24 November, 2008


Katie hasn't been well lately, so I took her to the vet last week and they discovered that She had a broken tooth, which was probably pretty painful.

However there was another concern... I won't tell you the gory stuff but we were concerned that she had pyometra, a potentially deadly disease in female animals.

Imagine appendicitis but in the womb, rather than the appendix.
The trouble with this disease is that it's difficult to diagnose unless x-rays or ultrasounds are done or it's revealed during an operation.

Although She has been off Her food, She has been happy to see people and go for walks, which gave the impression that She was better than She was.

I had Katie booked in for an Operation at Williamstown Vet today after 9am. The idea was to have her spayed and to fix the tooth at the same time.

When they opened her, they found that She did indeed have pyometra, it was so bad that had she gone a few more days, She may have died.

Two vets worked on Her, and I'm told that She had difficulties while under anesthetic.

But She came out of the anesthetic and appears to be doing well.

She's going to remain at the vet overnight with a drip.

I've warned the Vet that She's very anxious when She's away from me but have been reassured that She's still on some fairly good dope so probably won't be too concerned.

I've never had an entire female dog so I wasn't sure about what was normal or what, and that includes humans too... I have a serious lack of knowledge of female anatomy and the problems which can occur.

I'm glad that I'm male, things are a lot easier that way.

BTW: The operation on the tooth was delayed due to finding the much more serious problem.


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