23 March, 2009

After the party

So I did Rockit, and We had that fantastic Komuso concert last night... then it was time for bed. The Kitty and Puppy want snacks before bed, so I gave them what they wanted, and then Kate wanted to go out... well that's ok.

Then I heard crunching a few minutes later, it turned out that it wasn't a pee that she wanted, it was her bone that she'd stuck in a hole days ago.

You can't seperate a huge malamute from their bone, so I just let her go.

I switched on ABC and watched the last of an old war film from England, and hoped Kate would be finished... but no, she was crunching away at it for ages.

When she finally finished, it was about 2:45am.

Why do they always want their bones in the middle of the night?

I got to bed but I was too hyper anyway from the stuff I'd done on Secondlife. Everything went very very well and I can see us having more music there from now on.

Congrats to Simon, Lilli, Juko, Katisha and Artfox... If I've left out anyone, I appologise... Komuso too, He was amazing.

I've started using twitter, so now I need to divide my time between here, facebook, secondlife and... oh I must have something else I've forgotten ;)


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