12 February, 2009

Tree Change, or Change the Trees?

There was a fellow on the news today saying that people should have had the right to remove all the trees from their land before they built their homes because it would have cut down on the amount of dangerous fuel and many more would have survived.

Now, that's fair enough, but the reason people want to live in the country is to be surrounded by trees, they're tired of looking out the window and seeing concrete and cars and all the noise. In the country you've got quiet, and the sounds of wind, rain, thunder and wildlife.

To go into the bush and knock down all the trees in my opinion is rather like having a sea change and putting a 30ft fence around the beach incase people get bitten by sharks.

I had wished many times that I had the money to buy a house and live in the country, I would have most likely settled in Hepburn, Kyneton, Macedon or Gisbourne. I knew that there was a risk of fire, and clearing a property from a state where you have all this greenery, ferns and ponds etc, to something that looks like a horse paddock would never have been an option.

Would I live there now if I had the choice? Well things are different now because of my health, but yeah... that's living.

The city area is great for shopping but it's dead somehow, too many cars and trucks, lights and noise all night long.

When I was a child, we had a holiday home where about the only things you'd hear at night were crickets, frogs and plovers flying high above, and it was lovely.


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