16 December, 2008

ABC Island - An E-mail to FABC NSW Inc

The volunteers in Secondlife have been running ABC's Island in Secondlife, because we have mostly been ignored by ABC themselves.

I am not talking about the core group who began the project, as they
understand what it's all about.

I feel the ones who knock the project from inside ABC, have not even bothered to come in and say hello.

For a network which is promoting it's online content. it is sad that
some say we've failed, when they know little or nothing about secondlife.

Here is a space, where there's a real sense of community spirit and
friendship. It's hardly costing the ABC anything to run, a couple of
hundred bucks per month maximum.

After paying that, the volunters who strongly believe in the creative,
community, entertainment and educational possibilities, work freely to keep it going, as we see real worth in the project.

So what does ABC get out of it?

People from all over the world come to visit, and they've discovered
the joys of Triple-J, Radio National, and ABC Classic FM.

We've handed brand new listeners to the ABC from all over the World,
and the response, when it came up in conversation has always been

It has allowed listeners the chance to hear how things are done in Australia.

Some have said they were glad to listen in, particularly during the
US elections as the broadcasts were not tainted like they were "back home".

I want to give ABC Innovation and Gary Hayes a pat on the back for a
job well done, and for believing in a project who's only fault is that
it's 2008 and not 2018, when I think most people will have a virtual
prescence somewhere.

A huge raspberry to the technophobes, you're the ones holding everyone back, and a danger to those of us progressive enough to try something with real merit.

To anyone reading this, I know you all have concerns about the older
media, like Radio National, but we are worried about losing our favourite Virtual Island too.

The community which developed on ABC Island is very passionate about ABC Island, and we'll do everything we can to keep it going.

All I'd like from readers is simply for you come in and say Hello,
and see the island for yourselves, then make up your own minds.

Admin are generally around, especially in the evenings, and are always glad to help anyone who pops in.

Remember, this is not considered a game, but a place to talk to genuine
people about anything they like.

So make a cuppa and join us for a chat.

I am often available in the afternoons or evenings on google talk as
wolfiedj if you would like any help at all.

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