12 November, 2008


I read a fair few blogs as I'm sure you do, and have noticed a strange habit which some people have.

It's to do with those who comment, mostly it's fairly normal stuff, I agree, I don't, extra info, a few nongs... that sort of thing.

But there is often one person who types something like "Wow, Read this amazing story:" and then they copy and paste the entire thing into their reply.

What do they hope to achieve by doing this?

Does it not occur to these people that since we're at that very page, that it's extremely likely we've already read the post?

You know, some species like deer for example are fortunate enough to have creatures who like to eat them, thinning out the herd, knocking off all the sick and, I presume, stupid ones.

The Human race doesn't have that luxury, so we have to put up with the stupid.



  1. Wolfie, we do have that, it called the Darwin Awards, see link.


    A quote from the page - "Just think how stupid the average person is,
    and then realize that half of them
    are even stupider!"
    --George Carlin

  2. Ahh yes, you're right there.



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