22 February, 2009

Memory Crunch

I was reminiscing over a snack that came out years ago and flopped, We've all had something like that, something that was awesome but died because those who never tasted it just thought it sounded awful and never bothered to sample it's deliciousness... Banana and Vanilla Fruitopia was like that, glorious stuff but sadly coke stopped making it.

However, This was, Believe it or not, Garlic shapes by Arnotts. They sounded fairly terrible, true enough, but for a while they were my favourite, surpassing even the most wonderful BBQ flavour that had been number one on my list for many teenage years.

Garlic was wonderful, and I couldn't get enough of them.

Then one day they were gone, removed from the shops and were never made again.

Should they ever come back on sale, I will go into the shop and fill my trolley with garlic shapes, hoard them I will, all for me, not you evil horrible people with no soul, just for me precious, yes... Om nom nom.



  1. Hmmm a wolf and garlic? Seems wrong on so many levels. %)

  2. Garlic offends vampires, and many people... it's ok for me though and in limited amounds keeps fleas away.



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