04 March, 2009

Embarassing stories

I won't tell you the name of the person this happened to and I think you'll understand why when I get to the crux of the story.

He told me ages ago and it's a little vague, strangely enough it popped back into my mind while having coffee earlier, and I decided to blog it in the hopes it will give you a chuckle.

My friend was having a quiet night, and decided to do the thing that a male will do when he's all alone, that unspoken thing that people don't talk about, which males must do or else they'll go completely nuts.

So he went to bed and was getting comfy and ready to perform the intended operation.

While this was happening though, a woman, a police officer just happened to notice that my friends door was left open, and knew that wasn't a very safe thing to do in that location... or there was also the possibility of his home being burgled right now.

So, She grabbed her big torch and got ready to investigate.

My friend was happily going all Billy Connolly on himself, nowhere near the point of turning japanese yet, but more than happy.

The police officer suddenly appears at his door and shines Her torch on him.

Well there was the initial shock from both sides, but He was pleased that despite the embarassment, It was nice to have someone around looking out for people, and She was happy that She didn't have to clobber anyone too.

If you have a story like this which you'd like to tell me, then send it to me at wolfiedj(at)gmail*com and I'll probably type it up if it gives me a chuckle.


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