02 February, 2009

How to make a stink bomb

Yesterday I was going through my food and noticed the egg cartons, three of them now, still with eggs in them as I buy stuff and forget I have it, You know, Male living alone.

Anyway, they were getting close to their date, so I cracked open one carton of six, and they smelt ok, so I gave them to Katie, My Malamute.

There were six raw eggs in Her bowl, well actually there were eight, two from another carton.

Katie is a real egg fiend, if She's got an egg, she's really happy.
So She walked out from the lounge and lapped these up without hesitation.

Late that night, the effect of eating so many raw eggs was beginning to show in the form of the most awful stench.

I must remember in future, not to give her so many at once... but it would also be good if I ate what I bought home and not let things get near their useby date.

I'm beginning to wonder if the reason people get married and have kids is so all the food gets eaten and not wasted.


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