22 November, 2008

Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship is apparently coming to an Aussie ISP near you.

I'd like to see a National Day of Discontent happen.

On that day, the ISP CEO would appear on TV with a CD, The one the government has sent out with the filtering software on it... but if that's not how the software arrives, if there's software at all, then
any old disc could be used for the protest.

The CEO declares to the media that "We will not be filtering our ISP"
and goes on to say why the program will not work, and that customers would be upset and so on.

Then he symbolically microwaves the disc
[with safety measures taken into consideration].

Would you enjoy that?

By the way Mr Rudd, As a person who voted for you, I'd really prefer you to forget about dumb things like this, then grow some balls and tell the Japanese exactly where they can stick their whaling practices.


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