04 March, 2009

Boom Zap

Last night was interesting. We were getting a little bit of light rain, which although wouldn't do much for anything, at least there was some moisture out there. Anyway, I'd decided to lay down and watch Doctor Who for a change. And I assume that it was leading up to the cliffhanger where the credits were about to roll when there was *that noise* a sort of roar from the powerlines in the street, followed by a big flash. The TV went dead and the house was plunged into darkness.

What I do in this circumstance is break out the glow sticks, apart from making kids happy at a concert, they do have a practical use. so I put them around the house, in vases etc and I had some fairly good light... but I used a few tea candles in some of the darker places.

I decided since there wasn't much to do, I'd lay in bed and think about sex, which let's face it, is about all you can do when you can't have enough light to read or anything.

A truck from the power company went past my house a few times, with an amber light flashing which shone through the windows. They were looking up at the wires with a strong torch.

I'd been laying there for some time when next thing there was this massive BOOM and this big bright flash, The light in my room came on for a second and went off again.

This could mean that some appliances might be damaged.
I hoped not, especially as some of the things I have are new.

I got out of bed and saw Vicky, My cat, in the Kitchen with Katie. Vicky had become all prickly, like bottle-brush, and stood there with a hooky tail.

Once I was up, I decided to brush my teeth, have a shower and make my bed.

I got back into bed and laid there for about ten minutes, when I noticed there was light from the street on my loungeroom carpet, so I got up and turned the lights on.

Yes the power was back... but then I noticed that the fridge and other appliances weren't working... But then I checked the fusebox and noticed one switch had set itself to "off", I switched it back on and found that everything was fine.

Then I washed some clothes and got on secondlife.

Oh, Earlier that arvo, I'd made some biscuits out of crunchy nut cornflakes, sultanas and apricots, yes *biscuits* I *refuse* to use "that other word".

I gave one to Katie, and she sniffed it and left it... Well that's nice, You go to the trouble of making something from scratch and not even the dog will eat it.

Anyway she came back and gave it another sniff, then left it again.

Then returned once more and tried it, I think she discovered that it wasn't all that bad.

I had about four, good grief... How will I ever get that sixpack now?


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