22 December, 2008

ABC Admin

Hi Everyone.

I'd like to talk about how I personally feel about ABC Island and being an Admin.

It's something I really enjoy being a part of and I certainly feel that the Island could be used for more than what it is.

On several occasions we've had discussions on what We could do with the Island and that's fine, I'd like us to talk as often as possible... but the problem is that after such talks, very little gets done.

It's partly because we have to consider that if we come up with a plan, can we actually follow it through? and often the core group of people cannot.

Simpler builds are better, especially something that feels familiar... but even then, not everything will work.

I thought that a beach area down below might help improve the open space we have, I thought an amusement ride may help, but it just didn't suit the spot, so I removed it.

Gary flattened the land for us and suggested a country area like the one we built (all of us, thankyou!) but the land is the wrong colour, so even if we go through with it, I'm not sure it would ever look right unless I resort to megaprims, which we can texture ourselves.

And that's another thing, there are restrictions placed on us by Secondlife and ABC which present hurdles.

The Island belongs to ABC first and foremost, and We must try to stick with what they wanted.

I got the feeling that they were trying to dissociate the Island from the rest of ABC and I'm sure everyone picked up on that, and we all agree that is a mistake.
The Island needs to be associated with the parent, It should promote it's radio and TV services, and also the new online services.

Thanks to the Island being there, people from all over the world have discovered Triple J and Classic FM and tune in regularly to listen.

It's still a real shame we don't have streaming music there, that would help the island a lot. The failure there does not lie with ABC, so don't blame them. It was a misunderstanding of how the software functions.

We need that issue sorted out.

All I want to do is keep the Island running well and try to please as many people as I can, obviously I can't please everyone, nobody can, and so I have encountered opposition. All I feel I can do there is just keep moving.

If people don't like one build, perhaps they'll like the next, that is about all I can hope for.

I'm not the uber-builder, and cannot create miracles. I'm "just me", a people person, and am trying to keep the mood light and happy.

I'm always grateful for help from those who are great builders and scripers, these people help us get over the line, Especially Simon, Jon, CC and Gumby who have incredible skills and have helped when we've been seriously stuck.
Rails has been great too, and the newer members have pitched in with a great deal of effort and energy, I'm glad to see it.

We've been through a huge argument in the past, and it didn't get anyone anywhere, I don't want that to happen again and will not be drawn into situations in future where tempers flare and feelings get hurt, after all, aren't we ABC *Friends* ?

If something pleases you then please come and give us a hand, if it doesn't then just hold your tongue, you may really go for the next idea, which may even be one of your own, ideas will keep the Island looking fresh and new.

I have discovered that starting a build, rather than simply talking about it can set off a chain reaction where others add bits and pieces, it was lovely to see the township come together like it did, thanks to all those who helped.

I'd love to see something really amazing there, perhaps a futuristic build, which has a lot of interactive elements, humour and fun, something easy to navigate, and with streaming music and live performers.

Something which will bring more people to the Island we love most.

This will be difficult to achieve, but certainly not impossible.

Each one of us in the Admin team seem to specialise in something that they're most comfortable with... whether it's building, scripting, entertainment, management, security or helping new people around. I value all of this effort highly and congratulate you all for doing your best.

You really make the Island worth going to each day.

One last thing. Sometimes I'm asked "Is this what ABC wants?"
As far as I'm concerned, Abi is the boss and I'll take whatever She says to be the answer to that. She's the team Captain, what She says is final.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.


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