27 October, 2008


Once in a while, weird stuff happens to us, but we usually just ignore it and move on, a shame because stuff like that is interesting and worth talking about.

While walking Katie a few days ago, I heard a distant droning sound, like a distant jet in the sky, or trains horns or a ship at sea.

But the odd thing was, it was music, weird creepy music... the sort of thing you hear as a lonely woman walks through a house at night, breathing heavily, and wondering if someone is in the home with her.

At times it sounded composed and constructed, at other times nothing more than a kid poking keys on a keyboard.

The music was loud, not near me, but it must have been to carry on the wind like it did.

I wondered if someone had rigged up some super sound system which could be heard from New Zealand?

I have no idea what it was, it only played for ten minutes or so, and stopped.


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