07 December, 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

I hate sundays, they're boring... all that's on telly are repeats of Red Dwarf, possibly the most boring science-fiction program ever, with a laugh track to try to suggest that bits of it are actually funny.

I heated up a chicken pie and made coffee from a jar of moccona which only had half a teaspoon left, so I added half a teaspoon of the de-caf version which I had plenty of.

Tasted ok, but if it should cause the universe to implode, sorry in advance, it's all my fault.



  1. It only affects reality if you use a microwave to make instant coffee.

  2. I microwave the cups all the time, the reason the water tastes bad is it absorbs the old food smells... especially pasta sauces.

    A good wipe out helps.

    But I don't re-heat coffee, that's just, urk! :P



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