in a cup and pitched it in her face.

Not the nicest thing to do, but it works if a baby holds it's breath, Mum read this in a magazine years back and tried it on my Nephew... it works, especially if it's very cold water. so I was hoping that it would get Her out of the hole.

I tried this three times, on the third go, She got up... but remained standing there.

Then I remembered Her lead... So I got it and jangled it, and She came inside.

So I told her how naughty She was and all that. ;)

Today is Saturday and I've been out Shopping with Yvonne. When I got home, Katie was starting to talk. Malamutes will sort of woo-woo at you, Benny was famous for it... starting off with a few words and then letting rip with a full big bass howl.

I used to call Benny "My Sub-Woofer" because of his deep voice.

Katie was always silent, far too shy to sing a note, except for if I leave the house and She becomes anxious.

But today, She wanted me to howl too, So I did, and for the first time ever, She joined in.

So that was lovely.

She's incredibly clingy right now, spending most of her time as close to me as possible.

This morning I woke to find her body pressed close to My bed, She was literally just inches away from me.


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