04 December, 2008

Environmental crush

I'm often annoyed by the way We argue about the Environment... We apparently should use flourescent bulbs because the population is expanding and therefore we need to use less power, They tell us that We should use less water, so there's more for the larger population to use... The idiots, don't they realise that the only environmental problem is *the larger population* ?

The answer to everything is not using power efficient bulbs, or driving a fuel efficient car, no, the answer is to *not breed*.

But what do the Government do?
They give three grand to people as an incentive when a child is born... but they tax the people still using plastic bags when they go shopping.

Perhaps the most stupid idea is that we need more people in the future to look after "an aging population", so... are these kids that we have to produce, somehow never going to age themselves? Will the Government want to make sure they pop out two or three kids when they're able?

There's worry over water running out, and while people are madly buying rainwater tanks, there are others badgering the Government to dig more dams, which we wouldn't need if we didn't have the *expanding population*.

To save the planet, don't breed! It really is that simple.

Want to be happy? Don't have Kids. Say's Professor [The West Australian Newspaper]

Children "Bad for Planet" [Sunday Times]

Deciding to not have kids, is fine.

I have My Friends, and my Pets and that's plenty.
I have fewer bills, and I probably have a lot less worry than your average Dad who's tied down with children.

Having kids might be fine for some people, but I feel there's a real peer pressure out there to produce. Those who decide not to breed are sneered upon by those who do, but are they happier than I am? Probably not.

Finally, I've seen people go all mushy over a little pink thing that smells and cries a lot, I'd far rather have a puppy.


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