10 February, 2009

Talking with Jamie

I was talking with Jamie on the phone earlier, He's the guy who wrote "Wolfie's Theme" for our Doco. He's been watching the documentary as it came together.

He thought that it was pretty funny how people often make snide comments about those who like computers and computer games. They'll suggest users don't go out enough, while the very job many people do on a daily basis requires them to be seated for much of the day.

He said himself that as a musician who uses tape machines, and other music recording equipment, He too spends a lot of His time sitting down.

He's quite right too.

I've noticed that people will use the term "Get a life" as a throw away line, but I don't see them going Rock climbing or Cycling through Paris.

Perhaps some people's idea of a life is a boozy weekend in front of the telly, watching others being active.

Personally I'd rather converse with an active online community of real people than watch sports, which I find incredibly dull and repetitive.


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