09 March, 2009

Alter Ego - Update

Hi Everyone.

I just phoned Shelley, Our Director.
She's not heard anything from SBS on when the documentary will go to air, so we're all still in the dark.

However She said that a viewing within Secondlife is very likely, and I have offered my Pub in Eragon as a place to view the film if that should go ahead.

The last time we met, She gave me Her Space Navigator which you can see here if you don't know what this very cool device is or how it works, anyway, I've been working on a sort of test video and been amazed by the amount of control I have.

As soon as I have finished editing the video to a point where I'm happy with it, I'll upload it to either my youtube or dailymotion page.

Other than that, I've been watching some strange planes fly overhead today because the airshow is on at Avalon airfield which isn't too far from me.

And people tell me there was a small tremor today, an aftershock of Fridays rocky evening.


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