13 December, 2008

The Rains

Hi Everyone.

It's been an interesting week for Me.

Marko, came down from Brissy to see Me, and that was great.
It's always nice to have His company.

He bought over the DVD Shelley sent him of the deleted scenes from the doco. I wasn't worried about making the doco, it was a lot of fun to make, but I was really iffy about seeing myself on screen, but I need not have worried because it looked great... in fact the deleted scenes were lots of fun, We laughed a fair bit.

It's a real shame that didn't make the final cut, but there's only so much you can stuff into an hour show.

We went to the city together and I rushed around like mad trying to shop for everyone, and got a bit more than half the stuff I wanted, which wasn't bad. But I got really tired and caught the taxi home.

Marko was down for MidFur, and He was unsure if he wanted to stay or not, but in the end He did, so I went home by Myself in the taxi.

Wondering how it went.

It's been raining ever since I was in the city, it's amazing, I haven't seen it rain like this for a very very long time. The ground has had a wonderful soak, and I've noticed our doors are shutting properly again. When the area dries out, the house tends to distort slightly and the doors need a really good push to close.

Katie is doing well and My neighbour said that She wasn't crying while I was out, so that's a positive thing.

Abi, The owner of ABC Island, created a new group for me called "ABC Events Deputy" which allows me to create notices for the ABC Group, This is a great extra to have... Everyone knows I give good notice ;)

Seriously though, Sometimes none of the ABC crew were around to do it for us, and since I'm around pretty often, then if someone has something on, I can do it. It should help the Island run a bit more smoothly.

Abi also boosted Arty up to Officer, The odd thing is, I thought He was already. Still, I'm very happy to see him in this position, That will also help a lot.

The strategy right now is to remove as much of the outdated stuff as possible, to keep the Island looking fresh and new.

We're creating the Hot Aussie Christmas scene, which may yet double as a new meeting place since we've found that it's one of those spaces that people like to sit and chat... could this be the new cafe?

Thanks to everyone who helped set it up, including Katisha, Juko, Juanita, and Abi. Everyone is welcome to help... You don't have to be Australian you know. ;)

Rockit will be on next Friday at the usual time, but it will be our Christmas special. I'm usually running late when writing it, but I promise, all going well, that "Santa Claws" will get there in time.

Thanks to Rails for help with the new Admin notecard giver, I didn't realise that the old one stored up the notecards for later, so there were about eighty in there, Oh Man! The new one will send feedback to me and I can share that with the group via notices [ABC Admin].

Is that the lot?

Well if not, I can add more later ;)


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