07 March, 2009

Fifty things

I was reading this page which mentions 50 things about Obama

Well they might be true, I can't phone the guy and ask, but they all sound fairly reasonable things a person may like, dislike or do in their life.

I saw this one.
• He hates the youth trend for trousers which sag beneath the backside

Oh yeah, me too.

It's odd how people often laugh at the clothes from the eighties, it's usually the first thing they mention "Oh the clothes and the hair, errk!", 70's fashion was rather strange too, remember flares and shirts with collars with wings as big as a cessna? and yet, I think the stuff that we've got now is often far worse.

T-shirts with scribble all over them and meaningless slogans which were probably coughed up on a computer.

The aformentioned pants displaying underwear just begging to be grabbed in order to deliver the best wedgie ever.

Women wearing those awful clothes which display their belly buttons.

In "artwork" vines and swirly patterns, usually from photoshop brushes which I think is incredibly cliche, but "everyone's doing it" so it must be fine.

Yodelling "singers" in those idol talent shows... You know a song is crap when a single word is given seven extra syllables and takes more than five seconds to sing.

Rap music and certain pop songs which all seem to use that same sound, hasn't anyone developed a new sound for now? anyone?

What's that? "Eighties music was crap?" How dare you, We had so many highly experimental bands back then, many of who charted well. You have the audacity to say my music was crap, while much of your music has the gall to sample the stuff I love and re-name it as someone elses work?

Says a lot for todays music, doesn't it.

The 90s and now, just a slightly different hairstyle and you've got a re-play of the 70s.


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