30 December, 2008

Those sick people on Secondlife

A few nights ago I met a lovely Gentleman who came into ABC Island as a fox. We started talking and I soon discovered that He is sick. He has a combination of cardiomyopathy and emphysema and is stuck at home, which I can say from experience, can be a bit of a cow.

Many people who have spared the time to sit and talk with me, have told me stories of their bodies failing them, having terrible accidents and undergoing serious operations.

I've found that this is a common story with many Secondlife users, who for whatever reason, cannot leave their homes.

E-mails and Skype are not enough to trigger off the same feelings that people who use Secondlife have. With a webcam, you're looking at a face... all the time... it's like staring at someone constantly, and Skype doesn't allow you to meet people in the same way that Secondlife does.

I'm not bagging Skype or any other internet program, I use them myself daily, but Secondlife offers an experience, where we can be together and do things together in a group situation, while chatting. It offers a real depth which we cannot get via other programs.

For those of us who use Secondlife daily, it has become a vital element in our lives which we'd really hate to lose.


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