22 February, 2009

Alter Ego - Thoughts

I've played the doco several times now for people who have visited my house and wanted to see it. My Neighbour was stunned, He told me that he's never known anyone in real life who's been on TV before... Yes it is strange, there's so many of us, but just a few, seemingly, get their faces on television to tell their stories.

I watched my part in the film, and wonder perhaps if I was on a downer on the day that some of the audio was recorded. I would have preferred a happier vibe going on but that's ok, we all have days when we're not all that happy, more philosophical... and it was winter and I had no real heating either, wow I was cold.

This winter shouldn't be so bad now that I have a big gas heater installed.

Marko suggested that's what they may have wanted, to make it look that our real lives are grey and bleak, yet secondlife was the beautiful place which set our spirits free, maybe that's it.

I've put more Alter Ego posters up in Eragon. Some of Eragon was seen in the doco, Mainly My pub and the dock down below where people gather and chat.

I would have preferred a more realistic film, there were liberties taken and stories bent into odd shapes.

Perhaps I can clear up some of these during the live interview at the SBS website after the show goes to air, perhaps I can make my own film too, I would like to try that.


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