23 February, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Vampires

Because I volunteer at ABC Island, I need to report anything upsetting to users of the Island to Abi, who runs the Island.

Sometimes it's very weird.

Right now theres the rather annoying Bloodlines game. a concept which involves people buying into a game which makes you a vampire, with the ability to suck blood, now I think blood drinking can't be as nice as a good coffee, with ice-cream thanks, but some people go for that kind of thing.

So you walk around as a vampire and rock up to people asking "Can I suck your blood?" so you're a kind of SNAG vampire, or a SNAW if you're a fe-vamp... You don't rush out and sink those pointy teeth into some bare and unsuspecting neck... no, you ask nicely and if they say no, you wet yourself and curl into foetal position.

But if you say yes, you make a donation of the red stuff to the said SNAG/SNAW vampire and then.... you get a notecard saying that the bloodsucker owns your soul.

Now OK, it's likely that they haven't got your secondlife soul, your avatar is just as likely to be as soulful as ever... but when some people read stuff like that, their superstitious nature clicks in and they worry... and believe it or not, a lot of people believe that maybe, just maybe, their soul has really been taken away by some vampire.

You can get your sould back, provided, I'm told, you *pay* the company who makes the game... and this guy is doing quite well for himself as there are quite a lot of bloodlines players getting around, so many in fact that a lot of Island owners are sick and tired of people asking if they can bite them... and then go around biting others when at some point, you earn your soul back.

At least I think that's how it works, correct me if I'm wrong.

Players have shown up on ABC Island, and in general, the admins there have taken a rather dim view of the whole thing. For one thing we don't particularly like Roleplaying, ABC isn't a roleplaying sim, it's a friendly sim where you build and chat and generally commune and swap ideas and get all creative and philosophical.

So I had to write to Abi at ABC and inform her about the problems we're having with vampires.

ahh, just another day on secondlife.


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