24 October, 2008

Deep Forest

For perhaps the first time, I was unhappy with the direction the doco was taking.

Looking back, I don't like the thing where I meet Alf in the furry supermarket, maybe to have gone there with him later would be ok, but not meeting him there.

The forest though is the big problem.

It's just completely wrong.

Yeah it looks pretty but it's wrong.

We have Eragon for our personal get togethers and parties, the island is a part of us, it's a part of how we like to imagine ourselves. and some of us felt that for the doco, we were plopped in a strange forest and made out that we were some sort of odd fairyfolk. and that is how it will come across to the viewer.

The pub has always been my home, and everyone identifies the Kookaburra with me.

Furthermore, although we're furries, many of our friends are not.

There has never been any segregation on our part and there never will be.

Every one of my rezdays [which included a fake one or two, due to circumstances beyond our control] involved the entire community, just as people in real life would have friends who come from all sorts of different lifestyles.

And every rezday, christmas and new year celebration has always taken place at the pub.

I honestly hated the forest scenes, I could barely move and had to be teleported around... I think my computer is slowing off anyway lately.

Another thing to remember is that I rarely ever go further from ABC and Eragon, mainly because I'm very happy at both islands and that's where I want to stay... I would not go off having parties elsewhere... although if Quad, CC, Shai, Horse and Ted asked me to one of their places and had a party there for me, that'd be ok too.

Eragon is so central to the plot, it's my home in secondlife and should be mentioned more often.

As frustrating as it sounds, I'd really like Mixin to drop the forest scenes and to re-try something at the pub again, to keep the forest scenes as fillers if need be but not to call it my rezday.


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