31 October, 2008

Fantasy Leader

Hi All.

You might wonder why I'm pushing Obama even though I'm Australian. Well America really hasn't had a good and proper President for some time now... that and, unfortunately, What happens to the US happens to everyone else.

Things I'd like to see:

Education: Start teaching real science in schools, not that creationism nonsense. that's available in a church which you can go to on a sunday if you wish. An Athiest leader is too much to hope for at this point, but "lord willing" it will happen in time.

Stem Cells: This breakthrough technology could really help very sick people get better, sure some of it uses embryos, but they're finding that other cells can be made to do amazing things too... a world without MS, Diabetes, Parkinsons and Alzheimer's would be great.

Environment: Someone who recognises there is global warming and has a plan to deal with it, and respects endangered species... these gun toting freaks shouldn't be allowed to be leaders. And a genuine search for alternative energy would be great.

Population: Someone who says "There's to many people and if we want to save the world, what's going to save us is not low wattage bulbs, but having less kids" that's a tough one, but it's going to need to be said at some point... I wonder which politician will have the balls to do so?

Marriage: A person ought to have the legal right to marry who they like, whether they're from different countries, religions, have a different skin colour or are the same sex. It's *their* life, and they should have the right to be happy. Years ago people worried and cried over people from other religions wanting to marry, in the same way as some people are carrying on about gay marriages today. Love is a wonderful thing, it might not be the kind of thing you'd go for, but that doesn't mean others can't be allowed to be happy. get over the gay thing and let people be themselves.

Guns: I hate them... fine for farmers who might need them, and cops and people in the forces... but not for the rest of us, I have no gun and I'm glad of it.

Birth: Sometimes tradition is just a habit done over generations and has little reason behind it... That's why I questionthis thing about Presidents having to be born in the US, why? what does it matter? To me, The person I'd choose to run my country has to have all the right policies on the table before I elect them and whether they're Australian, American, Dutch, Scotch, African, Black, White, Red, Pink with Purple spots, Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, Human Hybrid or Alien wouldn't matter to me in the slightest. Imagine you have the person who could be the best leader for your country that you've ever seen, a real stunner... but oh no, they weren't born here so they're out... So let's vote for the Republican again, cause like, at least, they're "Normal folk".

I hope Obama [or even Nader] wins this time, so the US can have a leader who isn't a laughing stock... You know if the Republicans win, it'll ruin everything, as nobody outside America will take them seriously.

People who think Obama will cook Americas goose aren't thinking about the rest of the planet, you might lap up everything the republicans say, when they tell you a basketball is actually a cube, and you nod and tell those "dumb democrats" that "basketballs are cubes, because Aunty Sixtoes told me that's how it is" well good for you... but the rest of the world "ain't gonna buy it". We may have got tricked into a false war last time, but it's not going to happen any more. You vote Republican and watch as the world turns it's back on you, it's not going to be pretty.

A recent poll in Australia showed 70% of Aussies would vote for Obama, and heck, I know I would, without hesitation... even after a friend sent me all the most vile, republican junk about "the other side" over the last six months or so.

Thanks to all that, it's given me a much healthier disrespect for any Republican swamp mutant.

I would feel embarrassed for any world leader who had to talk turkey with Palin, I know how I'd feel "Oh here comes the Americans, quick, hide under the table" That's not right, you need a leader who knows what he or she is talking about and Palin just doesn't.

What I find astonishing is How Americans elected a complete twit, not once, but twice.. but what really rubs salt into the wound is that the guy who lost, went away and won a freaking Nobel Prize. They elected a complete dumbfuck twice, and could have had someone worthy of a Nobel Prize, I'm stunned by that.

I'd like to see America regain it's pride after so long in the wilderness, and if it does, I reckon a lot of world leaders are going to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Check this out, Thanks Nankeen.


  1. Good points there Wolfie - maybe you should've been Obama's VP candidate ;)

  2. If he needs one in Australia, I'll do it!

    I'm going to keep editing this post, because I wrote it before going to bed (3am) as therapy because I was annoyed.



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