09 December, 2008

Anxiety Driven

I've got probs with Katie, She loves me far too much, and according to Her, I shouldn't be far from her at all times... Which would be great if I lived in a tribe and could have my dog with me at all times, but I don't... and so there's places doggies can't go. and doggies also need to remain home to look after the place while We're out.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and worried more about what Katie would do by herself, than of anything which might be wrong with Me.

When I returned, Katie was already trying to get out the front window. She'd slid it open and was pushing through.

To get this far, She had to get in a tight corner, pull my curtains down, and shred them, break my outdoor christmas lights cable, unplug all the plugs from my powerboard, break the coax cable going from my antenna to my PC and completely ruin the flywire screen on my window.

The third flywire screen she's broken so far.

This can't go on.

Today I'm getting her something called Homeo Pet, and am hoping it works because I need to go to the City with Marko at the end of this week, and I may be meeting Shelley a few days later.

I've never struck this sort of thing before.

While My other dogs had been saddened when I went out, at least they'd settle down inside the house and sleep till We returned.

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