27 October, 2008

I'm Back

Due to a password problem, I got myself locked out, which is why I've been strangely quiet.

For whatever reason, the cookie monster decided to visit my computer and ate some of my passwords, at least I think something like that happened.

The big problem was that the verification e-mails were sent to the company I was with while I was still on dialup, so that made things a lot more difficult.

Happily though it's all been resolved and I have access to Rockit, ABC Island and of course Wolfie's World too. *phew*

So dear readers, your wolf is back, and desperately in need of a tummy rub.



  1. wb Wolfie!

    The Univers can now resume turning.

    Now I get it, some people need food to survive, you need tummy rubs. Who are we to deny a wolf of his pleasures.


  2. I used to do something called Hara Massage at Shiatsu college. you think about the tummy as like a clock face and you press down where the numbers would be. the first pass is quite ok, the second is a bit uncomfortable and the third... well the books say to press down as though wanting to touch the spine.
    that wasn't nice at all, I had it done a fair bit, never liked it.

    Just a normal Shiatsu massage would be fine thanks ;)



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