04 March, 2009


M*A*S*H has always been one of my favourite shows, It's one of the few television comedies that made me laugh [and that's not easy to do] and to draw a tear too.

I saw the character of Hawkeye as a role model, Who wouldn't want to be like Him?

But that's not why I'm writing.

I've noticed an inconsistancy with the show, which was probably deliberate and is a bit strange.

Once in a while you'd hear a voice on the PA system announce an event or that choppers would be arriving soon.

Now the only people who had access to the PA system were either Radar, in most of the series, and Klinger in the later part of the series.

Of course the Colonels also had access, but the voice was not their voice either.

Who was it?
We never once, as far as I know, saw this person.



  1. OMG I would think that too!
    Perhaps it was Radars's teddy bare?

  2. Was he naked? ;)

    But yes, there's a thought, He was real after all. A bit worrying.


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