06 November, 2008

The New Day

Hi Folks, I've just woken up in a new day, free of Dubya and his Pals, and it feels great.

I'm still feeling a bit flakey because I haven't been up long, and have had no breakfast.

I was going to have a party at Eragon last night, but there were a lot of parties happening, so there wasn't much point having another, plus my DJ software was on the blink and Jaggpro, who may have been coming, was booked on such short notice and I was told that he had technical probs and couldn't get online.

So I went to the kitchen and cooked myself a nice summery tea, I tried chicken burgers for the first time, but they were a bit rich for me, so I shared one with Katie, My Malamute.

I don't think I'll be buying them in future.

When I got back on Secondlife, there were very few people there for some reason, which suited me quite well, after the euphoria, it was nice to just settle down and chat with Katisha.

Then just after midnight I logged out, early for me.

I feel like a nice cuppa tea.



  1. I was on earlier in the evening, but decided that everyone must be at RL parties because SL seemed pretty deserted.

    Dubya's around for another 10 weeks or so while the changeover occurs, but it's a start.

  2. Plenty of time to pack :)



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