16 March, 2009

Death and Extacy

[3:31] Wolfie Rankin: we had a big fright last night
[3:32] Dearest Friend: power
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: the power lines in our street lit up and made a very rude noise before our power failed
[3:32] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: so I was laying down in bed, nothing better to do
[3:32] Wolfie Rankin: when *BOOOOM*
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: huge bright flash
[3:33] Dearest Friend: scary
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: a neighbours appliances were damaged
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: mine were ok
[3:33] Dearest Friend: hope it wasnt a vibrator
[3:33] Dearest Friend: that would haVE BEEN EMBARRASSING
[3:33] Wolfie Rankin: would have given her quite a buzz at the wrong... or right... moment
[3:36] Wolfie Rankin: "Here lies the body of a poor masturbator, who died with a smile and a burnt out vibrator"
[3:36] Dearest Friend: very good

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


  1. I thought I was your dearest friend?

  2. You are... Oh gods, it's just like Katie and Vicky. Lay your love on the cat and the dog has to have her share too.

  3. meow, *Katisha goes for Wolfie's ankles


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