05 December, 2008

Flush 'n Clean

I was dreaming that I was flushing my clothes down the toilet.

The reason was that it was a pay cleaning service where you flush
your clothes down the toilet, and a few days later this van comes
along and delivers your clothes.

They were all folded up and neat, all spotless and smelling fresh.

But in the dream I was wondering how they know My clothes from everyone elses and I couldn't work that out at all.


Sakkano said: I hope they smelled clean, I'd shove in a king-sized comforter.


  1. Ummm... I know this is probably a touchy subject to a wolf, but has a Shire van been around your place maybe? And implanted a microchip? hehehehehe...

  2. I'm not Microchipped, But Katie and Vicky are.


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