24 March, 2009

Dog days

When you get a dog, about the first thing you want to do is buy doggy items, collars, blankets, a ball etc. But I've noticed a hitch which is a big cliché lately.

It's difficult to buy a collar at a local shop, or vet unless you're the owner of one of those ridiculous little furballs which you could practically swallow whole, one of those dogs who are supposed to be great for the elderly or for kids, but also yap nonstop at anything that probably isn't a burglar all day and all night.

Being the owner of a Malamute, a snow dog, with feet the size of a hairy mammoth, I find these twee collars for bite sized pooches an affront.

Why is it that large dog owners are being forgotten about? There are people around our way who actually own Labradors, Alsations and other large breeds, Surely those who push doggie products want our money too?

But no, Go into a supermarket pet area and try to find items for large dogs, usually the largest collar you'll get will fit a neck about the size of a wallnut.


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