21 December, 2008

My least favourite internet

I really love the opportunity to stay in touch with people online, whether they're across town or half way around the planet.

However I have found no use for so-called social networks, your Facebook, Grouply, Myspace.

Frankly I find them an irritation, they're of no practical use at all that I could see.

And now Grouply has started sending out random e-mails about goings on, which annoys me because I unsubbed from this "service" as soon as I got the e-mail letting me know that I'd soon be getting e-mails.

Some have said Grouply is phishing and other nasty things, I don't really believe that, but it's still annoying.

I don't feel I'm really in contact with anyone on Facebook etc, there's so much blandness there... "So-and_so wants to be your friend" ahh right, who are they? I have no idea, but sure, why not.... *friended* and nothing after that.

I compare this with Secondlife where I can don a headset and actually speak to people [though not always clearly] and have entire, actual conversations, with people about actual stuff in their lives which I can remember and think about later.

The anonymous heads of facebook don't cause me to think about them before I go to sleep.

One of the big hits for me this year is blogspot, it's better than any other blog I've tried. Mostly because the technology doesn't get in the way of ones creative writing.

I've tried a few other blogs and found them a hassle to use, I'm not even fond of the famous livejournal which although I signed up for, took an almost instant disliking to and left it.

Blogspot is a definite winner for me.


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