28 December, 2008

A little help goes a long way

A lovely story from Secondlife came My way last night.

I've been helping around ABC Island since it started, and that includes helping people who are just starting out in this, at times, confusing space.

Often, Once they've got an understanding of various basic functions of the software and start to become aware of the possibilities within Secondlife, they're more likely to stay in world.

Many months ago, I found an Avatar on ABC Island who was just starting out, She was still in her basic female avatar. I decided to stop and talk to Her, To show Her around the Island and offer Her any help.

She then found Her niche in-world, and really took to Secondlife.

I hadn't heard from Her for quite some time, but very early this morning, She contacted Me out of the blue to say that She'd just become a Linden!

A Linden is one of the Employees of Linden Labs, who work in-world.

She'd gone all the way to the top in a really short space of time which is really remarkable, Her talents must be quite exceptional.

Anyway this was terrific news.

She thanked Me for, in effect, getting Her a job She loves, and is more than keen to help the people and the Islands in which She began her journey.

What that shows me is that just a little help, at the right time, can go a very long way. So whether you're in Secondlife or Real Life, don't forget to give someone a helping hand.

Sometimes it can make all the difference.


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