06 November, 2008

Palin 2012

After the speech John McCain gave at the very end, The camera zoomed onto Sarah Palin and The announcer said something like "She might be going for President in 2012".

Well I think anyone who heard that must have fallen over backwards laughing, there's no way anyone's going to accept Sarah as President.

I for one would love to see a Female President, That would be as great an occasion as seeing the first black man, though I don't feel we should keep raising Obama's colour as he's so much more than just the colour of his skin.

But Sarah has nothing more to offer but her womanhood, She's... Brainless, a complete tool, and nobody outside America could have possibly taken her seriously.

Her awful plans to "Drill Drill Drill" Her weird obsession with witchcraft, Her not keeping up with world affairs... When Obama said he'd read something, He stated which publication he read it in, every single time, But when Sarah was questioned, She said "Pfft, I read all of 'em"... Well plainly She didn't.

And the most dangerous thing she said was that The US was at war with "Iraq and Iran" when clearly that's not true, though I wonder how long it would have taken before the Republicans again rode out with their six shooters to invade another country?.

There would, of course be voters for her, simple, backwards rednecks who "believe"[believe can be a very dangerous word] anything that comes out of a republican mouth. too much faith and religion and calling to "Jay-sus", decrying stem-cell reseach as evil, heads full of racism and hatred of gays while the thing they hold the most sacred, their bible, tells them to "love thy neighbour".

Insistence that stupid things happened, Like Humans and Dinosaurs co-habited the world which can't be much older than 4000 odd years when plainly the place is much older than that. When I was younger and more naive, I thought that getting two of every animal on a boat was plausible, but that was when I only knew basic species. When you can only think of dogs, cats, horses, cows, elephants and a few others then yeah, easy enough... but we know better now, there's thousands of species and to put them all in a ruddy big boat is impossible, and imagine all the crap... unless God stuck a dirty great cork up each animals clacker.

These people are fearful of Muslim extremists when they're equally as extreme and dangerous as any would be terrorist. Religion and guns are a terrifying mix... and hell yeah, don't they just lurve their boom sticks?

The world could see why the party who lost was such a poor choice, what a dreadful show it was to watch... the public supporters, those utter freaks looking into news cameras and saying "We don't want a president called O-Bah-mah" hoping to somehow glue it to "Osama" without thinking for a moment about the multitude of crazy Americans named William, Richard and Ted who were sent to the chair for horrendous crimes, and they weren't Muslims, that's for bloody sure.

How glad I am that they lost so magnificently, and as a chaser, how nice it was to hear that FOX behaved like it was choking on a cow.



  1. I disagree with her being brainless; ignorant, yes.

    She has a good memory; given enough lead time, she is a very effective speaker - as long as you stick to the script. Ask something off the cuff though, and she uses every trick in the political book to get back on message - including playing "I'm just a hockey mom from Uh-lask-uh." Given another term or two, she won't be so ignorant/inexperienced to be lead so easily into the political minefield.

    No amount of lipstick was going to save the pig that was the Republican campaign: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." - Abe Lincoln.

    They should have learnt from John Howard's mistakes - FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) only works when the perceived risk of change is higher than not changing. When you're on the nose and people have wised up after your last FUD campaign, attempts to pull the wool over their eyes just makes them more determined to adopt change.

    That said, it won't be a walk in the park for Obama, either. Many a good intention has fallen to its death on the climb to Capitol Hill, and the deals done to fund the insanely expensive election campaigns come home to roost. Still, he has the makings of a great president - it remains to be seen whether he's allowed to achieve it.

  2. Oh yes, He's got to make it work now and that's going to be a b**tard of a job. I know I wouldn't want to be President right now.

    What was Palins line about a pitbull with lipstick? that was the oddest line ever.

    Maybe the Aussies were the only ones to pick up Obamas' "I like pie" and run with that. ;)

    I doubt we'll see Palin again, I feel the US has woken up. The Republicans will need a great speaker, one who reaches the people like never before.

    The only thing they can hope for, in order to promote someone like Palin, is that Obama fails to get much of anything right this time around.


  3. "What's the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom? Lipstick."

  4. McCain supporter here. Even *I* think Palin was a bad choice, and she cost McCain the election.


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