07 December, 2008


I put some veggies in the oven tonight and set a timer for 30mins.
Carrot, Potato, Sweet Potato... grated some butter on the top... yes *grated*, I'd forgotten to take the butter out of the freezer, so it was rock hard.

The reason I set the timer for a mere 30mins is because when the timer goes off, I put my pre-cooked [at the supermarket] chicken into the oven so it's nice and hot when the veggies are done 30mins later.

Anyway, I sat down in front of the tv and some movie and "channel surfed", there wasn't much to interest me but there was a movie called "Heist" on nine, so I stopped there... it's not my thing, but it's a little bit interesting somehow.

In one scene, there's a robbery in a jewel shop.

And they used a timer like mine to tell them when to leave the shop before the cops got there.

The funny thing was that at the same time theirs went off, so did mine!

Very strange.


  1. You have been sucked into the reality vortex. And all because you mixed decaf and real caf. You're SOOOOOOOOOO lucky you didn't use the microwave....

  2. I've had that happen witn the phone ringing.
    Someone on the TV was making a phone call, and at the same time the house phone started to ring.


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